Reinos Hydration Pack Review

After many hours of research this is our review of the Reinos hydration pack. We will cover the advantages and benefits of this backpack. Plus customer reviews both positive and negative, as well as tips and user information about the Reinos pack.

Reinos Hydration Pack Review

reinos hydration pack review

The Reinos hydration backpack can be used for many activities including mountain biking, camping, hiking, jogging, music festivals, and traveling.

If you like to have a fashionable pack this is the one for you. This pack comes in 6 unique designs and is considered among the best mountain bike backpacks for fashion. Camouflage which has different shades of green, flamingo which has pink , yellow, green with a light blue background, and the USA flag which is made up of red, white, and blue.

The next 3 designs are flowers which have pink, white, and green with a black background, sailboat style which has blue and white, and pineapple design which has green and yellow.

The Reinos styles will make you standout because of its fashionable look and get you compliments.

This pack is quite comfortable. There are shoulder and chest straps which are fully adjustable. It fits chest sizes from 26 inches to 52 inches. This pretty much guarantees a perfect customizable fit for just about everyone.

This customizable fit keeps the pack more stable when you wear it. It prevents the pack from bouncing when you run with it. To increase comfort and keep you cool this backpack allows airflow between your back and the pack. This is because of its unique padded back section.

The water bladder holds 2 liters of water which will keep your water cool for many hours. The bladder is BPA free so there are no harmful chemicals seeping into your drink. For easy and quick drinking there is a silicone bite valve that is simple to use.

The dust cover for the mouthpiece prevents dirt from getting in your drink. Plus the quick release bladder connector prevents leaks.

No matter which activity you are doing with the backpack you won’t feel tired because the pack only weighs 13oz. It is lightweight, so you may not even notice that it is on your back. The material it is made from is durable and water proof. It will last you for many years.

There are 2 separate compartments you can use to store whatever you need. Snacks, towels, clothes, iphone, wallet, and keys can fit inside. For your drink there is an extra insulated bladder compartment.

Reinos offers a 100% money back guarantee. You have a full 90 days to use the hydration pack. If you are not satisfied you get a no questions asked hassle free full refund.

20 Reinos Hydration Pack Tips

1. When you want to clean the mouthpiece you have to remove the entire tube. Then you can clean the mouthpiece with soap and warm water.

2. When your backpack arrives it will include the backpack, water bladder, the tube and mouthpiece.

3. This pack can be used for running, you don’t have to worry that the pack will bounce around. There is an adjustable strap and buckle which keeps everything in place.

4. There is a large compartment in the front of the pack which is good for holding snacks and other items. Then there is a side zipper pocket which is large and can hold extra layers of clothing and other things if you want.

5. The Reinos pack is manufactured in China. Products manufactured in China for export are higher quality than products made in China for domestic use.

6. Some Reinos packs are made with fabric and others use a type of holographic material. Both types of material are flexible, there is no problem using the pockets.

7. When going to a festival with your backpack be sure to check the EDC rules. Hydration packs are usually allowed to enter the festival as long as the bladder is empty. Once you are inside the venue then you can fill it up.

8. When your backpack arrives the tube will be detached. You then just need to attach them. Detach them when you want to clean it.

9. It is not a good idea to fill up the bladder and then freeze it because it would be difficult to slide it back into the pack. A better idea would be to add ice cubes and refrigerate it before you use it.

10. This pack comes with a 2 liter water bladder which fits perfectly in its compartment. If you were to use a 2.5 or 3 liter bladder it probably would be too tight a fit.

11. The Silver Sparkle color is very reflective. It is holographic and looks great when light hits it. Traffic will be able to see you more easily.

12. If you have a good size camera for taking great shots then you will need to take out the water bladder in order to carry the camera in the backpack. With the bladder there is not enough room to fit the camera.

13. This pack can be used for skiing because the surface of the pack is waterproof.

14. If you still have a plastic taste when you take a sip even though you washed it with soap and warm water there is another way. You can try distilled vinegar and warm water with a small amount of baking soda. Use 3 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

15. You can put alcohol in your water bladder but it will be more difficult to clean. But replacement bladders are inexpensive.

16. When connecting the hose to the bladder you need to push in on the plastic very hard. You might find the hose does not stay in or go in all the way. Just push very hard no need to twist.

17. When using the fast flow bite valve make sure it is open first. Then you just bite and press it, then suck in the water.

18. Some packs have a holographic design which is very reflective. When you are using this in the Sun the pack does not get hot when you touch it.

