10 Best Mountain Bike Shorts For Big Guys

After much research here are the best mountain bike shorts for big guys. I looked at many kinds of shorts and looked for the ones which offered the most range of motion. Plus I made sure they all provided a way to customize the fit so there was maximum comfort. I also researched actual owners of these shorts and reported on what their experience was. Take a look below.

1. Best Alley Shorts For Big Guys

Alley mens mountain biking shorts are great for bigger guys. The waist is adjustable up to 3 times large. They have two adjustment hooks and a loop fastener which hugs your waist comfortably.

These shorts are made with highly durable material which repels water. Your buttocks, groin, and legs will be protected when you ride through muddy waters.

Riding for long periods of time is no problem even when you sweat a lot. Alley shorts are made with highly breathable material which help to draw sweat away from your skin. This helps you to stay cooler longer. Which then allows you to have more energy and power when riding on the trails. Especially when you use the best mountain bike for big guys.

If you need to carry your 5.5 inch mobile phone, car keys, credit cards, or cash you can store them in the shorts zipped pockets. These zipper pockets are conveniently located and you won’t notice you are carrying anything.

The first guy I spoke to about these shorts is a pretty big guy at 5 feet 9 inches and 190 pounds. His waist is usually 33 inches in jeans. The large size fit him perfectly. He said the leg length is about to the middle of his knee and the inseam is low but not too low that it gets caught on the seat. The fabric feels high quality because so far he has ridden 90 miles with these shorts and they still look brand new and durable.

The only thing he did not like is the gel pad in the spandex is a little wider than he likes. It does not chaf or anything but it shows a little through the shorts. They are still comfortable and durable.

The next rider likes how these shorts look and they fit him well. His waist is 36 inches so he got an XL. He said the gel padding makes a big difference in feeling more comfortable on his bike seat. He likes that the padding is not attached to the bike shorts so he can wear the padding with other shorts.

The third rider thought these shorts are great. The padding is very protective and comfortable. The outer layer of the shorts is also comfortable and they don’t bunch up or hinder his movement. He says the shorts feel like a very comfortable pair of swimming trunks. They look cool and durable. The pockets are convenient to use and very secure.

2. Best Hiauspor Baggy Shorts

Hiauspor are perfect for big guys because they are baggy and have a loose design. There is elastic lycra fabric on the waist and crotch for a free fit and increased range of movement.

These shorts are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This type of fabric is lightweight and it dries fast. So when you are riding you will feel more comfortable and cooler on the bike.

In order to increase fit and comfort the closure of the shorts has been reinforced for a snugger fit. The waistband is elastic so it will conform to the shape of your waist and be more comfortable.

There is also a belt loop if you want to tighten the shorts using a belt. This is something I like to use. I like a tight secure fit and feeling around my waist.

Hiauspor mtb shorts have four zipper pockets which are pretty deep. This gives you lots of carrying space for things like your mobile phone, keys, wallet, gps, and other stuff.

For extra comfort these shorts are made with 4-way stretch cationic yarn dyed fabric. This special workmanship and stitching ensures full range of motion and comfort.

The first rider I spoke to about these shorts was concerned that the supplier was overseas. Usually Asian sizes run small compared to US sizes. He ordered a medium and a large and the medium fit him just like a US medium. He was very happy about this.

He liked the fit and the fabric. But thought the top pockets should be bigger. The lower cargo pockets are pretty big, too big for this rider. He does not like stuff jumping around in there. Other riders might like the other pockets.

The next rider is 6 feet tall and 175 pounds. He thought the fit was perfect and very comfortable. The pockets are deep which he likes and the zippers are made well. His waist is 34 inches and the size large he got fit great.

The third rider has been using these shorts for 5+ months. He finds them versatile and comfortable. He has washed them many times and they still look like new. He loves the pockets and carrys his phone, credit cards, keys, and even headphones.

The zipper pulls have an extra grip tab so he can get to his pockets very easily when mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking. The fabric is breathable, soft, and water resistant. The waistband he says is stretchy and can give you up to 3 extra inches of girth. Which is great for bigger guys, plus it is held together with 2 snaps and velcro.

3. Best Hiauspor Lightweight Shorts

Here is another pair of Hiauspor mtb shorts which are good for heavier men. These shorts are baggy and comfortable. They have an elastic waist with an inner drawstring so you can adjust the fit perfectly. The back of the waist and crotch are made of stretch lycra fabric which is breathable and flexible.

There are 5 different kinds of pockets which are multi functional. There are 3 zipper pockets, one large hook and loop fastener flap side pocket and one small function side pocket. They are deep enough pockets which allow you to keep a 5 inch mobile phone safely.

