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Sharkmouth Hydration Pack Review (Tactical Molle Backpack)

Are you a man or woman who likes to be active outdoors? Then you will appreciate our review of the Sharkmouth hydration pack. Do you like to go mountain biking, hiking, hunting, or running. Then the Sharkmouth tactical molle hydration pack can handle all your needs.

We have spent hour researching for you all the important information that you need about the Sharkmouth tactical backpack. Take a look at our review below.

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Sharkmouth Hydration Pack Review

This backpack is very lightweight and comfortable to wear because it only weighs 26 ounces. So the main portion of the weight you control because it is determined by how much water and other items you want to bring.

Adding to your comfort especially for your back is its ergonomic design. On your back is a soft ergonomic breathable mesh pad which keeps your back cool and dry. I really like this benefit of the pack because riding or walking around with a sweaty back is irritating.

The water bladder holds up to 2 liters of water and can keep the water cool for around 4 hours. This is possible because this backpack has an insulated layer made of thick aluminum foil for keeping liquid cooler longer.

To make sure that the bladder does not bounce around when you are hiking or mountain biking there are two tapes on the top to keep the bladder secure. Plus there are adjustable shoulder straps, chest straps, and waist strap, all of which will increase your comfort and add to the stability of wearing the pack.

The dimensions of the pack are 16.5 x 9.1 x 2 inches which handles the bladder and other items you bring. The water bladder sits comfortably in the main compartment and there is even enough room to also fit an ipad and lunch box.

There are two from zipper pockets which can carry your wallet, phone, keys, small first aid kit, sunscreen, gloves, and multi tool device. If you want to carry other gear then you can use the Molle system to attach them on to the pack.

The water bladder for the pack has a large opening which makes it fast and simple to refill, clean, and dry. The bladder is BPA free so your drink will taste as it should and be odorless. Plus the bladder is designed to be leak proof so you have all the water you need when you need it.

How do you use this backpack?

It is pretty simple to use this Sharkmouth tactical backpack even if you have never used one before. To use your pack follow these stops.

1. Use the large opening in the bladder to pour water into the bladder.

2. When you have put water in the bladder make sure the opening is closed tight.

3. Put the bladder into the pack and secure it in the compartment.

4. Using the backpack compartment you can add other items like keys, phone, and wallet.

5. Turn the valve on and bite down on the mouthpiece when you want a drink.

6. As long as you keep biting down water will continue to flow out. Stop biting down when you are fininshed drinking.

7. When you are finished, before storing your pack clean and dry the bladder.

If you are not satisfied you can contact customer support in order to get a full refund or a replacement because they have a 100% warranty.

What do you get when your pack arrives.

You can choose from a variety of colors such as green, camo, red, black, and blue. Your pack will arrive with 2 compartments. There is a 2 liter green bladder insert and a big hydro pack which fits exactly inside the fabric hydration backpack.

19 Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Tips

1. This pack can adjust and fit big guys. I know 2 guys, one with a 46 inch chest and one with a 50 inch chest. It fit both of them. Be sure to adjust all the straps before thinking it does not fit.

2. In order to get rid of the plastic taste do not try boiling water and then pour it in the bladder. If you do that the bladder will melt. Instead use cool water and baking soda. Then let it sit overnight.

3. In order to get a drink you need to pull the valve using your mouth. Bite the valve and pull the nozzle, then suck out the water.

4. It would not be a good idea to use this pack for rucking. Putting a 10 pound weight in the pack will probably tear the seams at the bottom of the pack.

5. The flag on the pack is removable. Just tear it off the velcro that it is sticking on. You can add other flags if you like.

6. The best way to set up your bladder is to place it in the compartment closest to you. Then hang the bladder using the velcro straps. Next feed the tube through the top slot and then on to the left shoulder strap. Be sure the hose is not kinked.

7. To connect a tactical vest to the pack use the clip on one of its sides. If you are running with it, it will not pop off.

8. When the pack gets wet because of rain just open everything up wide and let the pack and bladder hang. It will dry very well overnight.

9. The pack can hold a full 2 liter bladder plus shoes, shirt, bug spray, sunscreen and a few water bottles.

10. It is not a good idea to fill the bladder and freeze it. The bladder might crack and the fitting connecting the tube might break. Instead it is better to fill it up and leave some room to add ice cubes. Then you can refrigerate it until you are ready to use it.

11. To wash the backpack it is best to throw it in an agitator washing machine.

12. The waist buckle strap is about an inch in width. It allows you to bend, turn, and twist comfortably.

13. To empty the bladder fast just unscrew the opening at the bottom of the bladder.

14. The area where the flag is, is velcro. You can add any velcro patch you like.

15. The worst color to choose for a backpack is black. This is because if you leave it out in the sun the black color will fade.