19. On the back side of the bladder compartment it is thermal insulated. This will keep your back cool for many hours.

20. In the main pocket of this backpack you can fit 3 iphones, 2 wallets, gum, and chapstick. In the small pocket you can fit sunglasses and a mini sunscreen.

Review of Positive Customer Experiences with the Reinos Hydration Pack

1. Multiple Activities

This person lives in Texas where it can get very hot. She likes to use the Reinos pack for festivals, mountain biking, hikes, Austin City Limits, and South by Southwest. She says the pack looks beautiful and it is vibrant.

She is happy the bladder can hold 2 liters easily and that it is thermal insulated. She also explained that the main pocket has a lot of room along with the side pocket for all her staff. It is waterproof and included is a nice duster bag.

2. Rave

This woman uses the pack to go to raves. She said it worked great at the EDC. The pack is very cute and lightweight according to her. The chest straps work well and it is comfortable, but thinks it is a little strangely proportional. The sipper is colored so it is easy to find. The safety whistle is very handy for emergencies.

3. Parade

This man likes going to parades during the summer. Many times the temperature is 90+ degrees. He likes that the pocket for the bladder is insulated and separate. He only added a little ice and the water stayed cold for 4 plus hours.

There was no leaking and the zippers are secure. Even when the bladder is full the pockets can hold a lot. He can easily remove the cross strap. Plus wearing the pack is comfortable because the shoulder straps are padded very well.

4. Storage

This guy used the Reinos hydration backpack for an ABGT Weekender at The Gorge. He was able to fit a lot into the pack such as camping blanket, inflatable pillow, flag poi, and a running jacket all into the main compartment.

He has the holographic green design and got many compliments. The mouthpiece is convenient for him to use. It has a safety, plus a bit valve and cap. He did not like that the hose warms in the Sun, so that you get warm water before you can drink cold water.

The lid is removable and it seemed to fall off for him more than he liked. After the show the pack wiped down easily with water or a wet wipe. He thought the chest strap could of been better but it stayed secure.

5. Mountain biking

This mountain biker used this pack and the bladder kept his water cool for many hours. There was no leaking during his rides. He found the pack comfortable when on and likes that the straps can go across his chest for a secure fit.

6. Spacious

The woman purchased the Reinos pack for EDCLV19. She was able to bring all her important items like chapstick, handheld fan, kleenex, cottonelle wipes and a windbreaker. She has the orange backpack which matched her clothes.

7. Removed plastic taste before first sip

This lady uses the pack for biking. She thought it was easy to assemble. She came up with her own way of removing any plastic taste before taking her first drink. First she disconnected the hose. The she fills the pouch with water, less than half way. Then shakes it all around and empties it.

Next she adds a cap full of vinegar along with water then shakes and empties it. Finally she fills it again less than halfway with water, shakes it and empties it. She did the same thing with the disconnected hose. Then when she fills it up with water to drink she adds 6 large ice cubes to it and the water is cool and tastes plastic free.

8. Running

This guy has been using the pack for longer runs for around a year. He likes the large side pocket and average size top pocket. When he goes to a race then he can keep his keys, ID, credit cards, and wallet in the pockets instead of using a bag check.

The straps are adjustable which he likes, but the chest clip sometimes restricts his breathing. So he leaves it unclipped sometimes and then holds onto the nylon straps on each side to keep it from bouncing.

9. Beach and trail walking

This woman uses the hydration pack to go along the beach and to bike on trails. She likes that there is an insulation section because it keeps the water cooler longer compared to her previous packs.

The 2 different pockets are helpful for her as she likes to put her phone in one and a book in the other. For safety she likes the bright reflection on this pack because sometimes she walks alone on the beach.

Review of poor customer experiences

This first person flew to a festival and used this pack. At the festival he filled it up for the first time. He said the bladder leaked water down his legs and all over his back. The was around 500ml of water sitting in the backpack. He then dumped out all the water and thought maybe he was using it wrong. But it happened again and again until he stopped using it.

The next person thought the pack was cute and the perfect size for her. She filled up the hydration bladder and after only a few minutes it started to leak. There were no rips or tears in the bladder but her back and legs were all wet. It dripped a lot where the hose attached to the bladder.

This third person must have gotten a used backpack by accident. There was mold and water droplets in the tube and pack. It smelled bad like sweat.

The fourth person said she found the bladder difficult to empty out and dry. There was a slow leak which she could not find where it came from. Plus the strap at the top broke. She had to cut a slit so the tube could go through the strap.

Keep in mind these poor experiences do not happen very often all products have some of these experiences no matter how high the overall rating is. I have researched them for you in the name of full transparency. The Reinos hydration pack is highly recommended.