best mountain bike flat pedals

9 Best Mountain Bike Flat Pedals

best mountain bike flat pedals

Our team has found the best mountain bike flat pedals for you to use. You will be able to ride without fear on technical trails. Flat pedals allow you to take your feet off the pedals quickly. We made sure to find pedals with the best grip for flats along with being lightweight and durable. Check out what we have below.

1. Best Fooker 3-Bearing Nylon Fiber Mtb Flat Pedals

Perhaps the only thing you may find objectionable about these Fooker pedals is its brand name. You may get rather scandalized looks when you try these pedals out, and then you tell your buddies that you really love your Fookers. In fact, lots of people say that sometimes their online reviews are deleted because it uses “offensive” terminology.

There’s really nothing offensive here, as one cyclist pointed out. His only complaint was some body pains due to how he really loved this pedal. When he tried it out for the first time, he went cycling for longer than what he was used to, and the extra 1.5 hours on tough mtb trails really did a number on him.

He really liked them for several reasons. The main reason he cited was that these pedals gave him absolute control. His feet never slipped off the pedals—it didn’t happen even once. He also was able to get his feet on these flat pedals quickly, as he didn’t have to find the clamp on the pedal to grip the cleats. It’s really very simple—place the feet on the pedals and he was good to go.

He also mentioned that the installation was a breeze. It took him all of 3 minutes, and that time included taking off the old pedals. He did take half a minute to put some lubricant on the threads to get the pedals in smoothly.

Another cyclist also appreciated how these pedals worked well even when he didn’t bother to change to special mtb shoes. Even when he suddenly gets the urge to go biking while wearing his sneakers, these pedals were able to get him through even the steeper trails. His feet never slipped off the pedals, and he was able to corner better and faster. He says these pedals are really strong, with just the right size.

They may be lightweight pedals with a combined weight of only 0.79 pounds for the pair, but you do get a platform measuring 4.3 by 3.94 inches. The 8 anti-skid nails on each face of the pedals really get a grip on your shoes, even with lots of mud.

2. Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/Mountain Bike Pedals

Crankbrothers are a highly regarded set of platform pedals that you can use for a wide range of bikes. There are 2 sizes available so you get optimal performance for your shoe size. Get the small version for shoe sizes 5 to 10, while the large version works for sizes 10 to 15.

A newbie cyclist reported that it took him a while to get the adjustable pin configuration right. That’s because you can put in up to 10 pins here, but you can take some of them out if you feel they’re too grippy. He had to take some out, and he had to experiment a bit to find out which pins to remove. But once he figured it out, he had a perfect grip on the pedals that worked even through muddy conditions.

He also said that the durability was terrific. He bashed these pedals several times, and in some instances these strikes were hard enough that he literally saw sparks fly. But the pedals never bent or broke.

A much more experienced cyclist who’s been into mountain biking for 2 decades finally got them after deciding to switch from clipless to flat pedals. He loved the switch, after he found out that these particular pedals planted his feet in firmly, plus he was still able to pull off his shoes from the pedals when it was necessary. He realized that he was actually doing better with technical areas with these Stamp Flat pedals.

One of the special features here is its minimal profile. While other pedals are close to an inch thick, this one is only 0.51 inches (13mm) thick.

You also won’t complain about the premium quality of the materials used. Here you get premium lugs along with the Enduro seal and bearings system. This uses forged 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for the pedal body with forged scm435 chromoly steel for the spindle.

3. The Best Rockbros Nylon Fiber Mtb Pedals

The Rockbros brand is quite famous in the industry, as its main goal is to provide terrific value for money for its consumers. This particular model is especially popular, and that’s not just because it’s affordable while it’s also available in several nice colors.

One cyclist switched to these pedals after the stock plastic pedals on his bike didn’t last long on the tough off-road trails. He switched to these because of the attractive price, and it didn’t take long to realize that he got an absolute bargain out of the deal.

He reported that it is extremely durable as it never broke or bent even after a lot of punishment, and his feet stayed put on the flat pedals throughout the ride.

Another cyclist also tried them out for 7 months and really loved them as well. In fact, he even bought a buddy this particular model after his buddy destroyed his aluminum pedals after only a single season. He found this set much more durable, with the tremendous grip he needs for mountain biking.

The nylon fiber material on this pedal is quite tough, along with the high-strength chromoly on the spindle. You get a sizable platform that’s 4.1 inches wide, on which you have 10 anti-skid nails that won’t let your feet slip off the pedals when you don’t want to.

The pins here are replaceable, so you don’t have to replace the whole pedal if you lose pins on some of the tougher terrain. Your purchase even comes with an extra set of pins, but you can find these same pins at any hardware store.

This set of pedals is designed to last for a great long while. It’s resistant to corrosion, shock, and abrasion. With its low price, it’s an investment that’s worth your time and money.

