mountain bike for tall rider

10 Best Mountain Bikes For Tall Riders

mountain bike for tall rider

Here are my results after researching the best mountain bikes for tall riders. I took into account the 2 most important measurements of the frame for sizing a rider, which is the seat tube and the top tube. I looked for mountain bikes which had long measurements for these tubes as well as had large wheels. Depending on what you like and what your needs are one of these bikes should be best for you.

1. Marin Pine Mountain Bike

Marin Pine

  • The Marin Pine mountain bike is a good size for tall riders. The seat tube is 22 inches which is good for long legs. You do not want to feel cramped, and you want your legs to have full range of motion.
  • The top tube is 26.1 inches for riders who are tall and have a long torso. This will allow you to get into a comfortable attack position without sitting too upright.
  • This bike has 27.5+ tires. The plus means these tires are especially wide at 2.8 inches wide. These wider tires give you more traction for riding on rough terrain like loose dirt, rocks, roots, and mud. The tires make more contact with the ground because of its increased width.
  • Because these tires are bigger this increases the outer circumference of the tire so that it is just about the same as a 29 inch wheel. This gives these tires the same roll over ability as 29ers. You can ride over small obstacles easier than the 27.5 inch tires.
  • Small obstacles will make impact with the tire at a lower area on the tire. Taller riders will benefit from maximum traction and increased roll over which makes it easier to go fast.
  • The Marin Pine is a hardtail so it does not have any suspension for the rear wheel. This makes the bike lighter. Its lightweight and plus size tires will give you a smooth and stable ride.
  • It is equipped with a Shimano 1×10 drivetrain which provides you with enough gears to accelerate up many types of hills. Plus the tires will keep your momentum going forward.
  • When you need to slow down and stop the Pine Marin has Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes allow you to slow down smoothly and gradually in a controlled fashion. This is especially important when going downhill and when going around corners and switchbacks.
  • Riders who are taller than 6 feet and want more traction and less flats can change out the tires to tubeless. Marin tires are tubeless ready wheels for less punctures and increased gripping power.
  • Holding everything together is the Marin Pine frame. This frame and the forks are made of steel. The steel is a series 2 double butted CrMo. It is strong, durable and can support the heavier weight of larger riders.
  • The handlebars are Marin Mini-Risers. They are made of 6061 double butted aluminum. The width is 780mm and the riser is 28mm. This gives you both control and comfort in order to accommodate longer arms.

2. Marin Nail Trail 6 2019

Marin Nail Trail 6

The Marin Nail Trail 6 is great for riders which are at least 6 foot 2 inches and taller. The seat tube is 22 inches which allows your legs to have full range of motion. Full range of motion enables you to pedal efficiently and powerfully.

Compared to the Marin Pine the Marin Nail has a top tube which is 25.8 inches. This is only a three tenths of an inch shorter than the Marin Pine. But some riders may have a slightly shorter upper body.

A small size difference can increase or decrease your comfort and performance. Just keep this in mind. The correct top tube length will get you into the right upright position as well as attack position.

The frame of this bike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. This will make the Marin Nail lighter than the Marin Pine which has a frame made of steel. Aluminum alloy is lighter than steel and this aluminum alloy is hydroformed making it especially lightweight and durable. This frame also has compliance enhancing chainstays and internal dropper post routing.

The Marin Nail is a hardtail and a 29er bike. The combination of this bike being a hardtail, which makes it lightweight, and that it has 29 inch wheels make it a fast bike.

This bike is great for singletrack riding and fast trail riding because it has 148x12mm boost spacing and long, low trail geometry. Its lightweight and 29 inch wheels enhance your ability to climb steep hills. Once you are at the top descending will be smooth due to its 120mm suspension fork for the front tire.

Whether riding on flat trails or going uphill or down you’ll have 11 speeds to choose from. The drivetrain is a SRAM NX 1×11 speed gear system. This ensures smooth sequential shifting going up and down the gears. No need to worry about the chain slipping or getting stuck. When you are ready to slow down and stop you can rely on Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

The tires of the Marin Nail are Vee tires which are 29 inches and 2.3 inches wide. They are wired beaded and made with a dual control compound. The 2.3 inch width gives you good traction but not as good as the Marin Pine because its tires are wider at 2.8 inches wide.
So pay attention to whether you need more or less traction depending on the type of trails you will be riding.

