mountain bike gear

In order to find the best mountain bike gear for myself I have spent many hours researching and testing them. Everyone of them has been prove to be top notch through daily experience with them. I can confidently recommend them to you.

My plan for this page is to recommend gear that is high quality but also at an affordable price. I do not just want to suggest gear just because it is the most expensive. That does not always mean it is the best. I prefer to use gear which are high quality but don’t break the bank.

It is pretty important to invest your money to protect yourself when mountain biking. Having the proper protective gear can mean the difference between having a serious injury or a few bumps and bruises.

So far I have been very lucky not to have gotten into any bad accidents. I like to stay healthy, so I have never settled for sub-par protective gear. I have heard of some bad accidents which could of been avoided had they been wearing the right protective gear.

We do want to have fun and be brave mountain biking. Having the right helmet and upper body armor will go a long way to protect us as well as allow us to do what we need to do on the trail. Consider your needs for mountain biking first and you will make the right decision all the time.