4. Puroma Mountain Bike Flat Pedal

These aren’t completely flat pedals, if you want to be technical about it. The platform comes in a concave shape, and that’s to enhance the control you get over the bike. Its body is nylon composite, and it offers an extremely wide platform for greater power transfer and a better fit for larger shoe sizes. They measure 4.8 inches by 4.1 inches, with a thickness of about an inch.

One cyclist who uses them notes its impressive versatility, as he puts it on all his bikes. He has installed them on his mountain bike, BMX, and even his exercise bikes. He loves the fact that his feet never slip off the pedals, regardless of the shoes he wears. Even with sneakers, he has no problems.

Another review is an experienced mechanic with a quarter-century experience of fixing bikes. He’s very much an expert, and he firmly believes in the “you get what you pay for” truism. But he was absolutely astounded with the quality of this set of pedals, considering how little he paid for it.

He even asserts that it’s much better than the pedals he has used that cost 5 times as much. He appreciates the extremely low weight, the overall durability, and the smooth-action bearings.

This set of pedals come with 6 hex-head threaded-action pins on each side of the pedal, and they’re replaceable. You can just replace one by threading the old one out and putting the new one in. The spindles are fully sealed to keep out the water and dust, and you have the sturdy chromoly steel on the axle.

They come in a variety of colors, including yellow-green if you want something more vibrant than the usual black. The pedals are marked “L” and “R” for the left and right pedals, and you can use them on all your bikes as long as they take the 9/16-inch spindle. These pedals are designed for comfort and long-lasting durability, and you really get a lot for your money.

5. The Best SGODDE Aluminum Mountain Bike Pedals

The crisscrossing design of the SGODDE platform is unique, but that’s not really the only thing you’ll like about it. It’s extremely lightweight at just 0.44 pounds (200 grams) per pedal, due to the use of CNC-cut high-strength aluminum. Plus it’s super-tough, with the anodized surface resistant to scratches and corrosion. The bearing system is fully sealed as well to protect from noise-causing water and dust getting in.

One certified mechanic reports that he finds these flat pedals excellent for mountain bikes, especially if you’re on a budget. He says that you get a high-quality pair of pedals for a low price. The only warning he gives is that users must take care to install them properly, with the “CR-L” pedal on the left side and “CR-R” pedal on the right side. Each pedal threads differently.

Another user bought this online during the pandemic crisis, so he was a bit apprehensive since he wasn’t able to check it out in person before ordering it. But he found that all his worries weren’t warranted, since he got a very smooth roll from the pedals. He found the bite incredible, with the 12 anti-skid studs matching the grip of more expensive sets.

Even its looks are special, since quite a few people have complimented him about these pedals. The only issue he has with them is that he thinks the set is a “knockoff”, but then that explains the lower price.

The design may be a copy, but there’s no denying the genuine capacity of the high-quality materials here. The aluminum body with the chromoly steel axle can deal with a lot of punishment.

It’s a lot sturdier than regular pedals that may even cost a bit more. With 12 studs on each pedal platform, there’s no way your shoes will slip off the pedals even if it’s raining or the terrain is muddy. Just make sure your bike takes in the standard 9/16-nch spindle and you’re ok.

6. BIKEIN Nylon Fiber Mountain Bike Pedal

At first glance, Bikein may seem like it has a very simple design. There’s no fancy crisscrossing tubes along the platform, though you do get 8 barrel-polished anti-skid pins for each side of the pedal.

But a closer inspection will show you just how durable this set of pedals really is. The body is made with lightweight but tough nylon fiber, while you still get the hardy chrome-molybdenum steel on the spindle with sealed bearings.

One guy actually tried to test this directly with the Raceface Chester pedals, which sets the standard for mountain bike pedals but at a higher price point. Using each one after another made him realize that for the most part, he was unable to tell the difference. They’re basically the same.

In fact, even though he thought that the grip of the Bikein set was better. In his tests, his feet slipped off the Chesters a couple of times. But that never happened with the Bikeins. When he was forced to choose, he even went with the Bikein even though it was cheaper.

Another guy switched to these pedals simply because they’re cheaper. He’s a lifelong cyclist who finally got tired of bashing $200 pedals on a regular basis. He finally realized that if he was going to bash pedals regularly, he may as well get a pair that’s basically 1/10 the price of his premium pedals.

He got them, and was astounded as to its quality. He has no complaints about the grip, and he even thought that the platform was just as good as the premium brands.

They offer a nice, large platform for your feet, as the pedal measures 4.84 inches by 4.15 inches, with a thickness of 0.94 inches. But it’s also lightweight at just 0.78 pounds for both pedals. They can go in your MTB, BMX, and street bikes, provided they use 9/16-inch spindles. You also get a variety of colors to choose from, so you can maintain your bike color scheme.

