How To Carry a Phone While Mountain Biking (9 Ways Explained)

The best ways for how to carry a phone while mountain biking are: in your jersey pocket, backpack, mounted on handlebars, in an armband holder, and in baggy shorts pockets. You can also carry your phone in a saddle bag, frame bag, top tube bag, and in a mountain bike fanny pack.

Continue reading below where I will explain more about each method. What the pros and cons are, how you can use each method for carrying your phone, and what the best product is to use for each method.

Best Ways to Carry Phone While Mountain Biking

1. Jersey Pocket

Mountain bikers who are good at mountain biking can carry their phone in their jersey pocket. Just put on your mtb jersey and using your left or right hand slide your phone into one of the rear jersey pockets.

This is a very easy and fast way of carrying your phone while you are riding. If you are skilled you can even wipe out your phone while you are on your mountain bike. I don’t recommend you use your phone while you are riding, it is just an example of how easy this method is of bringing your phone with you when you are on the trails.

I did mention earlier that you need to be a skilled mountain biker in order to do this. This is because if you are not then you may crash and break your phone and or injure yourself at the same time.

Your phone being in the rear pocket of your jersey does not have a lot of protection if you were to crash into a tree or fly off your bike. So if you are a good mountain biker and you don’t crash hardly ever then this method can be good for you.

If you do have a tendency of crashing then you may want to choose another way of taking your phone. During a crash the phone may slip out of the pocket and hit a rock or it may get lost. That would be a big waste of money because phones especially smartphone are not cheap.

When choosing a mtb jersey make sure you choose one that has 3 rear pockets in the lower back section of the jersey. Some jerseys especially short sleeve jerseys do not have any pockets at all.

The jersey I like to wear which has 3 cargo pockets is the Cerotipolar thermal long sleeve mountain bike jersey. It is very comfortable because it is stretchy all around the jersey. I like the tapered cut waist and the middle layer has wicking so sweat evaporates quickly.

2. Backpack

For those of you that don’t need to use your phone too often when riding a good place to carry it is in your backpack. Your phone will be safe and secure inside one of the pockets of your backpack or hydration pack.

Because backpacks have good size pockets you can put your phone inside a case for extra protection. You can also wrap it up first with something soft and then put it in your case and then into your backpack pocket.

Once you zip up the backpack pocket your phone will be safe and secure. It will be protected from snow and rain. It will be cushioned against any bumps from rocks, roots, and drop offs. If you crash or have an accident your phone will be well protected from getting broken due to any impact.

Even though your phone will be tucked away in a backpack pocket you will still be able to hear it ring if someone needs to get in touch with you. If you are in an emergency then you can easily find your phone in one of the outer pockets and then quickly call someone to help you.

When choosing a backpack that you will use to also carry your phone be sure to selection one that has zippered pockets. Zippered pockets are the most secure so your phone does not slip out while you are riding over rough terrain.

A mountain bike backpack you may consider for your mountain biking needs as well as for holding your phone is the Camelbak MULE. It can hold 100 oz. of liquid and it has a special secure phone pocket. The pocket was made especially for carrying a phone safely.

The zipper of the pocket is made of metal so it is very secure and your phone will not slip out. It is easy to open and close the pocket because the zipper do not have a metal tab to grab. It has a thick strong nylon string you grab in order to open and close it securely.

3. Mount and Carry Your Phone on Your Handlebars

A simple way to bring your phone with you as you mountain bike is to put a phone mount on your handlebars. Then you can easily and quickly attach your smartphone to the mount. This enables you to use your phone while you are mountain biking.

You can speak to someone while you are riding, just make sure you are paying attention and not riding too fast. You can follow and track your riding stats in real time. This will keep you on target and help to challenge yourself.

If you are not sure where you are going you can use it for directions so you can find your way. You can use it to take video and pictures of the surrounding area and of yourself. Plus you can listen to music as you ride on the trails.

Mounting your phone on to your handlebars makes using it very easy but there are some drawbacks. If you get into a crash there is a high probability that your phone will be broken because there is not protection for the phone. It is right out in the open.

It would be best that you only do cross country mountain biking so you are on a more smooth surface. Riding on technical trails with all the bumps and drop offs could really shake up your phone. For technical trails it would be better to bring your phone in a backpack.

When choosing a phone mount for your mountain bike you want to make sure it is very stable and anti shake. I find that the Andobil phone mount works very well. It is very secure and stable, plus it does not shake. It really locks onto your handlebars and allows your phone to swivel 360 degrees.

4. Armband Holder

Even though it is not very common for mountain bikers to do this you can carry your phone in an armband holder which is attached to your upper arm or forearm. This is something many runners do so they can have easy access to their smartphone.

Mountain bikers can do this to so their smartphone is right there whenever they need it. Armband holders come in different sizes so no matter the size of your arm there is a size that will fit you. Armband holders can be used by men, women, and teenagers. Some are even sweat resistant.

While you are mountain biking you can carry your phone in the armband holder on your right arm and then use your left hand to use your phone. Or you can stop riding and do the same thing, plus you can take phone out of the mount and use the phone normally.

Those two methods explained above are not too difficult but some riders may find it to be a bit frustrating. With most armband holders you need to remove your phone casing in order to put it in the armband holder.

If you want to hear the other person you are talking to more clearly you can try using Bluetooth wireless earbuds when your phone is in the armband holder. This is a much more convenient way of listening to the person you are talking to.

