mountain bike under 400

10 Best Mountain Bikes For Under 400

mountain bikes under 400

Our pick for the best mountain bike for under 400 dollars is the Merax Falcon. You can find out more below as well as our other top choices for the top mountain bikes.

The Merax Falcon is our number one best mountain bike for under 400 dollars.

meraz 26 inch mtb

Riders said that the assembly was pretty easy. The bike rides very well. You can remove the front tire which allows you to fit the bike in the trunk of your car or SUV. There are bolts on the frame if you want to add a water bottle holder.

Some riders suggest that it might be a good idea to have a bike shop put together the bike. Also it is good to have it tuned up by a bike shop as well, to get the most benefit out of it. This is inexpensive.

The Merax Falcon is a cool looking mountain bike and riders generally get positive comments about its design. Even after an all day long ride, this bike still performs well. Plus the gears still shift smoothly and accurately.

This bicycle is made using a strong aluminum frame. Aluminum is sturdy yet lightweight. So you’ll be able to handle any severe terrain that comes your way.

The Merax Falcon has 26 inch magnesium alloy wheels which are lightweight so you can accelerate easily while still being able to maintain great traction. These wheels can handle all types of bumps, and drop offs.

When you want to start pedaling uphill or downhill you’ll have 21 speeds to choose from. This bike uses Shimano 21 speed shifters which are accurate and easy to shift. The chain also stays securely on the chainrings. No slipping or sticking.

Once you start going fast you will need maximum stopping power. This bike uses linear pull brakes. They have great stopping power because of its leverage. The cables, brake pads, and levers are all compatible with the various brands. This makes it very inexpensive and easy to replace when needed.

You will be fully prepared to ride to ride on rough terrain because the Merax Falcon has both front and rear suspension. With 80mm of travel you’ll be able to absorb any tough bumps along the way. Your wheels will have consistent contact with the ground for maximum traction. This will help you when going around hard corners or slippery trails.

For superior handling the Merax Falcon has handle bars which have high grade rubber grips. The saddle is designed by outlining the natural shape of the body. To start riding you only need to put on the pedals, front wheel, handlebars, and fill up the tires with air.

2. Vilano Ridge

vilano 26 inch mountain bike

A rider once told me the best mountain bike is one that will get you to ride it and is affordable. I think this describes the Vilano mountain bicycle very well.

It is priced under 400 dollars and attracts many riders. One rider explained he took the Vilano out for a 12 mile ride on the trails. Everything worked great such as the shifting, the braking, and the suspension. He rode on all types of terrain.

In the beginning you might find that there is a little rubbing sound coming from the disc brakes. That is only because they are mechanical and the cables need to stretch out a little in order to accommodate new braking.

Many riders I asked said the price range of this mountain bike is great. It won’t break the bank and gives you good quality.

The frame of the Vilano is made of 6061 double butted aluminum alloy. Aluminum is light and sturdy. It will be next to impossible to crack this frame unless you ride it off a cliff.

The wheels are magnesium alloy. These wheels are lightweight but still heavy enough to give you good traction on the trails. Bike handling is easy with these wheels.

The tires are 26 inches which is good for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced riders. The tires are thin enough for good acceleration and speed, plus wide enough to give you maximum traction when going around corners.

The Vilano is equipped with a Shimano 21 speed drivetrain. Included in this is a Shimano EF-51 Easyfire 7 speed shifter in the front. Plus there is a Shimano Tourney TZ50 derailleur and a rear Shimano TZ30 derailleur.

You’ll be able to speed up and slow down just by shifting gears. Shifting is quick, easy, and accurate. Its KMC c50 bicycle chain will not fall off or snap. The chain offers the right amount of tension and flexibility for powerful starts and stops.

When you need to stop its mechanical disc brakes give you strong stopping power. They are easy to maintain and replace if needed. You don’t need to mess around with bleeding your brakes.

The Vilano Ridge 2.0 is very energy efficient. It has a front suspension fork which you can lockout. This means when you are on a flat surface or you want to go fast you won’t bounce around on the bike because of the suspension. All your accelerating power will be focused on going forward. Save the suspension for the bumps.

3. Schwinn Traxion

schwinn traxion mtb

Many riders I have spoken to say the Schwinn Traxion is a great value for the price which it is currently at.

Riders are able to assemble this bike quite easily. Many of them did replace the seat with a TONBUX seat. The seat the bicycle came with is too thin and too hard.

Once the seat was replaced the bike rode very well, and was very comfortable. It is able to handle rough dirt and rocky, bumpy mountain trails.

Riders were especially happy with its 29 inch tires. They make going over rocks, roots, and bumps much easier and smoother. Shifting up and down is easy and quick.

Other riders have explained the bike is easy to put together and even the rear derailleur is easy to set up.