7. The Best Hikenture Aluminum Mtb Bike Pedals

The rainbow colors on these pedals make it seem like it’s made for women and for casual riding, while its price may make you feel like it’s a bargain option. But you actually get a tough set of pedals here, as long as you get the “mountain” style instead of the “road” version of the pedals. While the road version is nice, the mountain version is much more suited to rugged off-road trails.

One guy with extensive experience with bikes asserts that despite the cute looks and the low price, they are actually high-quality pedals. He found them easy enough to install, though he had to keep in mind that the left pedal had to be threaded backwards. These pedals need a hex-wrench instead of a spanner, and for him that makes it even easier.

He appreciates the sealed bearings and the rubber seal on the frame side, and he found the aluminum alloy to be of high quality. The only thing he did differently is to replace the stock grease with synthetic grease, which made the pedals spin more freely.

Another guy also uses them for his mountain and gravel bikes, and he even recommends them to his buddies who ride the same type of bikes as he does. He didn’t actually expect much from them, and in fact he bought them for his wife who likes the rainbow colors. He tried them on his mountain bike, and he found the grip to his liking. It’s also tougher than the rainbow colors might indicate.

Hikenture comes with 8 replaceable ant-skid pins on each face of the pedal, which provides a firm grip for shoes. The mountain version of the pedals offers a wider platform, as it measures 4.6 inches by 3.94 inches. The road version is smaller at 3.94 inches by 3.35 inches and just 6 anti-skid pins, so you ought to stick with the mtb version.

The overall toughness is enhanced by the sealed bearings and the rubber sealing ring, with the dustproof cover on the opposite end of the 9/16-inch spindle. It’s extremely lightweight too, as it weighs only 0.85 pounds for the whole set. The wide platform and the firm grip on these flat pedals can give you the confidence to try it out on even the tough off-road trails.

8. PDX D10’s Flat Wide Nylon Composite Bike Pedals

The appearance of this set is a lot more masculine, in stark contrast with the rainbow cuteness of the Hikenture. This time, you get a black set of pedals measuring 4.53 inches by 4.13 inches, with a thickness of 0.7 inches. The huge contact surface area offers greater safety, comfort, and power, while the 10 jutting anti-skid pins make sure you get the grip you need.

One cyclist who doesn’t really write a lot of customer reviews tried them out, and was compelled to submit an online review due to how impressed he was. He really loved the anti-skid pins here, because they’re longer than what he was used to with his more expensive pedals.

These pins made sure his feet didn’t slip even when he was pedaling intensely. He was encouraged to try this out for his mountain bike, by a buddy who likes to do 20-ft jumps on his own bike.

Another guy wasn’t expecting much due to the price when he got them, but right from the get go he got more than he expected. Even the packaging was impressive, considering the low cost. As it turned out, the packaging was the least important feature. The pedals spun smoothly and he found the platform suitably large and stable.

He liked how there were plenty of pins, and he found better footing with the concave design in the middle of the pedal. He found the footing very secure, even while he didn’t have trouble making necessary foot adjustments.

All in all, plenty of folks who have used them say the value for money is absolutely unbeatable. One reviewer said he’d buy them again, but that they’re so tough that it may take a long while before he needs to buy a replacement.

9. The Best GPMTER Aluminum Alloy Bike Flat Pedals

GPMTER is another impressive set of flat pedals, with its crisscrossing platform and 8 anti-skid pins on each face of the pedal. They use high-strength aluminum, with a wide platform and a sealed spindle to keep out the dust and water from getting in.

One cyclist bought them just for the looks and the low price, and found to his (pleasant) surprise that this affordable set was of high quality. He appreciated the large platform, as it gave him the secure footing he needed. Of course, the anti-skid nibs kept his feet in place, even when it was raining or with mud on the trails.

He found them easy enough to install, and the weight wasn’t bad. He didn’t find them really lightweight, but it wasn’t heavy either. Just like Goldilocks, he found it just right.

Another cyclist was a grandpa whose grandson quickly demolished the stock plastic pedals on his mountain bike. The grandpa bought them as a replacement, and he found the weight reassuring. He found them quick and easy to install, and they didn’t take long for his grandson to test it out.

After a whole day of biking, the grandson reported that he loved them a good deal, especially with the spikes that kept his feet securely on the pedals. Now, he says, he’s able to stand on the pedals without worrying.

The ball bearings system here is excellent, offering a smooth slide to give you nice efficient pedal strokes. The spindle is completely sealed as well to keep out the dust and water.

With the aluminum on the pedals, you can be confident that they can bear the weight nicely. The 8 anti-skid pins do their job as well, to keep your feet securely on the pedals even in bad weather conditions. No way your feet will slip off anytime soon.