best full suspension mountain bike under 500

9 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

best full suspension mountain bike under 500

Here are the results of my research for the best full suspension mountain bike under 500 dollars. This was not easy because most full suspension mountain bikes are not cheap because of the extra components. So I have saved you a lot of time and frustration. You also get to know what actual owners of these bikes thought and why they thought the bike they bought was best for them. Take a look below.

1. Eurobike

eurobike full suspension

This Eurobike mountain bike is a great full suspension mtb for under 500 dollars. Riders were very happy with it and gave it high ratings.

The first rider of this bike I researched was impressed with the packaging of the bicycle and that it came almost fully put together. He gave it an ‘out of the box’ tune up before riding it to make sure everything was tight and properly adjusted. Once he started riding it he rode it roughly on the trails and it did very well. He loves the spring coil suspension, and says the bike comes ready to ride. There is no need to put any money into it.

The next rider had his expectations surpassed compared to the price he paid. He likes how the bicycle looks and it gave him a smooth ride. The bike is stable and it is easy to turn. Plus the bike is quiet while pedaling and it responds well when you want to accelerate or slow down.

The last rider likes everything about the Eurobike. But he thought the 3 fork wheels could be stronger. This is because the 3 fork wheels flex a little when you ride. But this is probably so the wheels can absorb the impact on the trails. If the forks were not flexible then they might break or crack on impact.

The frame is an 18 inch steel frame. Steel is durable and very stable on the trails. Steel is also very hard so it is not easy to break or crack. Steel does make the bike weigh more. This bike weighs 40 pounds. Plus it can handle riders up to at least 300 pounds, probably more because the frame is steel.

This is a full suspension mountain bike so you get maximum support for the front and rear tires. The suspension uses spring coils in order to cushion and absorb the impact from bumps, drop offs, and rocks, roots, and branches. For more support you can easily upgrade to air shocks.

Both the front and rear tires are 27.5 inches. At this size you get good balance and stability. These tires give you good traction and grip. Each tire is 1.95 inches wide, so you also can go pretty fast. The thinner the tires the faster you can potentially go.

For speed there are 21 speeds to choose from. This allows you to find the most powerful and efficient gear no matter which incline or decline you are on. The front and rear derailleurs are both Shimano which ensures quick and accurate shifting up and down the chainring.

The brakes are dual disc brakes for maximum stopping power. You can modulate the braking power using Shimano EF-500 shifters. This is important for sudden stops and going around corners.

2. Mongoose Status 2.4

mongoose status 2.4

The Mongoose Status 2.4 is a good full suspension mountain bike for men. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate riders. The first person bought this bike for his wife. She did not ride for many years. Because of that she wanted full suspension. After riding it for a week she thought the bike was comfortable to ride and it supported her well.

The next rider liked that the ride was very smooth. Even when going over bumps and rough trails the ride felt very stable and balanced. Plus it took little effort when pedaling to maintain speed. The only thing he did not like was the shifter even though it worked very well.

The last mountain biker was able to put the Mongoose Status 2.4 together easily. Once everything was assembled the rider found this bicycle to ride smoothly. He was impressed that this model has a quick release front wheel. So he can change the front wheel easily if needed because he likes to ride on rough trails.

The frame is made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight yet durable and strong. This combination will enhance your comfort and control of the bicycle. The increased comfort will enable you to ride for longer periods of time. Enhanced control allows you to maneuver better around turns and corners.

Both front and the rear have suspension. The suspension cushions your butt and lower back when going over small obstacles and drop offs. The front suspension fork absorbs the impacts of your wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

The tires are both 27.5 inches for high performance riding. Each tire is 2.4 inches wide which offers very good traction and grip. This is especially good for cornering quickly and for going over dirt, sand, and gravel trails.

The rims are aluminum alloy rims. Alloy is lightweight and strong. These rims won’t be easily bent when going over a drop off or a jump. This will prevent you from getting a flat tire due to severe impact.

For climbing up and down hills there are 21 speeds for you to use. The rear derailleur is Shimano which ensures smooth quick shifting. You won’t need to worry about your chain skipping or getting stuck in between the chainrings. The twist shifter allows you to shift gears no matter what body position you are in.

The brakes are alloy linear pull brakes and front disc brakes. This ensures you get quick stopping power without fear of flying over the handlebars.

3. Gravity FSX 1.0


gravity fsx 1.0The Gravity FSX 1.0 for 2020 is perfect for entry-level to intermediate riders. It uses a lot of quality components for a mountain bike that is under 500 dollars.

