29er mountain bike

9 Best 29er Mountain Bikes

29er mountain bike

These are the results of my research for the best 29er mountain bikes. I found some under 500, 1000, and under 2000 dollars. Plus the best 29ers which are hardtail and full suspension.

Under $500

1. Mongoose Impasse 29er

mongoose impasse 29er

  • The Mongoose Impasse is a great 29er mountain bike. Its 29 inch wheels make it easier to go fast with less effort. These wheels also enable the rider to go over small obstacles more easily because the obstacle makes contact lower on the wheel.
  • The first person I found who rode this 29er said it was an easy bike to put together. He thought the saddle was comfortable and he was able to adjust the suspension to the proper sag. The aluminum frame was lighter than he thought it would be. Riding up steep hills was easy for him because of the 29 inch wheels.
  • The second rider spent some time putting the bike together, but most of that time was due to making adjustments. The derailleurs and then the disc brakes took up most of the time for adjustments. Once done everything worked smoothly. He had a favorite saddle which he used and replaced the old one with.
  • The third rider explained that the bike was delivered to him in perfect condition. The packaging was done very well, it was double boxed. On the outside was the amazon box and inside that was another box which had the bike inside.
  • This rider had a bike pro put the mountain bike together. He was glad he did because he had the wheels trued, the disc brakes, gears, and suspension adjusted. The Mongoose Impasse sells for under $500. It is very affordable and yet offers many get benefits.
  • This bike is full suspension so you will be able to handle any rough impacts which you may go over. Your ride will be smooth and controlled because it is able to remain stable while rolling over rough terrain.
  • When you need to get to the right gear you have a choice of 21 speeds. The Mongoose Impasse is equipped with a 21 gear Shimano rear derailleur so you can really dial in on the correct gear no matter what incline or decline you are on.
  • With all this speed this 29er is capable of generating you will you will need to slow down at some point. This bike has alloy disc brakes for the front and rear wheels. The Mongoose Impasse has wheels made of alloy.
  • Its 29 inches give it more surface contact with the trail. This also improves traction for all types of terrain. The front tire can be removed easily because it has a quick release lever.
  • This bike only weighs 44 pounds and can handle roads, trails, and hills. While at the same time it is comfortable, durable, and stable, and all for under 500 dollars.

2. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

schwinn bonafide 29er

The Schwinn Bonafide 29er is great for riders who want to rider on rougher trails. Even though the wheels are 29 inches they are also 2.25 inches wide. This extra width plus the fact that they also have knobs on them gives you maximum traction for all types of rough trails and terrain.

The first rider I found who rode the Bonafide said after he rode it the first time he only needed to adjust the front derailleur. After that it rode great. Right out of the box the rear derailleur shifted perfectly.

The second rider thought the bike seemed small at first. That was until he put the tires on the bike. The front and rear disc brakes worked fantastic for him. He will never use those older style brakes again. He explained shifting is fast and accurate because of the EZ fire trigger.

The third rider said it took him about an hour to put together the bike without using instructions. After he adjusted the brakes they stopped the mountain bike very smoothly without any feeling or jerking or jarring. The thumb shifters are comfortable and worked well to shift gears.

This 29er is heavier than other 29 inch bikes because of its steel frame. It weighs 47 pounds. A steel frame is hard and durable so it will be able to handle the roughest of trails.

Some riders worry that their chain might slip or get stuck when shifting. Fortunately the Bonafide has a SRAM 3.0 derailleur which helps to prevent any chain slippage or chain dropping. You have 24 gears from which to choose from. Its speed trigger shifter allows you to go up and down the gears with ease.

The 29 inch wheels are supported with full suspension shocks. This will help to protect you and the bike from serious impact such as from roots, rocks, and small logs. This will give you a smoother ride. There is no suspension lock out on this bike but you can use the lever to adjust the suspension.

Many riders like this bike as a good beginner bike because it has 29 inch wheels. It makes them feel secure when they are on uneven roads. The travel of this bike is 120mm which is a medium amount of travel. The fork will compress for you in order to cushion any impact.
For a mountain bike which is under $500 you are getting more than your money’s worth.

