mountain bike 10 year old boy

Best Mountain Bike For 10 Year Old Boy


mountain bike 10 year old boyThe best mountain bike for a 10 year old boy is the Guardian Original. Read below for more information about it. Plus we have chosen four other mountain bikes which are great for ten year old boys.

Guardian Original Boys Mountain Bike

guardian original 10 year old boys mtb

The Guardian Original was especially designed to surpass the general safety standards. This is the main reason we chose it as our best pick for 10 year old boys.

Guardian even uses a 34 point safety check. This safety check is not a check that is done after the bike has been built. The safety check is done as a part of the manufacturing process. This really ensures more than other mountain bikes that safety and quality are found regularly in each and every bike that they produce.

This bike will come delivered to your home 99% put together and tuned up. Other mountain bikes for boys are usually 85% assembled and you most likely need to tune up the bike a bit.

Unpacking the bike has been made hassle free. You don’t need to remove lots of cardboard, foam, or zip ties. Guardian uses custom made inner cartons which protect the bike during the shipping process.

This allows you to unpack the bike without this becoming a big mess. Plus you can also the bicycle easily just in case you might need to return it.


This mountain bike comes in three sizes 16, 20, and 24 inches. Generally a 10 year old boy will need to ride a 24 inch bike. This bike fits boys who are 4 foot 2 inches to 5 feet 1 inch.

24 inches may seem like a lot to handle for a 10 year old boy but the Guardian Original is also lightweight. It weighs only 23.5 pounds. This lightweight bike will enable better control which also enhances safety.

The reason this bike is not heavy is because the frame is hand welded from aircraft grade aluminum. The same aluminum used for aircraft which flies in the air is used for this bicycle.

This enables the bike to be very light and safe. Many other boys bikes can be up to 10 pounds heavier. Many 10 year old boys can pick up the Guardian Original themselves.

To help boys have better balance on the bike and to stop tipping over and falling the Guardian Original has been designed to have a low center of gravity. This improves balance on the bicycle.

Getting on and off the bike is easier because the step in height has been made lower. This also helps riders get a strong push off when they are starting to ride.

Most bike brands usually design their mountain bike so that the weight is distributed toward the back. But the seat post and the saddle, the top and bottom tubes are designed so that when you are riding, the center of gravity is between the two wheels.

The front of the bike to the center of gravity and the rear to the center of gravity are pretty equal giving superior balance.

Braking System

When riding, boys only need to focus on one brake lever in order to stop. The Guardian Original’s one brake lever enables both the rear and front brakes. The rear brake activates first and then the front brake. This prevents riders from flying over the handlebars because the front brake was squeezed too much.

This brake system is patented. The bike will stop as one unit instead of the front only stopping. Stopping the bike as one unit keeps the bike more grounded and enables better traction from the wheels because the weight distribution while stopping is evenly placed between the front and the rear.


The Guardian Original has 7 speeds to choose from. The gears are Shimano which ensure high quality shifting. Instead of a lever to shift gears this bike uses grip shift components. All you need to do is shift your grip forward or backward in order to shift into higher or lower gears. Seven speeds gives 10 year olds plenty of range so they can go on all types of hills.

What do 10 year old boys love about this bike.

After some research I have found that ten year old boys who own this bike love the fact that the bike is very lightweight. It helps them to handle the bike better. This helps to increase their confidence.

Boys love that the bike looks cool. This bike was designed by boys for boys. The decal patterns were chosen by boys from a nearby primary school. Boys love that the gears are easy to shift, and it is simple and safe to brake and stop the bike.

Other boys love that they can stop fast without the fear of flying over the handle bars. The bike is also easy to understand how to ride because there is only one lever for braking.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

roadmaster granite 24 inch mtb

The Roadmaster Granite Peak is a tough boys bike. It is tough because the frame is made of steel.

Steel will be able to take a beating which 10 year old energetic boys will give to it. Having a steel frame will prevent your mountain bike from getting damaged over time. Steel is more durable than aluminum and carbon, plus they are less expensive.