The Schwinn Traxion is made of an aluminum frame. The frame absorbs shocks very well when riding on rough terrain. The frame is durable yet lightweight. The frame has a cool design and a neon look. No matter the type of terrain, you will have a safe feeling and your mind will be worry free.

Traction and tire grip are very important on the trail. This bike has 29 inch wheels. The rims are extra wide double wall alloy rims. These alloy rims although extra double wall are light, as well as strong and durable.

Both 29 inch tires have knobs on them for extra grip and traction. Plus the tires are 2.25 inches wide which improves gripping power going around corners and stability.

For maximum speed this mountain bike has Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters, 24 speed, plus front and back Shimano derailleurs. This makes shifting gears fast and easy. You won’t have to worry about your chain slipping or breaking off.

For stopping power at this price you have mechanical disc brakes. If they were hydraulic then the price could not be so affordable.
Mechanical disc brakes give you accurate stopping power. You can gradually modulate how fast or slow you stop depending on the situation on the trails.

The Schwinn Traxion has strong alloy cranks which the pedals attach to for powerful pedaling. These cranks will keep your feet stable and balanced.

The handlebars are comfortable and have a good grip. They enhance bike handling and accuracy.

4. Eurobike EURX1

eurobike eurx1

After speaking with a couple of riders I have determined that the Eurobike EURX1 is a great bike for beginners and intermediate riders. It is light and fast. But it is not as lightweight as a more advanced mountain bike making the price lower and less than 400.

Riders were able to put the bicycle together in around 20 minutes using the tools which came with the bike. Fortunately the derailleurs were already adjusted.

The Shimano shifter system for the front and the rear got high comments by many riders. As well as did the front and back disc brakes. There was no jerking movements when stopping.

This bike is very sturdy. It is made with a high tensile fully TIG-welded steel frame. If you are going to hit severe bumps then this is the bike to do it with.

Even though the frame is made of steel the frame design is aerodynamic. This helps to maximize your speed whether you are standing or sitting.

This frame is 17 inches so it will be especially comfortable for riders who are less than 6 feet tall.

The wheels are both 27.5 inches. They are built with double wall aluminum fashion rims. This helps to improve durability and comfort.
The tires have good tread for maximum traction and control on the trails. The rims will keep your bodyweight centered and grounded to move forward on the bicycle efficiently.

You have 21 speeds to choose from in order to dial into the right gear for maximum acceleration. The shifters are Shimano EF-500 3×7 speed. Shifting up and down the chainring is fast and easy.

The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ30 and the rear is a Shimano TZ50. So the chain will not slip, skip, or snap.

If you like going down steep trails then you will have the right amount of stopping power at your fingertips. The Eurobike EURX1 is equipped with a dual disc brake design. Any sudden braking or emergency stops is no problem for this mountain bike.

The saddle of this bike is a standard seat so you may want to switch to a more customized seat. This bicycle has a steel frame so it is heavier which is why it is good that it comes with a kickstand.

When this bike arrives at your door it will be 85% assembled. You only need to put on the front wheel, pedals, handlebar, seat, and pump up the tires.

5. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

mongoose dolomite under 400

For those of you that like to ride in tall grass, snow, mud, and slush the Mongoose Dolomite fat bike is for you.

You would think that because this mountain bike is bigger, heavier, and has fatter tires that it would be more expensive. But it also can be bought for under 400 dollars.

I spoke to a number of riders about this fat bike and they loved it. The Mongoose Dolomite is very popular because it surprises so many people after they take it out for their first ride.

Many mountain bikers agree that this bicycle is the perfect bike to upgrade to if you want to begin riding during the winter and on more rough messy terrain.

Riders found that this fat bike’s frame, wheels, tubes, tires, and saddle were able to handle regular riding on rocky trails and steep muddy, gravel, fire roads and trails.

Owners found this bicycle easy to assemble as long as you follow the instructions. If you want attention, then that is what you will get with this fat bike. It is a conversation starter.

The frame of the Mongoose Dolomite is steel. Steel is sturdy and yet flexible enough to handle and absorb the bumps along the trail.

The wheels are 26 inch fat tires. Fat tires give you great support and traction. The tires are 4 inches wide giving you more contact with the ground. Plus these tires have knobs on them for super traction. You’ll be able to plow through snow, slush, and mud with ease.

The rear derailleur is a Shimano and has 7 speeds. This makes going uphill much easier and you can remain seated as you climb up steep hills. While going uphill you can easily shift using its twist shifters. Changing gears is smooth and simple.

When you are ready to stop, just squeeze on the brake lever to use the front and rear mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes will slow you down with maximum stopping power, and allow you to modulate the brake power as needed.