Under $1000

3. Tommaso Gran Sacco

tomasso gran sasso

  • The Tommaso Gran Sacco is great for riders who like to ride over rocks, roots, and any other type of small obstacle. This bike has tough 29er wheels and tires with maximum traction and gripping power.
  • Having 29 inch wheels gives you greater clearance to go over obstacles compared to 26 inch wheels. These 29er wheels also roll faster with less effort whether you are going uphill or downhill. Each pedal stroke will get you farther faster, all for under $1000.
  • One rider I spoke to about this bike said he has ridden this bike over 150 miles so far. He likes the bike a lot. The only thing he upgrades was the seat and the tires. Once he got the bike it was easy to put together. Right out of the box everything was adjusted well. The shifters and the brakes were perfect out of the box.
  • The second rider I talked to rode this bike and weighed 280 pounds. He thought the bike handled him very well even though he is heavy. The front tire has a lot of suspension in order to handle bumps. Because of his weight he did upgrade his saddle to something more comfortable. He rides the bike everyday and feels great.
  • The third rider explained that he has been riding this bike for a month. He has been happy riding it on local trails. The hydraulic brakes stop the bike smoothly. He is able to shift smoothly, and the tires have good traction.
  • The Tommaso Gran Sacco uses Shimano Altus and Acera components. The cassette is 11-32t and the crankset is a triple 22/32/42t.
    This bike has 24 speeds to choose from. This may seem like too many gears. But after some time and experience you will figure out which gears give you the most power and efficiency. This takes a little riding experience to perfect but it is worth it.
  • After building up lots of speed and momentum having enough stopping power and precision is important for safety and fun. The Tommaso Gran Sacco is equipped with Shimano M315 hydraulic brakes. This will give you maximum stopping power. Plus you will be able to control and modulate how fast you stop because it is hydraulic compared to mechanical.
  • The frame of this 29er is made from aluminum alloy. It is light yet durable, but not brittle. This frame can also absorb the impact of bumps on the trail and road.

4. Savadeck Deck300 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

savadeck 300 29er

The Savadeck Deck300 is the perfect lightweight 29er mountain bike because of its Toray T800 carbon fiber frame. Believe it or not this frame was designed in a wind tunnel. After much testing the frame, seat post, stays, and seat tube have been contoured in order to fully maximize aerodynamics. To give riders the best bike handling, the head tube has been tapered to strengthen the torsion rigidity.

One rider who rode this Savadeck said the bike looks very sleek. It is light and the gears shift smoothly. He was able to put the bike together himself easily. He did have the bike tuned by his local bike shop.

What he did not like was the clicking sound the bike made when the bike was coasting. But he found out later that, that was normal for the bike in the beginning. Later that sound will go away.

The second rider explained that this 29er has a very cool frame design. He thought, once the bike was out of the bike that the bike looked bulky, but after assembly it looks like a real mountain killer. The Savadeck fits his personality and riding style which is aggressive, strong, and tough.

The third rider described the bike as comfortable and pretty light. He has found he can ride this bike 25% faster with less effort when compared to his last bike.

This bike weighs around 37 pounds and can handle a 300 pound rider. I found a 230 pound rider who has ridden it on dirt trails and rode it roughly. The Savadeck handled it no problem.

The bike frame has pre drilled holes in it so the rider can attach a water bottle. This is much more convenient than having to carry a water bottle in your backpack.

The front wheel of this 29er is equipped with SR Suntour front suspension. This will enable you to take this mountain bike over rocks, roots, and rough terrain. Front suspension is especially good when going downhill to cushion the bike and the rider from impacts.

This carbon frame 29er has 30 speeds from which to choose. These Shimano gear shifters really enable you to be very precise when choosing gears. No matter what the incline or decline is there is a precise gear for that level.

If your goal is speed, then this bike has the right 29 inch wheels for the job. The Savadeck Deck300 has Michelin Country Race mountain bike tires. They are anti gill, difficult to wear, and has low rolling resistance for extra speed.