Other advantages of steel are that it can handle stress fractures better than other frame materials. Steel is rust resistant so even though you may ride it in the rain, snow, or muddy conditions your bike will still look great.

Steel is also pretty scratch proof. Riders have taken this bike out on dirt and gravel trails. After many hours of riding they did not find any scratches on the Roadmaster Granite Peak. This is because steel is a hard metal.


Mountain bikes can take a beating when going over rocks, roots, branches, and road curbs. The Roadmaster has a front suspension fork to give riders a smoother ride. Bumps and drop offs will be absorbed by the front suspension.

Plus, suspension will keep you moving forward, keeping your momentum going forward as you go over small obstacles instead of being stopped by them.


The tires on this bike are 24 inches which is generally the right size for a ten year old boy. This size allows boys to get good acceleration from the bike while maintaining good control of the bike.

These tires are particularly good at having great grip and traction because they have knobby tire treads. Pavement, dirt roads and trails will stick to the knobby tires. This added traction provides enhanced durability and stability.


The Roadmaster Granite provides riders with 18 speeds. This may seem like more than enough for 10 year old boys to use. This will be good practice for the future when he rides on more advanced trails.

18 speeds will offer great gear accuracy when choosing a speed for a particular incline or decline. Riding uphill will not be so difficult when you are in the right gear. Getting to those gears is easy using the SRAM drive twist shifters.

The derailleur is a Shimano and ensures quality and accuracy. You won’t need to worry about skipping gears or the chain getting stuck.


This mountain bike is equipped with front and rear linear pull brakes for fast accurate stopping. Front and rear pull brakes allow the rider to stop evenly without putting too much stopping power toward the front or the back. This bike can gradually come to a stop evenly.

Why 10 year old boys love this bike.

Many boys like this bike because it is a good beginner bike and they had an easy time adjusting to the bicycle after riding their last bike and making the transition to this new bicycle.

Some 10 year olds said the bike is tough. This is because they took it to the pump track at the park. They found that while on the track it was easy to shift and it was easy to handle. The bike is also big enough that there is room for boys to grow and the bike won’t become to small.

The frame is made of steel so it is a little heavy. But it is still lighter than a full suspension bike. Parents don’t mind this because the extra weight of the bike will help boys get stronger and develop their muscle coordination.

A few other things boys liked who rode this bike are that the derailleurs shift easily. Riding a bike as a kid is no fun if the gears keep getting stuck.

Also, the bike has a quick release seatpost which is neat for boys riding a mountain bike. Parents like that the bike can be easily transported using a Thule bike rack.


The only few negatives I found for the Roadmaster Granite were that the saddle becomes uncomfortable if you ride for a long period of time. Also, sometimes the brakes need to be adjusted. This is not too difficult and they should be adjusted periodically anyway.

Mongoose Ledge 2.1

mongoose ledge 2.1

The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 is a mountain bike for 10 year old boys who like to go up and down hills.

If you have a ten year old son, then he will probably need some help climbing uphill. The Mongoose Ledge 2.1 has 21 speeds to choose from depending on how steep of an incline the hill is.

Therefore all the rider needs to do is experiment first with different gears to determine which gear allows for the most efficient power climb up the hill.

The rear derailleur is made by Shimano which ensures that shifting gears will be accurate. Shifting can be done by going up and down the chainring. No need to be concerned with the chain skipping or getting stuck.

Plus actually changing gears is very simple. Just turn the twist shifters forward or backward. There is no need to squeeze any levers on your handlebars.

For braking power the Mongoose Ledge 2.1 is equipped with alloy linear pull disc brakes. These brakes will give you reliable stopping power for your son.

The brakes are for the front and the back, and by squeezing the brake lever the bike will come to a gradual stop. Any quick or sudden stops will be handled by the dic brakes without any jerking or jarring movements which prevent riders from going over their handlebars.


The tires on this bicycle are 24 inch in size. This is a good size for boys who are 4 to 5 feet tall. The tires are not heavy as they go around rims which are made of alloy. Alloy rims are tough but also lightweight.

