best enduro mountain bike shoes

10 Best Enduro Mountain Bike Shoes

best enduro mountain bike shoes

These are the results of our research for the best enduro mountain bike shoes. All these shoes are categorically labeled as enduro shoes so you know these are what you are looking for. They all have high ratings and have been vetted for grip, durability, comfort, and many other features and benefits you will find below.

1. Five Ten Freerider Elements Enduro Mountain Bike Shoes [Best Overall]

A lot of cyclists have problems securing their feet to the pedals. That’s especially true when you’re on long rides, when fatigue leads to careless mistakes. But if you want to absolutely make sure your shoes stay on the pedal, then you have to try the Freerider Elements from Five Ten. They’re certainly sticky.

One constant user of this enduro shoe reiterates what many say about the Freerider Elements, when he gushed that these stick to the pedals like you have super glue on the sole. The shoe really stays put so you get the stability you want. They last at least a couple of years (he’s a constant cyclist), and he keeps buying another pair of these shoes.

Another user agrees, saying that these shoes lock onto flats with so much grip that he had to relearn how to reposition his feet on the pedals. If his feet are crooked on the pedals, adjusting their position can be tricky at first.

He also added that these shoes are actually comfortable to wear. You forget about them while riding, so you can concentrate on the road and trail ahead. They breathe really well too. They’re also easy to clean, and they look like any other attractive pair of sneakers that you don’t mind wearing them even when you’re off the bike.

BMX bikes, which are terrific for flat pedals, inspired the design of the shoe. It features the sticky Stealth S1 rubber outsole with the “micro dotty” tread that really grips on various types of surfaces. This outsole also offers great cushioning with effective shock absorption.

But it’s also comfortable, with the tough, PU-coated, double-stitched leather upper offering robust protection while the mesh sections boost its breathability. The midsoles are just semi-stiff, with the right level of support while fighting off hot spots. You get medium flex from the EVA midsole, so you get the right amount of foot control you can rely on.

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2. Five Ten Freerider Pro Enduro Mountain Biking Shoe [Best for Men]

If you like your mtb shoes to look more like fashionable sneakers, check this Freerider Pro. This is available from sizes 6 to 12, and you have several color schemes to choose from to complete your overall look.

One rider has used this multiple times, and he absolutely loves the shoe. He considers the rubber on the shoe as the absolute best rubber in the industry. He appreciates that the shoe stays in place when he wanted to, but he still won’t have trouble releasing the shoe from the pedal any time he wants.

He went for the Freerider Pro specifically, instead of the other Freerider version, because of the additional Poron foam layer on the toe box. It offers a nice layer of protection for the toes, whenever he hits a rock with his toes when going at high speeds. A lot of other riders have similar stories of how the toe box protected their toes upon impact.

He also appreciates how comfortable these shoes are, and he considers them stylish as well.

Another rider voiced similar sentiments, with praise for the stiff sole and the sticky rubber. He also commented on how comfy these shoes are, and how they look awesome too.

The sticky stealth rubber is responsible for the glue-like grip on the pedals, while the medium-flex sole offers the best combination of power transfer efficiency and comfort, giving you a responsive feel. The tough upper comes with a reinforced toe box, with ample cushioning and support from the Ortholite liner.

It also comes with the look of casual sneakers, which makes it great even when off the bike. With its comfortable build, you might even find yourself wearing this all day even when biking is the farthest thing on your mind. Of course, with these shoes on, you might just be tempted to get on the pedals again to enjoy its cycling-specific features.

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3. Shimano SH-XM9 Enduro Mountain Bike Shoe – Men’s

The Shimano brand has long been associated with the bike industry so it’s not surprising they also build shoes specifically for bike pedals. This comes with a high-top design, and it seems very similar to a lot of premium hiking shoes. If you’re thinking about going on a “bikepacking” adventure, you should consider bringing this enduro pair along.

One rider has used this extensively for biking on roads, gravel, and trails where he had to carry his bike around through some extra-tough terrain. He was astonished at the versatility of the SH-XM9, since it performed admirably through all these different conditions.

He has even used this for hiking and as snow shoes, and he likes how these shoes stay dry and warm for hours. He applauds the stability and grip these shoes offer.

Another user only bikes occasionally, but he wore these shoes everyday starting from autumn and well into the winter. He did try biking in the winter with them, and it offered astonishingly good and comfy performance, considering the guy lived in Minnesota. He especially liked how the shoes held up, as similar conditions have worn down plenty of other shoes he has tried before.

He actually wore these shoes daily for work, as they were very comfortable. They look presentable as well, and he even wore this for a professional presentation. It did help that these shoes didn’t squeak when he was walking on his office floor.

The toughness of the shoes is due to the use of durable nubuck leather for the upper, with a reinforced toe box for impact on rocks and pads in the ankle cuff like other hiking shoes.

With the breathable Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining, your feet remain dry even when the trail is muddy or if it’s raining. The EVA foam in the midsole gives you shock absorption. The lugged Vibram outsole gives you the stability and traction you need while walking.
While this may sound like the best hiking shoe, it also accommodates 2-bolt mountain cleats.