Under 2000

5. Beiou Carbon Fiber 29er Mountain Bike

beiou carbon fiber 29er

  • Like the previous bike the Beiou 29er is a carbon mountain bike but it is even lighter by more than 10 pounds. This bike is only 22 pounds. Riders can probably pick it up with one arm. The reason it is so light is because the frame, handlebars, and seat post are all made of aluminum.
  • The first rider of this bike bought the bike to ride on canals and flat trails. But his main reason is because this bike is so light. He puts the bike on the roof rack of his SUV. At 22 pounds this is much easier. He says this bike is very fast.
  • When the bike arrived, it was mostly put together. He just added the pedals and handlebars. The only thing he did not like were the inexpensive grips and plastic stopper. But realized later, his own custom grips would probably be better anyway.
  • The next rider thought the Beiou 29er is awesome. It arrived at his home very well packaged. He liked that allen keys were included with the bike. He thought his riding experience was great, very fast and light. The only thing he changed were the handlebar grips and pedals. For a carbon bike he thought the price was fantastic being under $2000. It is actually closer to $1000.
  • The last rider I spoke to said he has ridden the bike for 60 miles so far with no problems. It rides very smoothly and is ultra lightweight. After he ordered it, the bike came in 3 days. The packaging was good, and the bike was wrapped in foam while in the box. The only parts he replaced were the seat and pedals.
  • If this is your first bike putting it together is not too difficult. The bike is delivered mostly assembled. You just need to put together the seat post, handlebars, and front wheels. You may also need to adjust the brakes and gears. The original fork of the Beiou is straight but if you want more suspension the frame is capable of fitting a tapered fork.
  • If you want to get a bike stand for your 29er, then only get a bike stand which is specifically for carbon frames. For carrying it outdoors a single-sided stand is best.
  • Even though this 29er carbon bike is light you can do bunny hops if you want. The reason why this is possible is carbon is a pretty strong material. Along with the carbon frame, the front suspension fork is made from aluminum alloy. This will help to cushion your landing from any bunny hops that you do.
  • If speed and accuracy is what you are after Beiou offers their Shimano 30 gear speed system. You’ll have easy shifting as well as control no matter what speed you want to go.
  • With 29 inch wheels speeding along you’ll be able to slow down smoothly and gradually. This bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes which have maximum stopping power and modulation over mechanical brakes.

6. La Pierre XRS

lapierre xr529 29er

The La Pierre XR5 29er mountain bike is great for riding cross country trails and for riding longer periods of time on hard terrain. This is possible due to its higher end suspension kinematics. This bike is very stable when going downhill and has good bike handling capabilities.

This is due to its longer chainstays and wheelbase. On narrower singletrack trails you’ll need to be more aggressive because of its added length.

The La Pierre weighs around 26 pounds so it makes for a good cross country racing bike if you like to go fast. Its 29 inch wheels will be especially helpful for maintaining your speed with the least effort.

Because this bike is slightly heavier than some other carbon frame bikes, going downhill will be more secure. The added weight will prevent you from bouncing around on the trails. It will also help you to hold your lines better on roots, rocks, and while going over other small obstacles.

What is cool about this bike is you can tell this is a La Pierre bike from a distance. This is true because it has a unique swooping mainframe. This frame is a one of a kind for La Pierre.

It also has twin ribs that run in an under/over configuration going around the rear shock. All of this gives this bike its unique frame design which makes it stand out from afar as well as close up on the trails.

This bike is more suitable for longer rides because its OST+suspension has a Horst link pivot at the chainstay. Plus it has a counter rotating upper linkage which makes it a combination FSR and VPP system. Its 100mm of travel gives you a comfortable smooth ride.

The front of the bike matches the back of the bike for a balanced ride. The front has a RockShox Reba RL fork with 100mm of travel. You can lockout the suspension remotely from the handlebars. This will give excellent control when going uphills.

The 29er wheels the La Pierre has have Formula hubs and Mavic rims. These wheels rotate smoothly and help to keep your momentum going while climbing hills. You’ll also roll over small obstacles more easily because 29 inch wheels will make contact with obstacles lower down on the wheel.

Supporting your speed is Shimano’s 11 speed drivetrain. There are not as many gears to use to shift to, but this keeps things simple.


7. Diamondback Overdrive

diamondback overdrive 29er

  • The Diamondback Overdrive is a great hardtail for 29er fans. The tires are Kenda Honey Badger which are 29 inches and 2.2 inches wide. The wide width size provides more traction on the trails than thinner tires. The tread design is aggressive so you can ride aggressively through all types of terrain while effectively gripping the trail.
  • One rider explained that he has had this bike for a couple of months and has ridden it on singletrack pretty roughly. He found the Diamondback Overdrive to be quite light and sturdy. He determined that the bike is just as good as more expensive bikes.
  • The second rider I found was 6 foot 2 inches tall, and weighed around 200 pounds. He experienced that the bike rolls quickly, and straight out of the box the brakes and shifters were already accurately adjusted.
  • He put the bike together easily by watching instructional videos online. The only thing he did not like was the seat which he replaced and now is happy with this 29er.
  • The third rider said this bike is a good entry level hardtail mountain bike. Its 29 inch wheels go over everything, which he has been testing out by going on rough terrain. He rode the bike roughly and he thought the bike handled everything very well. He said it rode excellently on the trails and difficult terrain. He does not suggest jumping with the bike.
  • The foundation of the Diamondback Overdrive is its hand-built frame which is made of aluminum alloy type 6061-T6. In order to ensure optimal durability the stress points of the frame have been butted and welded. The frame is also light and flexible in order to absorb any impacts.
  • With a strong sturdy frame which is lightweight and 29 inch wheels, speed will be no problem. To support this speed this bike uses Shimano’s 24 speed gear system. Its 8 speed drivetrain times 3 enables you to shift to the right gear quickly and easily. No chain slipping or chain drops.
  • Managing and controlling your speed key to successfully riding through any trails quickly and safely. The 29er hardtail uses Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for the front and rear tires.These types of brakes allow you to stop smoothly and gradually. You can moderate the stopping power much better with hydraulic than mechanical.
  • Going downhill is great fun especially with a 29er because you will naturally roll faster and easier with less effort. To go downhill you need support in the front. This is where the SR Suntour fork is needed. Its 80mm of travel will give you a smooth ride and cushion any bumps as you go downhill.