This bike will be delivered mostly assembled. You only need to install the handlebars and the front wheel. It is sized to fit adult riders that are 5 feet 6 inches tall up to 6 feet tall.

6. Akonza Cobra

akonza cobra 26 inch mountain bike

Akonza Cobra riders have used this mountain bike on steep, muddy hills. They find the bike to be sturdy and comfortable. The gears shifted for them smoothly and the brakes worked well.

The Cobra is pretty easy to put together. Just install the front tire, the handlebars, and the pedals. Plus fill up both tires and you are good to go. One rider described assembly as easy but tedious. I guess it just depends on the person.

The tires on this bicycle are 26 inches. They have built-in carved grip treads to give you extra traction on dirt trails. You can ride over loose dirt, rocks, gravel, and mud and still maintain control and have good handling.

No matter the type of trail, you’ll be fully supported with both front and back suspension. Each bump and impact that you hit will be absorbed by the shocks.

When going uphill or downhill you’ll be able to choose from 21 speeds. On flat trails you can shift accurately to the best speed for maximum acceleration.

The gearing is Shimano derailleurs and shifters. They include micro shifters that make shifting very quick when you need to shift at a moments notice.

The Akonza Cobra is among the most ergonomic bikes you can get. It is designed to match very well with the riders body shape. It is very comfortable to ride.

This bike comes in 3 colors which are green, white, and red. When you choose the color you like this will give you a more personal feeling toward the bike you choose. Each color has its own different and unique design as well.

This bicycle was designed to be especially comfortable. The handlebars rubber is textured in order to give you a better grip. You won’t need to be concerned with your hands slipping off. The seat is cushioned for support as well so your butt won’t hurt after a full day of riding.

When you need to transport your bike to a cool farther away trail you want to ride on, just take off the front wheel using the quick release lever. This makes taking this bike in the trunk very easy. Putting the front wheel on or off is fast and simple.

If you need to stand up on the bike for more pedaling power and speed its heavy duty pedals will support your weight and keep you stable.

7. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

xspec 26 inch folding mtb

If you are looking for a bike that is easy to store and transport with you then the Xspec folding mtb may be for you.

Riders of this bike explained that it did not take very long to put this bike together. While riding this mountain bike the tires made some noise on gravel but not too much on the pavement. When riding on the grass and on dirt trails the wheels were silent.

The gears were easy for the riders to use and shift. I came across a 60 year old who said she put the folding bike together in about an hour all by herself.

The main issue for riders was the Xspec needs a lot of adjusting. The brakes caliper and gear converter need to be adjusted. This is fairly easy if you have the tools and you know what you are doing.

Some riders suggested that riders should bring their own tools with them because the handlebar gear converter needs adjusting very often. They still kept the bike because it folds nice and rides very smoothly.

The Xspec folding mountain bike is designed with high tensile steel folding frame. It is durable enough to handle rough terrain and you can fold the frame easily and quickly.

This bike has 26 inch full size tires. These tires are thick and high grade which increase the performance of the bike. With each rotation you get more traction. These heavy duty tires also provide more stability.

To help these tires go over bumps, rocks, roots, and drop offs is its front and rear suspension shocks. Any obstacles on the trail will be absorbed by the suspension making the ride more comfortable.

The Xspec gives you 21 choices of speeds to shift into. So whether you are on an incline, decline, flat surface or on a corner, you’ll be able to choose the right gear.

Once you start going you will have no problem stopping when you need to. The Xspec folding bike is equipped with a mechanical disc braking system.

Disc brakes are much better than using a caliper, cantilever brake system. Disc brakes can handle fast stops and different types of terrain. Plus they won’t let you down even when the conditions become wet, muddy, or snowy.

You will most likely want to change the seat of this bike to a more comfortable one. The majority of riders usually have a particular seat they like no matter which mountain bike they ride.

8. Schwinn Protocol 1.0

schwinn protocol 1.0

Owners of the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 found this bike easy to install right out of the box. After putting the bike together riders said the bike rode great except the seat was not so comfortable. Plus there is already a kickstand attached to the bike so you won’t need to lay it down on the ground or up against a tree.

Riders which went on bumpy roads were happy with the suspension. When riding on muddy trails or roads the Schwinn Protocol’s tires saved them because of the extra grip that they provide.

This bike is capable of fitting larger riders. One rider who is 6 foot 1 inch and 225 pounds explained that this bike fit him well after only a few adjustments to the seat and handlebars.

The frame of this bike is made of aluminum and is supported by a steel rear triangle. The frame is resistant to rust and can handle heavier riders. Aluminum is strong but can also give you a smooth ride by absorbing impacts.

The Protocol 1.0 has 26 inch tires which are knobby for extra grip. The extra grip allows you to tackle tougher terrain and sharper curves. The rims are double-walled alloy rims with with black bladed spokes. They are strong and light. You won’t need to worry about slipping or skidding.

