5 Best Mtb Grips For Big Hands

From my research the best mtb grips for big hands are the Wolf Tooth fat paw grips. This is because it is the thickest. There are four other mountain bike grips we think are also best. Below we dive into each grip and why they were selected. Plus we reveal what actual users of these grips think about them and essential facts you need to know about these grips.

1. Wolf Tooth Fat Paw (Best Overall)

wolf tooth fat paw

The Wolf Tooth Fat Paw mtb grips are the best ones we have for riders with bigger hands. Riders with larger hands really need to have thicker grips otherwise they won’t be able to grip the handlebars of their mountain bike tight enough.

Wolf Tooth grips are 37mm in outer diameter when they are on your bike. They are among the biggest grips if not the largest grips we have found in the market. Your hands will be able to grip them tightly and comfortably.

They are designed and made in the USA and constructed of 100% silicone. The silicone is 100% proprietary. It has dual density which provides maximum vibration damping. This is very important when going over rocks, roots, and bumps. Sharp impact could jar one of your hands away from the handlebars and throw you from your bike.

Holding on to these grips is very comfortable, they are soft enough to conform to your hands for increased comfort. You can choose to ride with or without gloves because these grips have a tacky texture. This texture helps your hands stick to the grips while also reducing hand fatigue and finger numbness.

Facts To Know

These mtb grips will fit any standard 22mm bar. This type of bar will cause these grips to have a 38mm outer diameter.

For some mountain bikers the right grip on their bike handlebar is shorter in length than the left grip because of the gear shifter. If this is your bike all you need to do is use a very sharp knife. Cut the right grip so it is short enough to fit on the right handlebar.

During the winter time these Wolf Tooth grips may give you some insulation from the cold handlebars even though you will be wearing gloves. They are certainly more comfortable than standard grips.

If you have trouble sliding these grips onto your handlebars use a little rubbing alcohol on the inside of the grips. Once you rub some alcohol on the inside be sure to slide them on fast because after 20 seconds the grips will be tightly on the bars.

These grips are quite stylish. They come with a set of end caps. The end caps have a cool looking Wolf Tooth logo on them.

These grips weigh 110 grams each. They fit all mountain bike handlebars which includes fat bikes. The inner diameter is 31.8mm.

These mountain bike grips fit very tightly around the bar. Therefore you will not need a locking ring. Some riders have spent 15 minutes pulling on the Wolf Tooth before managing to take them off.

During the summer when it is hot and your hands are sweating, these grips work great. Your hands will not slide off due to sweating or because of rain.

The first rider using these grips was very happy about the big increase in hand comfort and feel. He really liked how easy they were to install. Usually even with using alcohol it is very difficult to annoyingly difficult to install. But with Wolf Tooth installation is okay to do. He has large hands and the grips feel a lot larger and comfortable.

The next rider thought these grips were to big for his hands. He gets numb hands, especially the thumbs because of grip pressure specifically palm pressure. He explained these grips are so thick it is difficult to hold and move the bike. Grip gets weaker as the diameter increases. He said the grips are well made but too big for him. These are definitely for riders with big hands.

The third rider said these grips feel like thick rubbery foam and very durable. He is 6 foot 4 inches with big hands. His previous grips caused joint pain in his fingers and knuckles. Now he can rest his palms on the bars without needing to wrap his hands entirely around the bars. So he can have a tghter comfortable grip.

2. ODI Rogue

ODI Rogue grips are our 2nd choice for both men and women who have large hands. These mtb grips have an outer diameter of 35mm. This larger outer diameter size will help to prevent hand fatigue and finger numbness. You won’t need to grip the entire handlebars so tight, you can rest your palms while still maintaining a solid grip.

These grips are designed with soft rubber blocks which help to cushion impact from the trails. You can grip these grips with or without gloves because each block has its own subtle texture. This makes your grip more secure and solid. You hands will not slip even if they are wet or sweaty.

For additional safety and security ODI Rogue has lock-on clamps. This ensures that they will not move unless you want them to. This is important when cornering or going over a jump or bumps.

You can choose between two types of grips. The first option is the standard length of 130mm. This fits all mountain bikes with the standard trigger shifter. Then there is the shorter SRAM version which is used for twist shifters.

These grips are black and are made with extra large raised pads in order to increase shock absorption. There are also deep grooves on the grips which help to push away dirt and debris. Any dirt and debris on your grips could make your hold less secure and slippery. So getting rid of this is crucial while riding.

Facts To Know

These grips are made of silicone. If you have very sweaty hands you will find them to be slippery in the beginning. But after 2 or 3 rides they won’t be as slippery as you break them in. Eventually once they break in, the more sweaty your hands are the more grip you get because of the raised pads and texture.