You can ride for many hours because these shorts are lightweight and fast drying. The fabric is high quality and breathable. It will keep you cool and dry for mountain biking on the trails.

These particular Hiauspor shorts are actually two shorts in one. There are outer shorts and there are 4D padded underwear. They are separate so you can interchange the outer shorts and the 4D padded underwear.

The first rider using these shorts first thought the padded briefs were built into the shorts. He was glad to find out when they arrived that the padded briefs are separate and the shorts stand on their own.

He finds these shorts comfortable and he likes the zipper pockets. He especially likes that when you wear the shorts and the padded briefs together it does not look like from the outside that there are padded shorts under the cargo shorts.

These cargo shorts are stretchy and flexible which he appreciates being a bigger guy so he has more range of motion. The velcro cargo pockets and the zipper side pockets store his items securely. He says he has no worries about them falling out when he pedals.

The next rider says these shorts are not too thick and not too thin because they are made of high quality canvas material. If it is too thick it is bulky, if too thin then it won’t last very long. He says these shorts have a good balance between weight and quality.

This rider is a larger guy and he likes the drawstring closure. It is very comfortable and non-binding. Finally he likes the 2-piece style of the shorts. It enables him to ride with the inner pad without wearing them. Plus he likes the color of the shorts.

4. Cycorld

Cycorld mountain bicycle shorts biggest size is 3XL which is for a waist from 38 to 40 inches and the hips from 46 to 48 inches. So these will fit very well bigger men.

In addition to being big enough for extra large sizes you can have a very accurate custom fit. The waistband is part elastic with belt loops. There is also an internal drawstring so you can tie it up to the right fit.

For cushioning and support there are removable 4D padded underwear. They are separate from the outer shorts and offer effective protection for your buttocks and groin. They help to absorb any shocks and impact which come from rocks, roots, and drop offs on the trail.

For carrying items there are five deep pockets which have breathable mesh liners. These include front pockets, zipper pockets, and a flap pocket. You can carry your wallet, cash, credit cards, keys, and a phone.

For long mountain bike rides where you need to stay cool and dry the fabric is specially made. It is designed to be 4-way stretchable and breathable. Plus the fabric dries quickly so you stay cool and dry longer.

In order to have the fullest range of motion these shorts are baggy and the leg and crotch area are designed using stretchy lycra material.
The first rider I researched for these shorts thought they are awesome. They fit to size and he loves the 4-way stretch functionality. Along with using them for mountain biking he uses them for casual wear without the padded boxers and uses them to go hiking.

The next rider thought these shorts were light and stretchy. They don’t catch over the knees and they move well with the body. After he got the shorts wet they dried right away. Based on the sizing chart he got an XL. The is a little big using the stretch waist band. But after he used the drawstring to get a more accurate fit.

The only thing he did not like was the front pockets seem to catch on his skin. The inside of the pocket pulled out as he removed an item to empty the pocket.

The third rider found these shorts perfect for mountain biking. They fit him quite comfortably and he likes the many pockets for carrying stuff. The shorts do not restrict movement. He especially likes the butt pad cushion because it gets tiring siting on a bike seat for a long time.

5. Wespornow

Wespornow mountain riding shorts have an amazing 6 safe and deep pockets for you to use. There are 2 insert pockets, a flapped right and left thigh pockets. Plus YKK zipper pockets. This variety and number gives you many options for carrying many types of items such as maps, and portable jumps.

Big guys will like that the waist length can be adjusted to a very accurate size in order to enhance your fit and comfort level. This is most helpful when riding on rocks, dirt, and gravel or over roots.

The material of these shorts is durable and rugged. They dry quickly after becoming wet. They can handle heavy use and are resistant to abrasion from low hanging branches and taller bushes. The short are 100% polyester.

The polyester is lightweight and breathable which keeps you cool and dry on those hot days. This will keep you more comfortable and energetic when you are sweating and full of dust on those log rides.

The outer shorts are water resistant, high quality, and flexible fabric. This gives you the best durability and a full range of motion. Especially for pedaling, bending, standing while on the pedals, and squating.

The first rider using these shorts is around a size 38. XXL fit him nicely, but what he especially liked was the shorts were able to fit his big buttocks.

When he is riding he usually crouches, so he appreciates the stretch panels the shorts have. There is no binding so there is no inseam stress. Many of his pants and shorts crashed because of inseam stress.

He loves all the pockets, they are flexible, light and cool. The belt loops are very functional. The only thing he does not like are there are no back pockets, and no watch pocket. Not a big deal, he says.