Full Suspension

8. Schwinn Traxion

schwinn traxion

The Schwinn Traxion is a good full suspension 29er mountain bike. It is equipped with an aluminum dual suspension frame. Plus a Schwinn suspension fork. Together they provide you with a comfortable and smooth ride on the trails by absorbing the impact of small obstacles like rocks, roots, and any other bumps.

The first rider I talked to said this bike really cushions the bumps and is very smooth. He rides on rough dirt and rocky mountain rocks. It shifts gears very fast going up and down the gears. He found the disc brakes work well to slow down his 185 pound body. He put the bike together easily. All he had to do was some minor tuning and replace the saddle.

The second rider explained that the set up of the rear derailleurs was simple. The packaging was good and he assembled the bike easily. He said the 29 inch tires were very helpful on the trails when riding over tree branches and rocks compared to when he was a BMX rider. The 24 speeds of the bike enabled him to find the right gear easily.

The third rider liked the full suspension a lot. He said at first it feels like your tires are low on air when you first ride it. But then when you go on rough terrain you realize the tires are just fine. It is the suspension that makes it seem like the tires are low. He assembled the bike himself easily. He highly recommends having the local bike shop tune up the bike. He noticed a big improvement.

The Schwinn Traxion is equipped with Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters. You have 24 speeds from which to choose the right gear for the type of incline or decline you are on. There are Shimano derailleurs on the front and the rear which make shifting gears fast, easy and smooth. So accelerating will be quick and reliable.

To slow down when you need to there are front and rear mechanical disc brakes. This gives you the ability to stop smoothly and gradually without any jerking or jarring movements. Plus mechanical brakes for many are easier to maintain than hydraulic brakes. You don’t have to bleed the brakes, just clean or replace the cables.

The rims of the Schwinn Traxion are extra wide double wall alloy rims. Alloy rims like these are lightweight yet strong and durable. These types of rims are perfect for 29 inch wheels in order to handle any bumpy trails or terrain. Double wall alloy rims and the knobby tires of this bike are the perfect combination.

9. Gravity FSX 1.0

gravity fsx 1.0 29er

  • The Gravity FSX 1.0 is another good 29 inch mountain bike which has full suspension. On the front there is a pair of Suntour XCT V4 suspension forks which do a great job of soaking up any impact you get from bumps. The rear suspension is equipped with a KS Axis CoilOver which enhances the dampening power.
  • The first rider I found said he has ridden this bike downstairs many times. This is because the suspension is very good. He does not like that the bike is a bit heavy because he brings the bike inside into his apartment on the 2nd floor. Other than that he likes the bike.
  • The second rider said that this is their 2nd Gravity bike. It was easy to put together and set up. He has ridden on various trails with it and thinks this Gravity handles the best of all the bikes he has ridden. Some full suspension bikes allow you to remotely lockout the suspension. This bike though does not have remote lockout.
  • The Gravity FSX is supported with a frame that is made of aluminum. This particular aluminum is a 6061 model which is heat molded so that it is very resistant to damage and vibrations. The way the frame is constructed makes it very lightweight.
  • This bike gives you a large range of gears from which to shift into. There are a total of 27 speeds you can shift into depending on the incline or decline you are on. The gears are Shimano and enable you to shift sequentially up and down easily and quickly.
  • The shift triggers are Shimano Alivio 9SPD for the front derailleur and Shimano Deore for the rear derailleur. Combined with the Suntour XCR crankset you don’t need to be concerned with the chain getting stuck or slipping.
  • Along with using the gearing system to go fast eventually you’ll need to slow down those big 29er wheels. The Gravity FSX uses Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes for the back and front wheels. No matter whether you have big or small hands Tektro brake levers are ergonomically designed to be comfortable for all types of hands.
  • The 29 inch wheels on this bike have good traction because the width of the tires is 2.3 inches. 2.3 inch width tires gives you more rolling resistance for better traction on the trails. If you want even more traction the Gravity FSX can handle up to 2.5 inch wide tires. Just check first that it is not too close to the frame.


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