When your ODI Rogue grips arrive at your home you will get 2 grips, one for each handlebar. Plus two end clamps per grip, 2 end caps, and to tighten them a small hex wrench. The total length with the clamps is 5 and 5/16th inches wide. The wrench is 2.5mm.

These grips work with bar ends. But you first need to take off the bar ends before installing the grips. Then put the bar ends back on.
These silicone grips are 130mm long. This is for the entire grip including end caps and clamp. The end caps snap in and the screws tighten the ring. Everything is included.

The inner diameter will fit on to 22mm handlebars or 7/8th of an inch handlebars. When you tighten the locks properly both ends will lock and the entire grip will not turn. There are two clamps per grip. Both the inner and outer clamps hold the grip in place.

The first mountain biker I found using these grips found them to be most comfortable for his big hands. He likes that the grips are soft and have a very grippy feel to them. This softeness takes away the vibrations well he says. Plus they are grippy enough for barehand use. He is glad that they come in multiple colored locks so he can customize it to his bike.

The next rider has used these grips on long rides. He likes that the diameter of these grips is larger than his previous ones. This has helped his hands have less fatigue and numbness. Plus his hands don’t slide outwards anymore, they stay in position while riding on any terrain. He also said for other riders, after you first get your grips, if you don’t see the set screws, check inside the grips.

The third rider gave some useful information about setting up your mountain bike so you can use the ODI Rogue grips. At first he did not like these grips. But this was because he set the reach too long for the brake lever. His hand was stretched out too far so he could not get a good grip.

Just make sure you are not too far away from your handlebars before you think you don’t have a good grip.

3. ESI Chunky Grips

ESI grips are our next choice for mountain bikers who have bigger hands. These grips have an outer diameter of 34mm which is 1mm less than the ODI Rogue grips. These ESI grips are the extra chunky version. This thicker version of the Chunky grips increases the maximum shock absorption. So you will be able to handle more severe terrain.

The grips are made of 100% silicone. Silicone is a material which is not very slippery. Therefore you can grip them when your hands are sweaty, wet, or while it is raining and you will still have a good tight grip.

Use these grips to ride all day long during rain or sunshine. These grips are latex-free so they are resistant to hot temperatures. Your hands will be protected for a long time.

ESI grips only weigh 80g each but they are still plush so they cushion your hands and wrists from the trail as you ride over rocks, roots, and bumps.

Each grip is 5 and 1/8th inches in length and fits all standard mountain bike handlebars. The inner diameter is 22mm. Just put alcohol on your handlebars and inside the grips and they should just slide right on. Make sure to install them within 15 seconds of putting the alcohol on.

Facts To Know

These grips are made of 100 percent silicone foam. It says 100% silicone right on the package when you get it. Many people who used to have rubber grips have changed over to silicone. It does not require any bar adhesion.

ESI grips do not have locking end caps. They have end cap plugs. You just push in the pieces. If you have trouble doing this use rubbing alcohol to push them in more easily. Once the end cap plugs are in they will not move or fall out.

If you want to switch these grips from one handlebar to another or replace them with new ones then you must remove them. This can be done without damaging them. Use rubbing alcohol to lift up under the grip with a screwdriver. As you lift up the grip pour in rubbing alcohol. Then begin twisting the grip right and left while pulling it off the bars.

Use an x-acto knife which is a razor if you need to cut the grip to a shorter length. Be sure to put the cut end on the inside so the professional cut can be seen on the outside.

The first rider using these grips liked that they were very easy to install. He put rubbing alcohol on the bars and inside the grips. He said it just took 4 seconds to twist on the grips. Now that the grips are on he knows he will have to cut them off if he wants to replace them. That is how tight they are on the handlebars. He explains silicone foam is more durable than he expected. You can really grab on to it without tearing it.

The next rider likes the extra chunky ESI grips for his large hands. They absorb the vibrations very well and his hands do not slip. On long rides his hands do not get tired anymore. The negative is he found it frustrating to install the grips. He used Windex to make it easier. He did not like the hard plastic end caps that came with the grips. Thought they were not durable if you are rough on your bike.

The third rider experienced some hand numbness when he first started riding with these grips. Then after 6 to 8 rides he got used to the grips and the numbness went away. He rides a hardtail and these grips do a lot to reduce the shocks felt on the trails. He definitely notices the damping effect.

4. Ergon GA2 Fat Grips

Ergon GA2 fat handlebar grips is our next selection. They are good for riders with bigger hands because the grips are thick at 34mm and also because they are ergonomically designed. Its ergonomic optimized shape enables less force to be used while gripping because the grip zones are matched to the hands.

The ergonomic shape of the grips allows the hands to have better pressure distribution and trail feedback. While riding severe terrain and long downhills there won’t be any hand pain or cramping.