The first rider I researched was an older rider that is getting back into mountain biking after a 9 year break. He found it easy to become comfortable on the bike. He goes on a lot of easier trails and was happy with the bikes performance. The bike handled his bodyweight of 220 pounds. This bike also fitted a few family members of his from 5 foot 5 to 5 foot 9 inches.

The next rider never heard of the Gravity brand before. He thought this bike gives you the same quality and performance as a Trek or a Schwinn but without the high price. This is because the components are all Shimano.

The third rider put the Gravity FSX 1.0 together with no problems. But he did need some patience and had some previous experience putting together bikes. Out of the box the gears were adjusted well. He only needed to fiddle with the brakes a little. He was not happy with the seat so he replaced it. The tires he thought were good, they had strong traction and grip.

The frame for the 2020 FSX 1.0 is a new aluminum frame. It is lighter and provides higher performance because the tubing is hydroformed. A lighter frame allows you to go faster. Higher performance allows you to tackle more technically challenging trails.

The suspension of this mountain bike is dual for the front and the rear. The travel of the suspension is perfect for all-mountain riding and trail riding on various types of terrain. The suspension is adjustable so you can have a rigid ride. This is most useful on flat smooth trails, when you want to go fast.

Both tires are 26 inches in diameter. 26 inch tires are easier to handle when doing wheelies, going over drop offs, and zig zagging around switchbacks. The tires each are 2.1 inches wide. This gives you good traction and grip as well as speed. The rims are strong and light double walled rims for extra durability and balance.

For maximum acceleration there are 24 speeds. This enables you to use a gear which offers the most pedaling power and efficiency for that incline or decline and for the particular type of terrain. To determine the right gear, you just need to experiment. The gear system uses of Shimano components ensuring high quality.

The FSX 1.0 is equipped with Tektro Novela disc brakes for the right stopping power you need at the right time. The brakes are crisp and responsive. You can modulate your braking power with accuracy.

4. Schwinn Traxion

schwinn traxion

The Schwinn Traxion is a full suspension mtb for less than 500 dollars. You can go downhill and tear through technical trails.

The first rider I questioned had a challenging time putting this bicycle together. Once he got as far as putting the handlebars on the rest was pretty simple. He found the bike to be durable and liked the tires. The trails he rides on are rough. They have rocks, weeds, branches, and other small obstacles on the trails. He said the bike handled all the obstacles well. He was glad there are enough gears to handle each type of ride.

The next rider thought the shifting of the Traxion was smooth going up and down the chainrings. No matter how steep the incline he did not need to stand in order to get more power for pedaling. He found the bike easy to put together and the rear derailleur was not difficult to set up. This rider liked the 29 inch tires because they made going over rocks and branches easier.

The last rider liked the smooth ride and thought the gears shifted very well. He likes the light frame, and has an easy time when towing his children around in a bike carrier. Most mountain bikes don’t have a kickstand but the Traxion does which he is happy about. He rides the bike on gravel roads, and dirt trails with lots of hills and the performance is good.

The frame is a Schwinn aluminum dual suspension frame. Aluminum makes the bike lightweight overall. Plus it is flexible enough to absorb the bumps on the trails without cracking or bending.

The suspension is full, with shocks for the front and rear of the mountain bike. Rear shocks are a must for going over drop offs and going off jumps. The Schwinn front suspension fork will soak up the impact from rocks, roots, branches, and bumps.

The tires are 29 inches and will give you a faster ride than 26 inch tires. Plus you will roll over small obstacles more easily with 29ers. This is because 29 inch wheels give you more leverage for going over obstacles more efficiently. Your ride over them will feel smoother.

Both tires are 2.25 inches wide which gives you good grip and traction. Plus the tires have knobs on them which increases the traction even more along with durability and strength.

No matter what the incline is that you are riding on there is a gear that will give you maximum pedaling power. You can choose from 24 speeds. The derailleurs are Shimano for reliable shifting. It is easy to change gears by using its Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters.

When it is time to slow down and stop Schwinn mechanical disc brakes give you all the stopping power you require. As long as you own the Traxion there is a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Schwinn Protocol 1.0

schwinn protocol 1.0

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is great for riding on single track trails and going downhill. It will increase your confidence to get out there and go riding, all for under 500.

The first rider thought that assembly was going to be difficult. So he was prepared to pay to have it put together. Luckily he looked at the bike first and the directions. Putting the Protocol 1.0 together was not hard at all. He suggested that you have the right tools, then it will be easy.

He adjusted everything, then rode it on the trails. Everything worked great, brakes, suspension, lots of gears. He likes the color and the mountain bike is comfortable.