These tires can handle going over roots, rocks, and branches without getting a flat or bending the rims. They also provide good grip and traction on dirt trails, gravel, grass, sand, and pavement.


Both front and the back of this mountain bike have shock absorbers to cushion your ride. This helps riders go over all types of bumps with ease.

Along with going over bumps suspension is crucial if riders are going to go over drop offs and small jumps.

The front fork suspension will take a lot of impact away from your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. This will improve bike handling when going over rough terrain.


The frame of the Mongoose Ledge is made of steel. Steel is very sturdy and does not scratch very easily because it is a hard metal.

Steel makes the frame a bit heavier when compared to aluminum and carbon. But 10 year old boys will get stronger by riding a bike that is a little heavy.

Parents are happy to know their boy will become stronger as they use this bicycle. Plus their bike handling skills will increase and they will learn how to control and shift their body weight when going around turns and corners.

Steel can handle strong impacts from tough trails, and remain flexible enough not to crack. You won’t need to avoid riding it in bad weather because steel does not rust.

What do 10 year old boys say.

Of most importance to ten year old boys is how the bike fits. These boys are happy that this bike does fit them very well.

The boys like that they can be tough on the bike. The durability is good and the gears are easy to learn how to switch to the gear that they need.

They like that this bike can easily be ridden on grass, mountain trails, everywhere pretty much.

Some boys explained that they like the bike because it is cool looking. Plus it is easy for them to ride it in their town as well as to a nearby farm.


Some advantages to using this bicycle are it is sturdy and not too heavy. The front shocks work well and there is a wide range of gears to choose from. There is a first release seat adjustment lever, and it comes with a kickstand.


Some disadvantages are the wheels are not quick release and there were some issues of having broken pedals. Finally sometimes the derailleur would not adjust properly all the time.

Mongoose Logan Fat Tire Bike

mongoose logan boys 24 inch mtn

The Mongoose Logan fat bike is for boys who want to ride over anything and everything. This bike has 24 inch fat tires. They are designed to ride easily over all types of trails and terrain.

These types of terrain include roots, rocks, and branches. Plus mud, gravel, and tall grass. The fat tires of the Mongoose Logan increase stability and traction over these types of terrain.

This can be accomplished because the tires are 4 inches wide. This is just about double the width of regular mountain bike tires. Also the tires have knobby treads on them, further improving their traction especially when rolling over mud, loose dirt, snow, and wet grass.

These tires are not only wide but they are also tall. This will improve suspension and bike handling.

Inside these tires are drilled alloy rims. They are lightweight and strong. This increases durability without making the bike heavier. The rim will not bend or become dented because of hard impacts.


The frame of the Logan fat bike is made of steel. Steel frames are strong and durable. The frame is 13 inches and the entire bike weighs 35 pounds.

This steel frame will fit boys that are 4 to 5 feet tall. Because steel is heavier than aluminum and carbon it will be more stable when riding over rough terrain.


This fat bike has 7 speeds from which to choose from. A large range of gears is not needed because fat bikes are not made for speed or for going up various inclines.

Fat bikes are for rough terrain. Riders don’t need the gear range in order to go fast. They only need a small change in gear to get more power when pedaling over rocks, roots, leaves, grass, and small obstacles.

The derailleur which handles the shifting is a Shimano. Shimano derailleurs ensure smooth, easy, accurate shifting. They are also reliable which is especially important in bad weather conditions such as snow and rain.


Front and rear mechanical disc brakes will give boys the stopping power they need to stop quickly and safely.

Disc brakes allow riders to gradually stop after going very fast. Plus quick stops can be done before entering a bumpy trail or when coming across small obstacles unexpectedly.


Most owners found the assembly of this bike to be fairly easy. All the parts are clearly labeled and the instructions for putting it together are written well. The sub-assemblies were packaged well.

Lots of owners were happy and relieved that the entire back half of the bicycle including the rear wheel and derailleur were already assembled.

