9 Best Mountain Bike Seats For Big Guys

After much research the best mountain bike seat for big guys is the Xmifer. These seats all have a 4.5 or higher rating. They are good for heavy riders, guys who want less pressure on their prostate and lower back. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but read through this information some are slightly different than others. There is also research on what real owners of the seat experienced when they used the bike saddle. Check out what is below to find the best seat for you.

1. Xmifer Best Mountain Bike Seat For Big Guys

The Xmifer mountain biking seat is great for big guys because it is extra wide. This gives larger guys extra support and comfort.
It is made with high density foam and dual spring suspension which ensures enough support for your tailbone and prostate.

You can ride with this bike seat in all kinds of weather. It is made with artificial leather so it is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. Plus it is scratch proof and smooth. If the bike seat does become wet just wipe it off with a towel and you are ready to go.

The Xmifer bike seat is equipped with a dual anti shock rubber ball to absorb shocks on the trail. It has a breathable airflow vent in the middle of the seat so heat can escape. Its ergonomic design and long soft nose design will not rub against your thighs as you pedal. This is important when you are using one of the top mountain bikes for bigger guys.

A rider which uses this seat now explained that he got a Mongoose mtb and started riding 7 miles at night. He said he felt like he sat on a bag of gravel every night. He is 6 feet and weighs 220 pounds. So now he uses the Xmifer and went on the same 7 mile ride. He said he could not even tell how far he rode because the ride was so smooth.

The next rider thought the seat construction and comfort are very good. He likes that the seat has added cushioning so that sitting upright and taking it easy is also very comfortable. He thinks it is a good balance between a chair and something sporty for mountain biking.

The third rider has a Specialist mountain bike and the original seat was shot. Once he started using the Xmifer instantly his rides were much more comfortable. Recently he was given a Trek hybrid mountain bike and after everything was set up he knew the original seat had to go. So he got the Xmifer again, and again it made all the difference in his ride.

2. Lingmai

The Lingmai bicycle seat is very good for larger men. It has thick padding and dual spring suspension, both of which will give bigger guys a smooth stable ride on the trails.

For riders who enjoy riding the trails at night this mountain bike seat has a night light. It is part of the seat cushion. Any vehicle that is behind you will be able to see you as well as any mountain biker. Mountain bikers won’t run into you if they are coming up from behind at a faster speed.

This bike seat has a 6 month refund guarantee. This is more than enough time for riders to really test out the seat and make sure it is right for them.

The first rider I spoke to about the Lingmai is 6 foot 5 and 250 pounds. He said installation was very easy. He just used a regular 14mm wrench to take off the old seat off the post and slipped on the new seat.

He thinks the Lingmai will last at least a few years. There were no annoying squeaks or groans from the seat or frame due to his size and weight.

To him the seat feels well built especially at this price. The material is grippy so you will not slide off on the trails when going over rough terrain.

The next rider put this seat on his Cannondale mountain bike. He said it felt very comfortable. He has a wide butt and weighs 275 pounds. With this seat he felt as though he could ride across the country.

There was no discomfort, no chaffing, and no irritation from the seat. He wants to get another Lingmai for his Specialized mountain bike. He finds the seat firm but comfortable. Plus for the price it is great.

The last rider says the seat is big which is great because his butt is also pretty large. He was able to install the seat in 3 minutes, and the seat fit exactly on to his bicycle.

3. Tonbux

The Tonbux saddle is very good for heavier guys because the seat has the shape of a long soft nose. The design is natural and has a comfortable transition to the bottom of the seat.

This type of design will not obstruct your thighs as you are pedaling. For long rides this design prevents any rubbing to the inner thighs thus eliminating any pain to the legs.

In the middle of the Tonbux seat there is an airflow vent which circulates air to keep your buttocks cool. This increased airflow allows heat to escape and keeps you cooler.

In the bottom of the cushion there is a dual shock absorbing ball. This ball will absorb any impacts from bumps, rocks, and roots that you may encounter while riding the trails.

The Tonbux seat itself is made from artificial leather using surface microfibers. It is smooth and resistant to scratches. The rear of the seat is thick and soft. The edge of the seat is rounded for increased shock absorption and improved comfort.

The first rider I found using the Tonbux explained that the seat is very comfortable. There is around 2 inches of cushion. The seat came exactly as pictured. He found it very easy to install. Compared to his old seat this seat is of a much higher quality.