The next mountain biker was impressed with the fit because he is a big guy at 6 foot 2 inches and 200 pounds. The large, which is for waist sizes 32 to 34 fit him perfectly. The fabric material stretched around his waist and hips very well. His legs were able to stay loose and open allowing full range of motion.

He found these shorts to be light, breathable, and quick drying. He has been using these shorts to mountain bike three times per week for long rides. The shorts have been holding up great.

6. Silvini

Silvini Rango mountain bike shorts are good for big guys because they are baggy shorts. Larger men need full range of motion and these shorts give them that because they are loose fitting and very comfortable.

The waistband is elastic so it will conform to your shape and give you an accurate fit. The bottoms of the shorts are adjustable so you can loosen or tighten them as you wish. There is also an adjustable belt which further gives you a customized fit.

These shorts are made from breathable elastic elements which will keep you cool on long rides. You won’t sweat as much so you will have more energy for a longer period of time. Plus your comfort will be maintained longer.

While mountain biking you may encounter low hanging branches and tall shrubs which will brush up against your legs. These shorts use ripstop material which is very durable. Plus it is water repellent so you will stay dry if you ride through muddy puddles or bike over small streams.

There are 5 zippered pockets which is more than enough room to carry your things. You won’t need to worry about losing any of your things because the zippers are very secure. Plus they are easy to access while mountain biking if you need something.

The first rider using these shorts is a bigger guy though I don’t know his height and weight. He said it is difficult for him to find cool mountain bike shorts that fit him.

These Silvini shorts fit him great and they make him look good, so he bought three of them. He likes the material, says it is durable and tough, it should handle any falls. He recommends these shorts for larger men.

The next rider is a downhill mountain biker. His waist is 38 inches so he was skeptical about ordering online. He ordered an XXL, fortunately this size was correct. He likes the elastic waist for flexibility and likes the included belt. It gives him a nice secure feel and fit he says.

He is glad the shorts are baggy because he needs that for protecting his knees and maneuverability. He finds the fabric to be durable but at the same time they are breathable. The fabric is lightweight and breathable under the crotch and running down the leg, and in the back above the rear end.

He likes that there are 4 pockets on the front of the leg. The two lower pockets are located slightly out toward the seam which causes whatever you are carrying to fall to the side of your knee when pedaling.

7. Ezrun

Ezrun mountain bike shorts are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. This material is loose fitting and the manufacturer recommends riders size down because of this. But if you are a bigger guy then this loose fitting material works in your favor.

There is an elastic band at the waist area so the shorts will conform to your shape. Plus there is a drawstring closure to adjust the fit even further.

These shorts are two shorts in one with a 3D padded underwear inside the shorts. This increases cushioning and comfort. It will absorb any shocks from bumps, rocks, and roots that you may ride over on the trails.

You can carry your wallet, credit cards, keys, and your mobile phone by using the Ezrun’s 2 zippered side pockets and one velcro pocket. The zipper and velcro are very secure. You don’t need to be afraid that something will fall out.

The material of these shorts is breathable. It will help to draw sweat away from your skin and keep you cool when you are riding. If you happen to sweat a lot or get the shorts wet the material dries fast. This will keep you dry and comfortable for longer periods of time.

The first rider explained that he is able to wear a base layer under these shorts and he does not feel restricted. So he will wear these shorts all year long. He is able to ride all day long and feel comfortable because of the padding. He likes the drawstring in particular because he ordered the XXL for his 40 inch waist. The drawstring makes the fit just right.

The next rider likes the loose fit of these Ezrun shorts. It gives him a full range of motion and they are more comfortable. He says the padding is excellent for the price of these shorts. The zippers are strong and the pockets are super. He will buy a second pair soon.

The third rider likes that these shorts are lightweight. He thought for the price the quality is surprisingly good. The material is durable. He feels extra comfortable due to the extra padding when riding on rougher terrain. The zippered pockets are very good. His keys, phone, and portable pump can be tossed into the pockets no problem.

8. Baleaf

The Baleaf mtb shorts when compared with the above Ezrun shorts are basically the same shorts. The only real difference is the percentage of materials being used. These shorts are made with 92% polyester and 8% elastane while Ezrun is 95% and 5%.

These shorts are loose fitting and Baleaf suggests that you choose a size down from the usual size that you get. Because big guys need a full range of movement they should stick with their usual size that they get.

For additional comfort the waist of the shorts is equipped with an elastic waistband. This enables the waist of the shorts to conform to the shape of your body. Plus for a snug more accurate fit there is an inner drawcord for a secure tighter fit. I like this type of customization as opposed to only the waistband.