All that is needed to be installed is the front wheel, front fork, and handlebars. Then just adjust the brakes. Most people found this to all go smoothly.

Some thought the brakes were a little difficult to adjust. Others thought assembly was not so easy. They thought the product page should of explained what tools are needed to put the bicycle together. The necessary tools are described in the user manual. All the tools are standard.

What do 10 year olds like.

Boys who rode this bike think the bike is cool. They can handle and maneuver the fat mountain bike no problem. It is not too heavy for them.
Many boys like that they can ride this bike through the snow. This was not possible for kids that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s.

The only thing kids did not like was that the graphics on the bike were only low quality stickers. They peel off after a short amount of time.

What do parents think.

Parents were mostly concerned that this bike might be too heavy for their son to handle. This turned out to not be an issue. Mom and Dad also think the bike looks cool when their son rides it.

They are especially happy at seeing how happy their son is riding it.

Great as a gift.

Many people who bought this bike, bought it as a gift for their son. They bought it for their son’s birthday or for Christmas. This birthday gift and Christmas present is very popular. Son’s could not wait to open their gift and start riding it.

Dynacraft Krusher

dynacraft crusher 20 inch mtb

The Dynacraft Krusher is a great mountain bike for 10 year old boys who are not as tall. We chose this bicycle because it has 20 inch tires. The bikes picked on this page so far have all had 24 inch tires, so I think a good 20 inch bike would be great to include as well.

Your son will love riding around on different types of terrain. Dirt trails, gravel, grass, singletrack, and mud are not a problem. These tires are fat tires so rough terrain is easy along with snowy, and rainy conditions.

Fat tires also have extra traction and gripping power. Rocks, roots, and branches are no match for the traction power of Krusher fat tires.


The frame is made of high quality deluxe steel. It is a BMX frame which is sturdy and flexible in order to absorb severe shocks and bumps. The frame has a nice design including yellow, green, black, and red graphics.


This bike has no gears to choose from when going uphill. So this bike does not have additional chainrings or a derailleur. This will make the bike more lightweight. When it does come time to go uphill boys can just stand up on the pedals to get more posts.

Boys like to stand up on their pedals regardless of whether or not their bike has gears. They will develop better bike handling control and balance with practice.


The type of brake this bike has is the old fashioned, but goodie coaster brake. The coaster brake is for the rear wheel.

When your son wants to stop or slow down he should stop pedaling forward and start coasting. Then pedal backwards in order to stop. Pedal backwards to stop faster and pedal backwards slower with less pressure to stop more slowly and gradually.

Coaster brakes are very reliable no matter how fast the rider is going. They are also dependable in all types of weather.


The saddle of this mountain bike also known as the seat is padded and comfortable. This is unusual because most seats that come with the bike are hard and not so comfortable.

Many bike owners usually switch out the seat for their own customized saddle. But you won’t need to do this because this seat is still comfortable even after a long ride.


Overall, owners found the Dynacraft Krusher bike to be pretty simple to put together. One person had some trouble getting the front wheel on because the front forks were too close together. They were able to bend them out enough and put the front wheel on.

A mom was able to put the bicycle together pretty easily. She only needed one tool. The back tire was a little out of alignment and rubbed against the chain a bit. This was easily fixed using a hammer.

What do 10 year old boys think of this mountain bike.

Lots of boys like the large tires, they think they are very cool. They have a good time racing around on the bike. Boys who don’t have this bicycle in the neighborhood are jealous.

Other boys like that the bike is rugged and durable. The bicycle rides fast and is easy to balance.

Again and again boys like the fat tires. They think it is flashy and they like the white letters on the tires a lot. It rides smoothly and is easy to maneuver. Boys who own this bike get lots of compliments.


Parents and grandparents bought the Dynacraft Krusher as a gift. They like that the bike does not have gears and does not have handle bar brakes. They also thought the bike is great and good value for the money.


I did not find any real negatives for this bike. Other than the few issues only a few people had when putting the bike together.