The Ergon GA2 is only made in Germany. It is made of a supersoft UV-stable rubber compound. Made with an extra thick diameter for all-mountain riders and gravity riders. It has been especially designed for those looking for added cushioning and for riders with larger hands and longer fingers.

There is a low profile aluminum clamp which allows the grip angle to be adjusted for a more custom fit. It you want, it can be adjusted many times. After you tighten the clamp the grip will not twist.

You are protected from any defects in the materials and workmanship with its limited 2 year warranty.

Many riders feel pain in the ulna area of the hand and wrist. This grip is designed with an inner core structure which is tapered. This taper increases damping and comfort near the outer grip area which takes pressure off of the ulnar nerve area.

Facts To Know

These grips will fit any mountain bike or bicycle with a standard diameter handlebar of 22mm which is 7/8th of an inch.

The Ergon GA2 are lock on grips. There is a clamp on the inside for a secure attachment. There is also a plug for the end cap. Just slide the grips on to your handle bars and then tighten them down with a small Allen bolt.

The grips come packed in plastic sleeves which protect the grips during shipping and handling. This reduces any chance of damage.

The length of these grips from the clamp to the end is 136mm. The bar ends do come off, but they don’t come off too easily unless you crash your bike. Then they might come off. You will receive bar end plugs which snap into place as well as end covers.

The first rider using these grips liked that they are thick and tacky. He said the contour of the grips helps his hands to not feel tired or numb. He explained that Ergon makes intelligent stuff. The rubber is great for grip and comfort. Plus when you wash the grips they get tacky and there is no slipping.

The next rider has been riding a full suspension mountain bike for 1 year using GA2’s regular size. After that time he started feeling the regulars were too thin so he upgraded to GA2 fat grips. The fat grips are 2mm thicker all around. He noticed an improvement immediately. More comfort and cushioning immediately because of the thicker rubber. GA2 fat grips are 34mm at the outside and taper to 32mm.

The third rider explained that the bigger grip helped with his big hands. There is no more hand numbness. He has ridden over 200 miles on his mtb and he feels he has a much better grip which helps with his riding confidence.

5. Lizard Skins Northshore

Lizard Skins Northshore grips are our last selection for mountain bikers who have large hands and long fingers. Mainly because these grips have an outer diameter of 33mm.

These grips are designed with large pads on the grips so that they will reduce vibrations from rough terrain. This is great when you are riding over rocks, roots, and bumps.

Lizard Skis grips are made of very soft rubber which increases the control you have when you are steering going around corners or riding on technical trails. Soft rubber also gives you maximum comfort. Your hands will not feel numb or tired after a long day of riding the mountain.

The diameter of these grips is a lot bigger than most other grips. So these are perfect for big hands or for riders who like the added girth of meaty grips.

The soft rubber compound it is made of is textured to maximize comfort and control.

Installation is simple. You get two 130mm grips which comes with clamps, and bar end plugs. They weight 8 ounces or 200 grams.

Facts To Know

Depending on your mountain bike set up you may or may not need to move your shifters. These grips measure 130mm which includes the locks on both sides. Most shifters in order to adjust them have a bolt or screw under the handlebar.

In order to secure the two grips on to your handlebars you need to use a 2.5mm or 3mm hex wrench. Usually the hex wrench comes included with your grips.

This is very basic but some people wonder about it. When you order and select one quantity this means you will get two grips. One for the left handlebar and one for the right one.

These grips do not have end bars. But they do have plastic inserts. The plastic inserts are very hard plastic. They are not made of aluminum.
Each grip has two ends. The end of the grip that goes on the outside is the end that has less of an angle.

These grips are dual lock-on. They have a lock on each end of the grip. They fit standard sized mountain bike handlebars which are 31.8mm bars. They even fit on older bikes such as an old Giant, older Santa Cruz, and Specialized mtb.

The first rider using these Lizard Skins grips has been using them for four years on his bike. He explains so far they are still holding up great. Plus they are very good for people with bigger hands he says. The previous smaller grips he used hurt his hands. He keeps wondering how they grips stay so sticky even after 4 years of using them.

The next rider has been using these grips for over 6 months. The replaced his previous Lizard Skin’s called Peaty’s which would hurt his hands after long rides. Now his hands don’t hurt anymore.

At first he was not used to the grips. He was a little concerned because the lock on collars were separate from the grips when they arrived. But once they were attached and after riding 100 miles with them the grips never moved. He says the grips have lots of grip even when they are wet.

The third rider has tried many grips before in the past. He says nothing compares to the feel and quality of the Lizard Skins. They are easy to install and they don’t move around on the handlebars when he rides on rough terrain. He likes that these grips are thicker because he has long slim hands. He says his rides have been smoother and more comfortable since installing them on his bike.