16. You can carry one textbook size book in the compartment and zip up the zipper. This is with a full bladder.

17. This pack only fits a 2 liter bladder. A 2.7 liter or 3.0 liter bladder will not fit.

18. Any 2 liter bladder will fit in this backpack even if it is made from an other brand. Just use the 2 velcro straps to hold the bladder, and place it in the compartment.

19. This pack only hold 1 water bladder, but if you want more water you can add a few water bottles.

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Postive Customer Experiences with the Sharkmouth Tactical Backpack


This person uses the Sharkmouth hydration pack for Airsoft Milsim. He says for the price the pack is amazing. There is a lot of space for carrying many items even with the bladder full. He likes how it looks and it works well for him. He used it for 6 hours straight for airsoft.

The next person explained that this backpack has several pockets. There is a large compartment which has 2 parts. One is a bigger pocket for storage and the other one is a pocket that is lined for the bladder to keep it cool.

He was surprised the larger pocket was for storage and not the bladder. There is more storage space than he thought. He is happy with the chest and waist strap, it keeps the pack from flopping around.

The lid on the bladder screws on tightly he says. Even when there is a lot of pressure. Compared to his other bladders which snap in the hose to the bladder, this one screws in which he says is tighter and more secure.

To protect him from the hose catching or rubbing on his skin the hose has a neoprene sleeve. He says this is very helpful when running. He likes the mouthpiece because it has a locking mechanism to prevent leaking.

Plus he likes that this mouthpiece uses a bite and pull and push flow mouthpiece. He only needs to use his mouth and he gets more water for each drink.

Quality at a low price

This hiker explained that the quality of this pack is great for the price. The zippers and materials are very strong and durable, nothing hangs around. He feels comfortable when wearing it, and the pockets are quite convenient to carry what he needs.

Mountain biking

This mountain biker uses the Sharkmouth tactical molle hydration pack to go riding all day on the trails. He says the water bladder keeps his drink cold for 4 hours on warm days and cool for even longer on cool days as long as he adds ice.

He is able to carry what he needs such as flashlights, keys, pocket knives, snacks, phones, and headphones. The pockets and zippers are durable and secure for his stuff. The zippers have remained strong even after using them a lot.

He likes the design and the material of the pack. It does not feel cheap. The patch it comes with is good. But he is glad it is velcro so he can switch out different velcro patches. This pack has made our list of best mountain bike bags.

Retired law enforcement

This guy uses the pack for day hikes and trail running. He likes the tube because it is abrasion resistant and a good length. He uses a rubber band so the tube does not flop around. He says the pockets give him enough space for a full days worth of snacks.

He thinks that the Molle system is too much. He explains that if you start hanging stuff on it, your shoulders will be carrying all the weight and you will have arm problems.

I would disagree with that. Even though you are hanging things off the backpack your back not your shoulders will carry the weight.

Long hikes

This female hiker uses this pack everyday for 100 minutes in the heat of Arizona. She says the water bladder works well, no leaks. The insulated tube works and the bite tip is durable with no leaking.

The backpack is durable and put together with good stitching she says. The bladder compartment is very well insulated and kept her drink cool during the entire time. The storage area is good with lots of room for her stuff, even an extra jacket she described.

The shoulder straps fit a bit wide on her frame, but they are made well and comfortable. She says the chest straps tie everything together nicely so it is comfortable. The only issue she had was the camo pattern on her pack started to fade after 30 days in the sun.

Weighted backpack

This woman uses the Sharkmouth tactical backpack for her workout. She went for a 10 mile walk while carrying a 10 pound weight inside the pack. The water bladder was full as well.

She says the pack is comfortable on her back and shoulders. The waist strap is helpful because it is adjustable. But the chest strap either slid under or was too high on her chest area, so she did not use it.

She likes that the back is padded and it did not leave any red marks or rubbing on her. She is 5 foot 4 inches and wanted a pack that was not too small or too big. She said this was a perfect fit.

Poor Customer Experiences of the Sharkmouth Hydration Pack

The first person was pretty mad. He tried to take a drink for the first time and the valve stem broke and he choked. Luckily he coughed it up. He says the pack is fine but the water bladder is not good. The bladder leaked water so he had to buy water bottles for the event he was at.

The next person likes the design and feel of the pack. But after he used it for the first time water leaked out. The hose and bladder connection was not sealed all the way. He thought about using glue but that would violate the warranty he said.

Half a mile into his hike he was getting wet. He thought maybe he did not screw the cap on well. But after another half mile to a mile he was soaked. Then he knew it was broken or defective.

The third person after using the pack for a week noticed that the waist strap starting falling off. He does not like that you have to screw the straw off. The hose is rigid so he had to sit there and twirl the hose off like a dummy, as he described. Doesn’t like the design either.

sharkmouth tactical molle hydration pack showing straps

Please keep in mind these negative experiences do not happen that often. No matter how high a rating a product has there is will always be some people who have a bad experience with the product. Overall this pack is highly recommended.