These mountain bike shorts are made of very breathable material. Sweat is drawn away from your skin and helps you to stay cool and comfortable for longer time periods. When riding over rocks, roots and bumps its 3D padding will absorb these impacts and protect your buttocks and lower back.

For carrying your belongings there are two zippered pockets and one velcro pocket with a key string. The zippers and velcro are very secure.

The first rider using these shorts is 6 feet and 250 pounds. His waist is around 40 to 42 for many pants. He chose the XX large and it fit him great. He is a big guy and has trouble finding cycling gear. He says these shorts are a winner. The only negative is the liner is not removable, but it is not a big deal.

The next rider is also a large man at 6 foot 1 inch and 238 pounds. His waist is 38 to 39 inches. He got a size XXL and they were slightly baggy on him. I guess he must have used the drawstring to make up for the slight bagginess. He says the shorts are well made and the size of the sewn chamois pad is huge. It absorbs all the bumps he goes over.

Here is what the third rider liked about these shorts. The built-in cushioned seat pad for absorbing bumps. He likes that these shorts can be worn as casual wear because they are not the spandex type of shorts which reveals too much of a persons body.

After washing the shorts many times he says the shorts are well made and durable. They have kept their original look and integrity.

9. Spowind

These shorts for mountain biking are made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It is loose fitting and offers a comfortable design. This loose fitting style is good for heavier men so they can have a full range of motion when riding on the trails.

For an even more customized fit the waistband is elastic. The waist of the shorts will conform to the shape of your body. There is also an inner drawstring so you can adjust the fit even more. Some riders like a tighter secure feel around the waste.

The fabric of these Spowind shorts is made of high breathable quality material. It helps evaporate your sweat from your skin. You will be able to stay cool and comfortable for longer when riding on the trails. If these shorts get wet they will dry quickly preventing you from being uncomfortable for too long.

If you like to bring along your smartphone, car keys, wallet, credit cards, or cash its no problem. There are 2 front pockets and 2 zippered pockets you can use to carry and store your items.

These shorts are 2 in 1 shorts because there is a 3D padded underwear inside. It can be separated from the outer layer of shorts. The 3D pads will cushion and support your lower back and buttocks.

The first rider of these shorts likes that they have a liner attached to them. He likes the liner because then he does not have to think about wearing 2 different things. He finds the liner very comfortable and the draw string holds both in place. The shorts fit him very well. They are loose fitting but not too baggy so that they get caught in the nose of the saddle.

The next rider liked these shorts very much because they are affordable, comfortable, breathable, and they were delivered fast. He likes the pockets and the size of them. He can easily fit his iphone 9 in the zippered shorts. He feels his items won’t slide out when he is riding.

The third rider says these Spowind shorts are lightweight and very cool. Especially when he rides in the hot southeast summer. He is able to hold and carry many items in the left and right pockets which he likes.

This guy is a little big at 5 foot 6 inches and 175 pounds. He chose a medium and they fit pretty good except for the crotch area which is a little baggy. He prefers it to be more snug there. He says if he were taller it would fit perfect. Other than that he likes the shorts overall.

10. Santic

Santic mountain bike shorts are made using lycra and polyester. These fabrics are very breathable. They help to increase water vapor and perspiration evaporation away from your body. This keeps you cooler, drier, and more comfortable throughout your time riding in the trails.

These shorts are loose fitting and baggy. This helps bigger riders to have a full range of motion. Especially when they need to pedal fast, stand on the pedals, bend and squat.

In order to absorb impact for bumps, rocks, and roots these shorts have a seat cushion pad known as 4D coolmax. It supports your buttocks and lower back, while at the same time keeps you comfortable.

The best way to take care of Santic shorts is to wash them by hand in water under 30 degrees F. After washing be sure to hang them for drying. A few things not to do are, don’t bleach them, don’t iron or dry clean them. Plus don’t use a softening agent.

The first rider that uses Santic is a serious mountain biker. Last week he rode for 40 miles and 30 of those miles was on a singletrack. During the entire time he had no problem with chaffing or the fit.

He finds these shorts breathable and fairly lightweight. There is a drawstring which helps pull them tight. He likes the two hip pockets which are on each side, they are large enough for his phone and snacks. His waist is 33 to 34 inches and the XL fits perfectly.

The next rider has a 34 inch waist and the shorts he chose fit well on his waist. He likes the drawstring clasp much more than the tiestring other shorts have.

The padding works well and keeps his butt from getting sore on his 8 mile rides. He rides in Arizona were it is hot and the shorts do keep him feeling cool. He likes the color of these Santic shorts. The shorts wash well and are easy to hang dry overnight and then wear again in the morning at 4am. The only negative is he wishes the pockets were bigger so he could fit his smartphone more securely.