3. ChroMag Rootdown

Chromag Rootdown GX Eagle

  • The ChroMag Rootdown mountain bike is great for tall riders who want to ride aggressively on the trails. The front fork has 140mm of travel enabling it to absorb serious impact from rough riding.
  • The frame of this bike sizes tall riders by having a seat tube of 21 inches. This fits riders who have longer legs and need full extension of their legs. The top tube is especially long at 26.3 inches. This accommodates riders with a longer torso and arm length. The longer top tube enhances control and stability for riders tall than 6 feet.
  • Adding to durability is the ChroMag Rootdown’s steel frame. Steel frames are built for rough riding. Plus the frame has a longer top tube, shorter chainstays, slacker head angle, a steeper seat tube and a lower bottom bracket.
  • The Yokel design of the frame allows the bike to handle 29 inch wheels more easily and larger chainrings. The larger 29 inch wheels are good for taller riders and help to increase speed and roll over ability.
  • Larger tires roll faster naturally than smaller tires. Plus they also roll over small obstacles more easily. You will be able to climb hills faster and go down hills faster.
  • Choosing the right gear is important in order to maximize pedaling power and cadence. The ChroMag Rootdown gives you 12 speeds to choose from. It is equipped with a SRAM GX Eagle 12 speed rear derailleur and GX Eagle shifter.
  • Its 12 speeds will allow you to dial into the right gear no matter what type of incline or decline you are on. You’ll have a 10 to 50 tooth gear range from its SRAM XG-1275 cassette. You’ll be able to handle any terrain with maximum efficiency.
  • On the way down from the hill you will be supported with a smooth ride due to its RockShox Pike RC Boost 29 inch fork with 140mm of travel. Then you will be able to stop with maximum power and control using Shimano M6000 hydraulic disc brakes.
  • With hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll be able to modulate your stopping power more effectively than mechanical brakes. If you need to while going around corners and downhill, you can feather the brake levers with your fingers.
  • Speed and stopping power are nothing without traction. The tires on this bike are Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires. They give you extra traction and grip because the treads have knobs on them. Plus these tires are 2.6 inches wide so you are making more contact with the ground. Also the knobs act as a cushion when you are going over rocks, roots, and small obstacles.

4. Kona Ti Explosif

The Kona Ti Explosif gives tall riders something different than the typical steel, aluminum, or carbon frames. Titanium is what this mountain bike’s frame is made of. A titanium frame gives the rider superior riding quality which aluminum or carbon is not able to do. The build kit associated with the frame is at an elite level.

The geometry of the frame is in line with riders who are at least 6 foot 1 inch to 6 feet 5 inches tall. The seat tube is 21 inches so riders have a full range of motion when pedaling. The top tube is 25.5 inches for longer torso’s. This allows you to use the proper sitting position without feeling cramped or too far outstretched.

The Kona Explosif is a hardtail bike so its very important for the front end to have the appropriate travel and uses Fox 34 Float suspension fork. The Float 34 uses an air spring so it is very simple to adjust the compression of the fork.

Plus there is a rebound adjuster which modulates how fast the fork bounces back after being effected by an impact. The front suspension will smooth out and cushion your ride as you go over rocks, roots, and branches.

The Explosif accelerates using Spank Oozy wheels which are encased in Schwable tires. These tires are tubeless ready which increases gripping power. Traction is enhanced because tubeless allows you to have your tires at a lower pressure. There is also no risk of getting any pinched flats because the tires are durable.

No matter whether you are riding on a flat surface or are going up an incline or going down a decline you have 12 speeds from which to choose. The SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain gives you the gear system you need to shift reliably and easily for every type of incline or decline.

As you accelerate and go downhill or around corners, stopping power is key. This bike’s stopping power comes from Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. They allow you to stop in a controlled smooth manner.

The only thing you need to do is bleed the brakes roughly once a year to keep them in tip top condition.

The handlebars are nice and wide for tall riders which improves control, comfort, and stability at 760mm wide. There is also a rise in the handlebars of 20mm which improves the angle at which you grip the handlebars.