The next rider thought this seat is perfect for his bike and butt. It is soft stable and supportive. It does not cause him any pain or chaffing.
His previous saddle was hard and narrow and it really hurt his tailbone. Plus it caused chaffing, even after he added a gel seat cover on top.
He likes that the Tonbux has a gap along the middle of the seat. It makes it more comfortable for his prostate and keeps it cooler.

The third rider is 5 foot 10 inches and weighs 230 pounds. He found this seat much better than his old seat because now he can ride for longer periods of time.

He does not experience any severe and lasting discomfort anymore like he did with his old seat. He likes that the Tonbux seat comes in many different colors so he can match the trim of his bike with the seat.

4. Giddy Up

The Giddy Up mountain bicycle seat is great for big guys who want extra comfort. The main difference between this bike seat and the 3 mentioned before it is the Giddy Up bike seat is filled with memory foam.

Memory foam will conform to the shape of your butt giving you more comfort every time. You don’t have to wait for 7 to 10 miles for you to wear in the seat so that it is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. You can be this comfortable from the start.

This seat has 2 rubber balls located under the bike seat. This makes sure shocks are absorbed from bumps, potholes, rocks, and roots or any severe terrain that you are biking on.

Its universal fit system makes it very fast to install. You can put it on almost any type of bike. It comes with all the installation parts that you need.

You will feel safe riding at night because the Giddy Up bike seat comes with a LED tail light, and reflective band. Both of which will allow other riders and vehicles to see you at night.

The first rider thought the Giddy Up seat was very comfortable. His seat was so comfortable that he bought another one for his wife. She was amazed at how comfortable it was.

Using this seat there is no saddle soreness to ruin the riding experience. This is because the seat is large, thick, and bulky. They say this is why it is so comfortable.

The next rider bikes for 20 to 40 miles at a time on a hybrid mountain bike. He found this seat very comfortable, especially because of the memory foam. It is very supportive. His prostate appreciates the cut out in the middle of the seat as it prevents any pressure build up.

5. Planet Bike A.R.S

The Planet Bike A.R.S is perfect for larger men who need to eliminate numbness and pain when riding.
A.R.S. stands for anatomic relief bicycle saddle. This seat is great for mountain bikers who have a low tolerance level to biking seats. It will give you maximum relief and support.

It is equipped with sit-bone gel pads which offer needed cushioning on pressure points. There is also a full length center opening in the seat which keeps pressure away from the prostate and groin area.

This added support and cushioning allows you to ride for longer periods of time without discomfort. There is SuperSoft padding with a flex base which provides increased comfort and support when seated.

Its weather proof cover is durable and ensures the seat is working well and looking great for many years of riding. This seat is the most ridden seat of any anatomic relief designed comfort bike seat on the market.

The first rider I found using this seat has a prosthetic hip. He rides a bit oddly on regular saddles. Regular seats cause him a lot of pain and he usually has to rest for a week after each ride.

He tried the Planet Bike A.R.S. seat and now he can ride a few days in a row before he needs a rest. This is a big difference from before. He uses this seat now on both his mountain and road bikes.

The next rider used 4 other different bike seats. After a while mountain biking became a real drag for him.
He rides a lot and none of the other seats were comfortable until he tried the Planet Bike seat. He explained that this seat is very comfortable because the padding is great.

This seat is wider than his other seats and helps him to ride for longer periods of time. The seat is durable and has survived some crashes. There are no holes or tears in the seat. The only negative was the company label wore off too fast.

6. Gincleey

The Gincleey mtb seat is padded with thick wide high density memory foam. This makes the seat more comfortable for heavier bigger guys. There is an anti-shock rubber ball under the bicycle seat. This supports and protects you from sudden impact on the trails. The seat is durable, elestic, and soft providing you with better protection for your buttocks.

You won’t feel any discomfort or pain when riding for a long time. The front sides of the seat are narrower which allows your thighs to pedal freely. There is no rubbing of your thighs. Its hollow design increases breathability of the groin area.

For safety there is a red warning strip which has been added for night time riding. You don’t need to worry about other riders or vehicles running into you at night.

The Gincleey seat offers a universal fit. It should fit most types of mountain bikes. It is easy to install. The package comes with standard mounting wrench tools. Installation takes only a few minutes and can be used inside or outside. Use the seat in any type of weather as it is waterproof.

The first rider using the seat thought it was very nice and super comfortable but not too bulky. He is able to use this seat without using any padded riding shorts.

The next rider thought this seat was easy to install. He rode his bike for 20 miles with the seat. He did not have any pain during the ride or after.