The 2nd rider explained that assembly took less time than he thought it would. Adjusting the gears and brakes was simple. He attached a bike trailer to the rear so he could pull around the children. This worked well and was secure. The high number of speeds was very helpful for towing.

The third rider is 6 feet tall. He liked how comfortable the bicycle is. He said it was due to the suspension and heavy duty tires. He rides on flat as well as bumpy trails. He found the knobs on the tires to be very good for traction on various types of terrain. But the knobs will slow you down if you ride on the rode. The gears are low enough to climb any incline. Plus he found they were properly adjusted out of the box.

The frame is a Schwinn aluminum full suspension frame designed designed for the Protocol 1.0 model. This design ensures the bike is lightweight and responsive. Bumps and impact from the trail will be absorbed by the frame without damaging it.

The front and the rear of the bike have shocks. The rear shock cushions your butt, hips, and lower back. The front suspension fork compresses and rebounds protecting your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. It also provides enhanced bike handling, and a responsive ride.

Both tires are 26 inches in diameter. They are easier to handle when going over drop offs, doing wheelies, and riding up and over jumps. For strength the rims are made of light, strong aluminum alloy. The treads of the tires have knobs on them for added traction and grip.

For acceleration and cadence up hills and down hills there are 24 speeds to use. The rear derailleur is Shimano and gives you a wide gear range and quick smooth shifting. Shifting gears is fast and simple using Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters. Just a push of your thumb is all it takes.

For top stopping power the Protocol 1.0 is equipped with Promax front disc brakes and rear alloy pull brakes. You will feel safe and secure stopping in all types of trail conditions even if they are snowy, muddy, dirty, conditions.

6. Takara Jiro

takara jiro

The Takara Jiro is not a very well known mountain bike name but the people who ride it never forget the name for positive reasons.

The first rider thought this bike is a very good bicycle. Especially because as he explained its large-diameter 6061-T6 tubing is very lightweight and stiff. Plus the cantilever dual suspension makes city potholes and deep cracks feel like nothing. He discovered the bike to be fast. He is over 60 and was able to speed through the forest.

The next rider was happy with the bike overall. His main issue was the assembly of the bicycle. He thought the instructions on how to put the bike together were not clear. The diagrams were not so good. There needs to be some larger illustrations to show how some of the sub-assemblies go together for the completed bike.

The derailleurs and brakes needed adjusting coming out of the box. The instructions were not helpful for showing how to make adjustments. Other than assembly the Takara Jiro rides well.

The third rider thought this bike is awesome for single track and trail riding. He uses it to mostly go to neighborhood stores. Plus he goes off-road when he is tired of riding on pavement. Either way the bike has performed well. He suggested to make sure everything is properly tightened. All you need are hex wrenches.

The frame of the Jiro is a 6061 aluminum dual suspension frame. Aluminum is light and durable. This helps you to go fast while at the same time handle bumps. This frame also uses a four bar linkage rear shock. This rear shock connected to and in combination with the frame enhances the compression and rebound effect of the rear shocks so the bike operates as a complete unit when going over rough terrain.

Both front and rear tires are 27.5 inches. This has become the most popular size recently. It gives you the bike handling control of a 26 inch and the leverage to go over obstacles like a 29er. Each tire is 1.95 inches wide. At this width you will get more speed for cross country trails. Traction and width at this width are also good for xc trails.

Shifting to the gear you need is fast and easy. The derailleurs are Shimano Tourney derailleurs which are reliable for moving the chain up and down the chainrings. Changing gears is simple by using its light action Revo twist shifters.

When you want to keep your speed under control the Takara Jiro front and rear cable actuated disc brakes will do the trick. Plus its low rise handlebars and cushioned Vitesse saddle will keep you in the right position and comfortable.

7. Akonza Cobra

akonza cobra

The Akonza Cobra is wonderful for jetting downhill, coasting on flat trails, and powering up hills. It is very affordable at less than 500 dollars. Let’s see what owners of this bike think. If full suspension mtbs are too specific for you then see our article on the top mountain bike for less than $500 for all categories.

The first rider thought the Cobra was simple to put together. He likes to ride it on trails behind where he lives in the forest. The trails are steep and there are muddy hills. He found the bike to be sturdy and balanced. The gears shifted smoothly and the brakes worked well.

The next rider installed the tires, handlebars, pedals, and adjusted the seat. This did not take too much time and it was not so difficult. The rider loved the matt finish and the nice colors of the mountain bike. The only thing she did not like was the uncomfortable seat. But this was easy to replace.