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4. Giro Ventana Mountain Cycling Shoe

This is another pair that looks like something that a sneakerhead will go for. But these shoes are for challenging enduro trails and mountain adventures when you’re riding a bike. If you want cycling shoes that also offer comfort and long-lasting durability, take a look at these shoes.

One guy who tried the Ventana was extremely impressed with it. For him, the fit was excellent and he especially appreciates how it wasn’t heavy at all. He thought that the shoe combined performance and comfort just right. It offers just the right level of stiffness for pedaling efficiency. But at the same time, the toe flex and the torsional hell flex made it great for just walking as well. For this user, it’s the best shoe for the trails.

Another user marveled at the quality of the shoe right out of the box, admiring the premium-quality materials, the fit, and the finish. It fits him better than other shoes he has tried before. The toe box is relatively wide, which adds to the comfort level as the shoe won’t pinch the toes.

You can thank the Boa dial here for the perfect fit, as you can make micro-adjustments to get the fit exactly right. The closure system tops off with the hook-and-loop strap.

The “Synchwire” uppers are both breathable (due to the mesh) and durable. You also feel comfortable with the molded footbed with the medium arch support.

Aside from the one-piece upper, you get additional protection from the reinforced toe and heel. The EVA midsole offers cushioning from impact on the trails, and the nylon shank is just stiff enough to boost pedaling efficiency. The special Sensor rubber on the outsole offers great grip and traction on the bike pedals and on the trails. With its 2-bolt cleat compatibility, you’re ready for the trails.

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5. Five Ten Hellcat Pro Cycling Shoe [Best for Women]

What’s really annoying when you’re a female enduro mtb enthusiast is that it can be difficult to find the right mtb shoes. It’s like most brands think that only men can go biking on the trails. You can prove them wrong, especially with the Hellcat shoe from Five Ten.

One lady expressed how she absolutely loves this shoe. She specifically mentioned how she admired the stability and power efficiency this shoe offers. Also, she appreciates that it has a solid build and it’s very comfortable to wear. She also notes that the fashionable good looks of the shoe made her enjoy biking a lot more.

She likes the feel, whether for biking for hours on end, or even when she wears the shoe for hiking. She didn’t have problems with blisters.

Another lady confirmed that the shoe is extremely comfy indeed. The relatively wider toe box didn’t pinch her toes, while the narrow heels with the soft heel piece prevented blisters. All in all, she thought the fit was super secure without any pressure spots to worry about. The shoe even offered enough cushioning that she didn’t see the need for a different footbed.

The shoe is comfortable to wear due to some special features. The closure system (lace and hook-and-loop) offers proper adjustment. The upper is water-resistant, while the tongue is perforated for breath ability. The compression-molded EVA midsole also adds to the comfort level, even as it reduces the overall weight.

The TPU shank has just enough flex for comfort and support. It flexes when you’re just walking, but it’s stiff enough for hard bike pedaling.
The tread pattern in the Stealth C4 rubber outsole gives you dependable grip on any terrain, while it also absorbs impact and minimizes vibration.

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6. Mavic Deemax Elite Mountain Biking Shoe – Men’s

When you’re pedaling down a mountain, you want something on your feet that’s secure, grippy on the pedals, and just downright comfy. What you may really want is a pair of these enduro Deemax Elite cycling shoes. You just want to check that you wear either a size 7 or a size 8.

One guy tried it out, after he figured that he needed to upgrade his mtb shoes. These Deemax Elite shoes were utterly unfamiliar and new to him, but it quickly impressed him after a few times of trying them out on the trails. He thought the performance was solid, especially with how the shoe efficiently transferred the power to the pedals.

He also emphasized how comfortable these shoes were for him, since he was able to really adjust the drawstring for the utmost comfort and fit. The shoe along with the closure system also made sure to keep the water out, during the times he wore the shoe while it was raining.

Another rider, on the other hand, tried this shoe because he was already familiar with its predecessor model (the 2014 Alpine XL). He loved that shoe, but thought that this Deemax Elite was even better once he tried it on.

He especially liked how the new closure system on this model was even easier to adjust, and it’s now quicker and easier to put on and take off these shoes. They are compatible with 2-bolt cleats, which he had no trouble using.

What you have here is the Quick Lace system by Mavic, which only needs a single pull. At the same time, the hook and loop strap allows for extra fit adjustment plus additional security. A panel folds nicely over the lacing system, to keep the weather out through these spaces.

It’s not just the lacing system that makes this shoe work, though. The reinforcements in the toe and heel make the shoe more durable, plus you get more protection. You get additional coverage for your ankle with the perforated neoprene.

The outsole is quite grippy for improved traction over the trails, but the Contragrip rubber also sticks like glue to the pedals.