This bike offers riders 24 speeds with their Shimano EZ-Fire shifters and Shimano Altus rear derailleur. These gears will help you to climb all kinds of inclines and allow you to down shift when needed without using your brakes.

When it comes time to stop you will have the stopping power you need. It is equipped with Promax front disc brakes and rear alloy linear pull brakes.

You will experience quick, accurate, and smooth shifting. The rear derailleur by Shimano guarantees gradual power and precise control for all types of terrain.

For rough terrain this bike has a dual suspension system. In the front there is a SR Suntour suspension fork. Below the seat is another one. Rocks, roots, and small branches will be absorbed right up into the shocks making your ride much smoother.

The Schwinn Protocol is good for beginner and intermediate bikers. It is lightweight and has a stable durable frame. It handles well and is designed to be a men’s bike.

9. Kingtuu EURG6

kingtuu folding 26 inch mtb

Riders of the Kingttu EURG6 bike love the disc brakes and the good control they have of their riding. Plus they like the fact it folds up. You don’t need to use a bike rack on your car or vehicle.

Other aspects I found riders happy with were the brakes, suspension, steering, and shifting. Many riders liked that the tires were a cross between on and off road riding.

This mountain bike looks more expensive than it is even though it is under 400 dollars. You will get some people checking out your bike if you have a Kingttu EURG6. Especially because of its expensive looking rims. The rims have a wind turbine look to them, making them appear to be very advanced.

A few riders did not like that they had to make adjustments to just about everything. For example the brakes had a small amount of rubbing when the brakes were not braking. Plus the derailleur needed adjusting so the gears would shift more easily.

This bike is made of aluminum which is lightweight and not very heavy. In total this bike weighs 42 pounds, which is actually above average for mountain bike weight.

The wheels on this bike are both 26 inches. The best height fit for this bike is for people between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 8 inches. The rims are 3 spoke fashion rims and they are light and easy to maneuver, even though they are made with magnesium alloy.

Working together with the tires is the Kingttu dual suspension system. The shocks on the front and back will make certain your ride stays smooth and under control. Riding over rocks, roots, and drop offs will be no problem.

Choosing the right gear is very important for maximum speed and acceleration. You have 21 speeds to choose from. At your command you will be using the Shimano TZ30 front derailleur and the Shimano TZ50 rear derailleur. Shifting gears will be problem free, smooth, and accurate.

This bike uses mechanical aluminum disc brakes. The disc is 160mm. No matter what speed you are riding at, you will be able to come to a safe stop.

When the EURG6 arrives at your door it will be 85% put together. The only thing you need to do is install the front wheel, the two pedals, handlebar, saddle, and pump up the tires with air.

All the tools you need to put the bike together are included with the bicycle.

10. Schwinn S29

schwinn s29 mountain bike

Owners of the Schwinn S29 like the quick release seat and front wheel. The bike is able to fit easily in an economy car.

The price point of under 400 was appreciated by many riders especially because this mountain bike is a 29er.

The only assembly needed for this bike is the front wheel and handlebars. It should not take too long to assemble unless you have some specifications you want to adjust the bike to.

This was probably a fluke but one rider took this bike out and while pedaling the pedal was stripped out of the socket. Customer service was very helpful and replaced the entire bike very fast.

After that, that riders bike performed great. The suspension was supportive, the gears shifted into place, and the disc brakes stopped the bike powerfully.

The S29 has an aluminum frame. Aluminum is lighter than steel and less expensive than carbon. It will support your weight and remain flexible enough to absorb the bumps.

The wheels are 29 inches and the rims are alloy. Even though the wheels are larger they remain lightweight yet sturdy.
29er wheels give you added leverage for going over small obstacles such as rocks, roots, and small logs. Small obstacles make contact with the wheel lower on the wheel compared to 27.5 or 26 inch wheels. This makes it easier to go over obstacles.

The S29 has full suspension on the front and back of the bike. It is equipped with a SR Suntour suspension fork. Even if you have had back surgery years ago you should be able to ride this bike.

For speed and acceleration there are 21 speeds to choose from. The S29 uses the SRAM 3.0 rear derailleur and the SRAM 3.0 21 speed trigger shifter in the front. This wide gear range will allow you to handle any incline or decline you choose.

For stopping this bike uses front and rear mechanical disc brakes which allow you to modulate your stopping power gradually and accurately. Disc brakes are reliable and durable especially during rainy, snowy conditions.

As with most new bikes you will want to switch out the seat and use a saddle that is more comfortable for you. Also keep in mind this bike is a bit heavy at 47 pounds. So if you get stuck anywhere you will have to push or carry the bike back. For most people this mountain bike will not be the best choice for them even though it is priced at under 400.


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