When choosing an armband holder to bring your phone in make sure the armband fits you properly and it is made of a sturdy material. The straps should be strong and also comfortable. You also want to be able to view your phone’s touchscreen while it is in the armband holder.

The Tribe armband holder works very well. It adjusts for 3 sizes small, medium, and large arms. Arm sizes from 9 inches to 17 inches will fit. Plus the holder comes in 3 sizes small, medium, and large so it fits all smartphones up to 6.5 inches.

5. Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts Pockets

An easy and quick way to take your phone along with you when you go mountain biking is by putting your phone into one of your baggy mtb shorts pockets. You can get to your phone pretty fast by just unzipping the pocket and taking it out to use.

Most baggy mtb shorts have 6 pockets for you to use. There is a pocket on the left and right thigh and on the left and right side. Putting your phone in one of those pockets is a great idea. Those pockets are out of the way so it does not impede your ability to pedal fast.

Your comfort will remain intacted as your smartphone will lie flat against your thigh or flat along the side of your leg. Once you start pedaling you won’t even notice that you are carrying your phone with you. You won’t be distracted as you ride the trails.

Baggy mtb shorts are made of strong material and are durable. Your phone will be protected from poor weather conditions. The pockets usually have enough space if you wanted to put your phone in a case for extra protection and then put it in the pocket.

When choosing mountain bike baggy shorts be sure that the pockets have zippers. Zippered pockets are more secure and safe for bringing your phone on the trails. You won’t need to worry about your phone slipping out. Unless you forget to zip up the pocket.

Also be sure to choose shorts that are made from thick strong material so that your smartphone has some protection in case of a fall or a crash. If you don’t have a phone case you can wrap your phone in bubble wrap and seal it closed using some duck tape.

Shorts that work well for this situation are Cycorld long mtb baggy shorts. They are loose fitting and have zippered pockets for you to use. The fabric is elastic yet durable. It is made of sweat wicking material and it is quick to dry.

6. Saddle Bag

A saddle bag is a good way to carry your phone with you because it is well protected. A saddle bag is located underneath your seat. This location is very good at protecting your phone even if you get into a crash.

Saddle bags are usually used for carrying repair supplies for your mountain bike. But your phone can easily fit in there as well if you pack it correctly. Be sure to pack the heaviest items first so they sit closest to the seat post.

The only negative is your smartphone will not be so easy to get to. Make sure you stop riding first and then open the saddle bag to get your smartphone. Other than that your phone will be very safe and secure in a saddle bag.

A saddle bag that works well is the RockBros mountain bike saddle bag. This bag is waterproof and has a secure zipper to ensure nothing falls out. It is made with a 3D shell and has a wave cushion which gives it inside shock resistant protection if the bag were to ever fall.

7. Frame Bag

Another secure bag to use for carrying your smartphone is a frame bag. A frame bag is located between the top tube, the seat tube, and the down tube. Together this creates a triangular space where a bag can be mounted safely and securely.

This type of bag is used to carry heavier items on your mountain bike. Your bike will handle all of the weight, you won’t feel any weight. The location of the frame bag is ideal for lowering the mountain bikes center of gravity which makes your ride more stable.

One disadvantage of this kind of bag is that in order to get to your smartphone you have to stop riding and get off your bike. But this is not such a big deal as you probably won’t use your phone too often unless you use it for tracking yourself. In that case use a phone mount instead.

The NDakter frame bag works well for mountain biking and carrying your smartphone. This bag is made of water resistant fabric in order to keep your phone dry and safe. Zippers seal the bag securely and tightly so nothing falls out. The bag is large enough and narrow enough to hold many items and not rub against your thighs while pedaling.

8. Top Tube Bag

The last type of bag you can use to bring your phone in is the top tube mountain bike bag. This bag sits on top of the top tube of your bike. It is fixed in place on the top tube using 2 to 3 velcro straps. This keeps the bag from swaying left or right.

You can easily get to your smartphone using this bag by unzipping the top of the bag as you are riding. The bag is right there in front of you between your legs on the top tube of your mountain bike. Just reach down with your left or right hand to get it.

The location of this bag is very safe and secure for your phone. Your legs will not hit the bag and if the bike falls over on either side the bag will not hit the ground. This is because the bag is narrower than the drivetrain and pedals, so that is what will touch the ground, not the bag.

RockBros makes a front frame top tube bag that works very well for bringing your phone on the trails. There is lots of space for many items including your smartphone. The bag is lightweight and easy to install. The fabric is non slip and resistant to wear and tear.

9. Mountain Bike Fanny Pack

I was surprised to discover that there is a fanny pack made just for mountain biking. It is a bit larger than a traditional fanny pack and is an excellent way to carry your smartphone. You can wear the pack on the side of your waist or you can position it to sit at your lower back area.

Because it is a little larger than a traditional fanny pack don’t wear this mtb pack in the front of your waist. That would be uncomfortable for you when riding. The pack offers a lot of storage space so your smartphone will fit in very easily.

If you wear the fanny pack towards the side of your waist you can probably get to your phone without needing to stop riding. Just use your left or right hand to open up the zipper and take out your phone.

The PRSTN mountain bike fanny pack performs very well. It is lightweight and made from 210 denier nylon material which is durable. There is a bottle holder as part of the pack so you can stay hydrated. Plus there is a mesh liner to keep your back cool. Your phone will be safe and secure inside this fanny pack.

I hope this report has helped you to decide which way of carrying your phone while mountain biking is best for your needs.