His wife used the seat on her mountain bike and it was supportive and more comfortable than the original seat for the bike. She took her bike out for a 15 minute ride. She suggested to make sure the pitch and angle are right. Plus be sure to tighten it because it can loosen on rides if not so tight from the beginning.

7. Zhuqui

The Zhiqui mountain bicycle seat is made with an artificial fatty gel as compared to a regular plastic polymer. This fatty gel gives you more comfort by a reduction in pressure on the prostate by 40%.

This seat has an ergonomic design which allows for maximum pedaling power without any interference. Towards the front of the seat the sides narrow so when you are pedaling your thighs do not rub on the seat. It is designed with a ventilation area in the middle of the seat to keep your prostate and buttocks cool.

For extra comfort the Zhiqui seat has a high demsity polyurethane filling in it. The outside of the seat is made of a durable artificial leather. This material is sweat resistant and waterproof.

There is a nice 1 year warranty on the seat. So you can really test it out a lot for 12 months. Any questions or problems you can contact them, and they will reply within 24 hours. Customer service is responsive.

The first rider biking with this seat said this saddle is like sitting on pillows. While his last seat was like putting a bunch of rocks in a bag and strapping it to the bike to sit on.

He found this seat very comfortable and there was enough airflow to keep his buttocks and groin area cool. Installation was easy and fast. It took him less than 5 minutes to take off the old seat and add the new one

The next rider is 6 foot 2 inches and 175 pounds. Plus he has a boney butt as he describes it. He needs more padding and found that this seat did the job great. He uses it for trail riding.

He likes the open split design in the center of the seat. He says it puts less pressure on his groin area. The neon green trim of the seat matches his bike great which he loves.

The third rider found the Zhiqui seat to be a lot more comfortable than his original bike seat that came with the bike.
There is no pressure on contact points because of the design of the seat. There is maximum comfort because of the gel filling. Plus the gel is soft without it feeling soggy.

Finally he is able to choose the color of the seat that matches his bike, which was cool to do.

8. Aikate

The Aikate mountain biking seat is good for larger men who want a streamlined saddle which reduces resistance and shock. This will help you to increase your riding speed and it will save you energy.

It is ergonomically designed to be light weight. Plus the hollow design will make you feel cooler. It is made to be thick and elastic thereby increasing your comfort while maintaining breathability.

The core of the seat is hollow and there is a deep center cutout so your prostate will not feel any pressure. The middle groove in the center of the seat allows for more air ventilation and releases more hot air from sweat.

A high quality gel fills the cushion. The gel seat is soft, elastic, and durable. It is easy to install and fits most kinds of bicycles.
This first rider I researched to use the Aikate was looking for a seat which would stop numbness while riding for the groin area.

He received the bike seat in the mail and it arrived undamaged. Then after installing it, he went on an 8 mile ride as a test. He was glad to discover there was no numbness, no soreness, and his thighs did not rub against the seat. The only thing he did not like was the fabric showing on the top was wrinkled because of the softness of the cushion.

The next rider found this saddle to be very comfortable but a little sloppy because the foam moves around a bit when you are riding.
The gel insert is kind of thin and the seat cover does not seem like it will last very long. Because the cost is inexpensive he does not think this is a big deal.

The third rider needed a bike seat to take off pressure on his groin area. The seat is more comfortable than the original bike seat. The cushioning is not amazing but is good enough. The negative is there is no suspension or spring so you will still feel the bumps.

9. Bikeroo

The Bikeroo mountain bike saddle will give you a personalized fit because it is equipped with high quality memory foam. Its thick wide seat padding absorbs hard bumps on the trail from rocks, roots, and drop offs. The memory foam will conform to big guys butts for a more comfortable ride.

Once you get this seat it is very easy to install due to its universal fit. It is designed with a dual spring and has a standard rail mount plus a universal saddle adaptor. So this seat fits all types of mountain bikes.

This seat package includes a wide, ergonomic, comfortable seat cover. Use the seat cover to protect the seat from rain and snow. Plus keep it clean from dust and dirt, and prevent it from getting scratched.

The first rider using the Bikeroo seat is 5 foot and 11 inches. He is 270 pounds. He has a fat tire ebike and his original seat was too hard and narrow. Once he tried the Bikeroo seat he found it to be wider and more supportive. The seat is able to handle his big butt.
The seat is very well padded and the comfort is much better. Because of this he can ride for longer periods of time without any soreness.