The tires are 27.5 inches and the tires are 2.6 inches wide. The 2.6 inch width enhances traction on all types of terrain because the tires make more contact with the ground. Plus the tires have knobs on them.

5. Orbea Occam

Orbea Occam TR M30

  • The Orbea Occam is great for riders taller than 5 foot 11 inches who are looking for a carbon 29 inch mountain bike. Carbon frames are made for speed because they are lightweight. Even though lightweight carbon is strong and durable it is not brittle. Carbon is flexible enough to absorb the bumps of the trails.
  • The geometry of this frame is perfect for riders at least 5 foot 11 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. The seat tube is 20.5 inches for maximum pedaling comfort and efficiency. The top tube is 25.5 inches which gives you enough room to shift your weight left, right, front or back when needed without feeling cramped.
  • The combination of a light frame and 29 inches gives this bike the ability to handle a wide range of trails at high speeds. Its good for all-mountain and trail riding to cross country and endurance riding.
  • This is made possible because it has a headtube angle that is steep. Making it easier to go uphills. It is also stiff and slack enough to tear through chutes. This makes the Occam the perfect choice for many cross country riders.
  • Supporting your ride is its Fox suspension performance float fork and shock in the front. It has 120mm to 130mm of travel in order to absorb any bumps and small obstacles. Depending on how rough the terrain is you are riding on, you can adjust the travel and shocks using 3 positions.
  • There is also a rear shock for the back which uses a Fox Float DPS Performance shock. It has a 3 position evol custom tune adjuster 184x44mm.
  • The Orbea Occum uses a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain which gives you 12 speeds. The 1×12 gearing system allows you to better handle steep climbs, intense accelerations, and fast descents. Shifting gears is smooth and reliable.
  • Giving you ultra control of your speed is Shimano’s MT500 hydraulic disc brakes. Its stopping power gives you the ability to slow down when you need to at a moments notice. Even if its an emergency stop, or a gradual slow down going around a corner.
  • Its 29 inch tires are Maxxis Forekaster tires which are durable and light. They have 120TPI and are 2.35 inches wide for enhanced traction.
    Occam uses Orbea OC-11 flat handlebars which are 760mm wide. This width gives tall riders with long arms comfort and control for their size. Plus the handlebar grips are Orbea lock on grips so there is no worry that the grips will slide off.

6. Ibis Ripley

Ibis Ripley LX GS

This Ibis Ripley is great for riders who are 6 feet tall and more. The seat tube is 20.5 inches which allows your legs to have full range of motion. This full range of motion ensures pedaling power and efficiency. The top tube is 25.2 inches which accommodates a longer upper body.

This allows you to sit comfortable in an upright position and in the attack position which are both required for mountain biking.
This Ibis Ripley is the 3rd generation of the Ibis Ripley LS. This version was designed in order to upgrade and improve its versatility and performance. There is an all new swingarm and clevis, plus a wider upper eccentric.

Its 29 inch tires are accommodated by this new swingarm. Plus the tires can be as wide as 2.6 inches. These 2.6 inch wide tires are Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires. They maximize traction by being wide and by having knobs on the tires.

You’ll have lots of grip going over all types of terrain because the tires are wider. Add knobs to wide tires and your traction increases even more. Dirt, sand, leaves, rocks, and roots will be no problem.

This third version is also very lightweight because it is constructed of high quality carbon fiber. This carbon is durable and yet it will also absorb any impact from the trails.

The carbon fiber monocoque frame only weighs 5.5 pounds. It has a tapered head tube and 148mm boost dropouts for added stability and improved bike handling.

The front of the bike uses a 2017 Fox Performance 34 fork. It has 130mm of travel which allows the front wheel to handle bumps and small obstacles.

The rear derailleur is a SRAM Eagle GX and gives you 12 speeds to choose from. Sequential shifting up and down the gears is quick and dependable. No need to worry about skipping gears or the chain getting stuck.

This is ensured because the chain is a SRAM Eagle GX and it has a power lock. Plus the cassette is a SRAM XG1275 with 10 to 50 teeth for every link of the chain.

The Ibis Ripley brakes can handle any speed that you are going. It uses Shimano Deore 2 Piston hydraulic disc brakes. This allows you to slow down smoothly and gradually.