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7. Scott Mountain Bike AR Boa Clip Enduro Shoe – Men’s

Do you sometimes wish that you can just wear your favorite sneakers when you’re biking on the trails? If you’ve ever tried that, you know it doesn’t really work. But if you tried these cycling shoes, you get the feeling as if you’re wearing your favorite sneakers, except that this time it works.

One rider attested to this feeling, and emphasized how he loves these shoes. He marveled at how comfortable they feel for him, and that he found it easy to get in and out of the shoes with the boa closure system. He had no trouble walking with the shoe, as the clip didn’t really hit the floor or the pavement.

Another rider expressed his love for the shoe, as it was really simple to adjust for him. He found that you just turned the Dual Boa IP-1 dials that offered the micro-adjustable fit, and he was done with the adjustments. It was super easy to get the shoe on and off the feet.

Of course, these are riding shoes and they’re compatible with the regular 3-bolt cleat system. The sticky outsole offers terrific grip on wet rocks and tree roots when traversing along the bike trails. The special “ErcoLogic” footbed offers the best level of support, and it’s comfortable to boot.

The upper adds to your comfort level, as it’s made from synthetic PU with 3D nylon airmesh. It’s eminently breathable, while it’s also made to last.

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8. Pearl Izumi X-ALP Elevate Cycling Shoe – Men’s

Lots of bikers feel like they’re wearing some sort of medieval armor on their feet, because they just feel so heavy. Granted, it’s important that you have stiff shoes for power transfer efficiency and that your feet are protected on the trail. But if you try the X-ALP Elevate, you’ll realize that the shoe you need doesn’t have to be so heavy.

One rider confirmed how comfortable this shoe is, and that part of it is because it’s lightweight. The enhanced dual-dial BOA Fit System also gave him just the right fit for both stability and comfort.

It felt breathable too, thanks to the perforated tongue that vents heat and evaporates moisture when he was riding during summer days. He also felt confident when he had to walk and carry the bike on the trail, as the Vibram outsole offers a nice grip on rocks and mud.

Another user like its performance on the trails, as he had no issues installing the 2-bolt cleats. When he did have to walk, the recessed cleat allowed for normal walking. His feet were stable on the pedals even after long rides.

When you try these enduro shoes, don’t worry about the durability. The seamless synthetic upper is resistant to wear and tear which can really wreck regular sneakers. Yet, these feel like your regular sneakers, as the EVA midsole offers a comfy platform for your feet. The toe box has also been reinforced, just in case you hit your toes on rocks along the trail.

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9. Giro Chamber II Enduro Mountain Cycling Shoe – Men’s

If you’ve only tried skate shoes before when you rode on your mountain bike over the trails, you should really consider trying this pair of shoes instead. The Giro Men’s Chamber II has a similar design to a skate shoe, but then it’s enhanced with the toe overlays, rubberized heel, and the Vibram sole you need.

One rider remarked that the shoe is absolutely perfect for enduro, as it is essentially a flat shoe that matches with clipless pedals. He noted that the shoe also works if you throw your feet out around the berms, or if you generally go on foot for some sections of the trail. They’re also comfortable even for long rides, while he also appreciates how the Velcro strap secures the laces from getting tangled.

Another user also commented on the great fit, and how they fit true to size. At the same time, he enjoyed the protection he got for his feet. For him, it worked well with clipless pedals and with flats.

What many riders liked is how the upgraded 10mm cleat setback boosts stability, even while it conserves energy. This is specifically to meet the needs of enduro racers, and for downhill cyclists too. You end up using your quads and not your calves, so you’re able to last longer for long-distance rides. You’re able to keep a nice, secure feel, even when you encounter loose rocks and sudden drop-offs.

With the grip of the outsole, you won’t have to worry about the terrain when you have to walk. The rubberized lugs offer a nice grip even on slick surfaces, like wet roots and rocks. With the Vibram Megagrip sole, you have a shoe that really works with flats and clipless pedals.

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10. Louis Garneau Copper T-Flex Cycling Shoe – Men’s

Are you often frustrated that you just can’t get the shoe adjustment just right when you’re wearing your mountain bike shoes? You may want to try out this pair, as it sports the Boa IP1-S 2-way closure system with the hook and loop strap.

One guy did try this out, and he found it super-comfortable even with long rides on his mountain bike. The enhanced closure system was really felt nice and snug, without the slightest bit of uncomfortable pressure on the top of his feet when he was adjusting the Boa.

The Coolmax insole also offered great comfort, since it was ventilated and breathable, and it was even moisture-wicking. Plus, he liked that it wasn’t so heavy, since the upper featured breathable microfiber. It offers great arch support, along with efficient power transfer.

Another rider focused more on the performance, as the high-performance design really boosted the power transfer. The heel design has also been reinforced with half a millimeter of membrane, to improve the heel position and to minimize the power loss when pedaling.

This is compatible with SPD cleats, so you should have no trouble with your mtb pedals. The carbon composite outsole with dual-density lugs also work very well for walking even on muddy terrain, and you don’t have to endure any undue pressure on your heels. With the strong frame, this won’t go soft on you even if you walk on mud for a while.

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