Both the handlebars and the stem are made of aluminum alloy. The handlebars are wider than others we have seen at 780mm. This is perfect for riders taller than 6 feet and a half with long arms. You’ll have better stability and bike handling control.

7. Santa Cruz Hightower

Santa Cruz Hightower

  • The Santa Cruz Hightower is a great long travel 29er mountain bike for tall riders who want to ride aggressively on the trails. The frames geometry is sized for riders who are 6 foot 3 inches and taller. The seat tube is 20.1 inches.
  • This gives your legs enough room to pedal powerfully and quickly. The top tube is one of the longest at 27.1 inches. This fits riders with especially long upper bodies so they have enough room to shift their weight where needed.
  • The travel of the Santa Cruz Hightower is 150mm for the front and the back. The front fork is a RockShox Revelation RC and the rear shock is a Fox Float Performance DPS. Both of these shocks with their 150mm of travel allow you to ride very aggressively over rough terrain like rocks, roots, and bumps.
  • Plus the suspension is powered by VPP or virtual pivot point. This makes the bike have a nimble and responsive feel to it as it adjusts to the terrain while on the go.
  • Helping you to ride this bike aggressively is the fact that this bike is fairly light at 30.93 pounds. Its light because the frame is made of carbon. Carbon is lightweight yet durable and flexible enough to also absorb bumps from the trail. Each pedal stroke you pump will accelerate the bike more compared to a heavier mountain bike.
  • With all this speed and lightness comes grip. You need to hold on to the trail at high speeds. The Santa Cruz Hightower is equipped with WTB ST i29 TCS tubeless ready rims. Plus it rolls on Maxxis Minion tires which are capable of being run with low pressure.
  • A lower pressure increases the tires contact with the ground which increases the traction and grip. Also the tires are 2.5 inches wide which enhances the tires grip when going around corners.
  • Seat position is important when going up and down hills. Raise your seat up when climbing to bring your weight forward. Bring the seat down when descending to shift your weight back and into the rear tire for grip.
  • The Hightower makes this easy and fast with its Race Face Aeffect dropper post. This makes your descents safer, and climbs more efficient.
    Getting the rider to the right speed is SRAM’s Eagle drivetrain which has a 1×12 gear system with 11 to 50 tooth gear range. This gives you 12 speeds to choose from no matter what incline or decline
  • Controlling the speed of the Hightower is its SRAM Guide T hydraulic disc brakes. Slowing down smoothly and gradually only takes the easy squeeze of the brake lever.

8. Santa Cruz Tallboy

Santa Cruz Tallboy

The Santa Cruz Tallboy is great for riders who like to ride singletrack and technical trails all day long. This is because the Tallboy has a longer reach and a shorter chainstay. Shorter chainstays are better for going around corners and transferring power.

The geometry of this frame is designed for taller riders who are at least 6 foot 3 inches. The seat tube is 19.9 inches allowing a full range of motion for pedaling. The top tube is 27.1 inches and gives you the freedom to shift left, right, back, and forward at a moments notice.

Unique to this bike is it has a Flip-Chip on the upper link. This allows you to be able to use 27.5+ inch wheels and tires as well as 29 inch wheels and tires. The Flip-Chip enables you to maintain the geometry and its configuration when you change from 29 inches to 27.5+ inches and visa versa.

Like the Santa Cruz Hightower the Tallboy is also a lightweight bike. It weighs 30.58 pounds. The frame is made of aluminum and routes its cables internally. This gives the Tallboy a clean sleek look and keeps the cables out of the way.

The fork for the front of the bike uses the RockShox Recon and has 120mm of travel. The rear of the bike has a Fox Float Performance DPS shock and has 110mm of travel.

Using this lightweight frame in combination with the right gear will get you to the top of any hill you want to climb. Then when you get to the top you’ll be able to speed your way down smoothly supported by its front and rear suspension.

You have the ability to use the SRAM NX drivetrain which has an 11 to 42 tooth cassette on the rear. On the front there is a 30 tooth Race Face Ride crankset.

The tires are Maxxis Minion 29er tires which give you maximum roll over ability. You can roll faster naturally over rocks, roots, and small obstacles. For extra traction and grip the tires are 2.25 inches wide. You’ll have better control as you go over loose dirt, sand, mud, and snow.

Slowing you down when you need to are its SRAM level brakes which give you good stopping power and control.

The handlebars are a good width for tall riders with long arms at 760mm. This width gives you better bike handling ability and comfort. The diameter of the handlebars is 35mm and they have Santa Cruz Palmdale grips for your hands.

9. Evil The Wreckoning XTR

Evil The Wreckoning XTR

  • The Evil The Wreckoning is a great mountain bike for tall riders who want an enduro bike for very rough riding. This bike has a lot of travel at 160mm for both the front and the rear. You’ll be able to crush it going down hill without any fear of crushing yourself or the bike. At the same time you’ll be able to climb hills with ease on its 29 inch wheels.
  • The frame has been designed with a geometry fit for riders who are 6 feet 4 inches and more. The frame is made of unidirectional carbon and utilizes Evil’s Delta System which strengthens the lateral stiffness giving you maximum stability.
  • The seat tube is 19.5 inches so your legs will have enough room to pedal without feeling cramped and stuck. The top tube is 26.4 inches which enables you to get into the proper attack position and shift your weight back for downhill enduro riding.
  • Enduro aggressive riding requires that you can shift at will to the right gear. The Evil is equipped with a derailleur which uses a Shimano XTR 11 speed shifter. This is matched together with a Shimano XT cassette and has an 11 to 46 tooth gear range.
  • 11 speeds is enough for you to dial into the perfect gear in order to get the most pedaling power and efficiency.
  • When you are ready to tear down a steep hill you will need powerful yet precise stopping power. For this you’ll have the Shimano XT M8000 hydraulic disc brakes to slow you down. Hydraulic brakes allow you to slow down powerfully, smoothly, and gradually.
  • To avoid flying over your handlebars as you go downhill keep your weight back and feather your brake lever on and off to slow down more gradually.
  • The Evil Wreckoning is also equipped with a downtube protector, an integrated chainguide. and internal routing of its cables. This prevents the bike from having a tangled look and feel. Plus there is an included sag meter so you can quickly and easily set the suspension.
  • Believe it or not some mountain bikers will not buy a bike because it can’t hold a water bottle. Fortunately this bike does have water bottle cage mounts.
  • Traction is important no matter where you ride, but it is especially important if you are tall and going downhill. The Wreckoning uses Schwable Nobby Nic tires. These tires have knobs on them for maximum traction plus they are 2.35 inches wide. The extra width also ensures gripping power.

10. Niner Rip 9

Niner Rip 9 RDO

The Niner Rip 9 is great for tall riders who want to have a longer, lower, and slacker mountain bike. The 2019 Niner is actually the longest, lowest, and slackest bike Niner has ever made so far. These types of bikes allow you to go downhill smoothly and go uphill efficiently.

The geometry of this long, low, slack bike fits riders at least 6 feet and taller. The seat tube is 19.5 inches giving you enough space for your legs to pedal with a full range of motion. The top tube is 25.7 inches which enables you to have the length you need for your torso without feeling cramped or too stretched out.

The frame of the Niner Rip 9 is a RDO carbon frame which is a combination of being lightweight and durable. Its lightweight will help you accelerate faster and its durability will handle any bumps and small obstacles.

The suspension of the frame is designed in such a way that it improves your climbing efficiency as well as increase a smooth descent. This design is known as Niner’s Constant Varying Arc or CVA. There is also Boost hub spacing on the back and front which provide a stiffer and more stable ride.

The tires that are on the rims are Maxxis Minions DHF. They do not have especially large knobs but the tires are 2.6 inches wide which increase their gripping power.

Powering these tires forward is the SRAM X01 Eagle 12 speed drivetrain. It has 10 to 50 tooth gearing for its 12 speeds. This ensure sequential shifting going up and down the gears smoothly, reliably, and quickly. No need to be concerned about whether the chain will skip a gear or get stuck.

In addition to using the right gear when climbing or descending is the Niner’s SDG Tellis dropper seat post. This allows you to easily raise your saddle when climbing and quickly lower the saddle when descending.

Great for long armed riders are the Niner’s handlebars which are especially wide at 800mm. This will enhance control and stability of the bike especially when going downhill. There is also a 20mm riser for added gripping comfort and power.