The last rider thought this bike was very good for the price and easy to put together. He did not like the suspension because he thought it was a little stiff. The shocks are a coil shock which is a bit stiff in order to increase stability when going over rough terrain. He is 6 foot 2 inches so he preferred that the seat post were longer.

If you are less than 6’2″ then the Cobra will fit you better. He didn’t like that the brakes were a little difficult to adjust and he had to take the front brake apart to get the front wheel to come off.

The frame of the Akonza Cobra is called a suspension because the suspension is built right into and is part of the frame itself. This combination makes the frame and the suspension sturdier and more responsive to the impacts on the trail.

The front fork is an Element front suspension fork. This enables you to easily ride on a large variety of trails and terrain. The front suspension will absorb the impact and protect your shoulders, elbows, wrists, and neck from severe shock and impact of the trails. Plus it will prevent you from flying over the handlebars if you hit a sharp bump.

Both tires are 26 inches in diameter. They are also 1.95 inches wide. This gives you a good balance between speed and traction. You can go fast while still maintaining good traction on the trails.

For going up inclines there are 21 speeds you can use. Through experimentation you will discover which gear gives you the most pedaling power and efficiency. The gearing system is Shimano and there are micro shifters so changing speeds is easy and quick.

To slow down and stop, the Cobra uses alloy linear pull rear brakes and disc front brakes. You’ll be able to modulate your stopping power with ease.

This bike comes delivered 90% assembled so it is just about ready to ride. All the tools you need are provided for you so you can put together the rest of the mountain bike quickly and easily.

8. Mongoose Impasse

mongoose impasse full suspension

The Mongoose Impasse is a good full suspension 29er mountain bike for less than 500 dollars.

The first rider I talked to explained that at first he thought this bike was not so good, but that was before he took the time needed to make some adjustments to the components. The brakes and derailleurs need to be adjusted. Once the adjustments are made he was happy with its performance. The Impasse has good power and durability especially on dirt trails and rough paths.

The next owner was able to put the bike together in about an hour. He thought it was easy to assemble because the directions were simple to follow. He discovered that the bike is well made and sturdy. While riding uphill he found this bike to climb more easily than his last bicycle. He is 5’10” 185 pounds and likes to ride trails which are rough.

On one of these rough trails he broke the rear wheel. He called Mongoose and on the same day he got a new rear wheel. This was even after the warranty had expired. This is exceptional customer service.

The third rider was glad that when the Impasse arrived it was almost completely assembled. He put together the rest of the bike himself easily. He rides on trails roughly and has bent and damaged the derailleur before. Therefore he thinks the derailleur should be designed better.

He found this bike to be very fast, but preferred the seat was a little taller and the crank shaft longer. This is not surprising as he is 6 foot 3 inches and 230 pounds. He is very happy with the price because he has seen other quick bikes with full suspension close to one thousand dollars.

The frame of this mountain bike is an aluminum suspension frame. The rear suspension is part of the frame of the bike. This enhances compression and rebounding of the rear shocks while at the same time increases the strength, durability, and balance of the frame. The front suspension is an Element suspension fork which smooths out the bumps and increases your bike handling control.

Both tires are 29 inches in diameter. They are good for going fast on cross country trails. Plus they make it easier to go over small obstacles because of their larger size. For increased durability the rims are made of alloy. The front alloy wheel has a quick release lever.

For maximum acceleration on all inclines there are 21 speeds. The rear derailleur is a Shimano which ensure accurate shifting up and down the chainrings. Fast shifting is done by using the SRAM twist shifters. There are front and rear disc brakes which give you all the stopping power you need.

9. Kent Thruster KZ2600

mens thruster kz2600

The Kent KZ2600 is a descent full suspension mountain bicycle for a very low price well below 500.

The first rider put together this bike in only 30 minutes. He thinks for the price he paid it is good value. Even though overall the parts are not the best they are very functional and work properly. Once he took it out of the box all he had to do was attack the seat post, handlebars, the pedals, and front wheel.

What he did not like was when the suspension bottomed out sometimes on the front fork when he rode off high curbs. Overall he found the KZ2600 to be reliable and sturdy off-road and on road when going up and down hill.

The 2nd rider was impressed to ride a fully functional front and rear suspension bicycle for such a low price. She found the bike to be lighter than she though it would be. She was able to finish putting the bike together easily after it arrived.

After, she discovered the bike rides very well. The seat was replaced quickly after riding it. The original seat was uncomfortable. Other than changing the seat she needed to adjust the cables for derailleurs until the indexed shifting was dialed properly.

The last rider of the Kent Thruster KZ2600 in terms of looks thinks the bicycle is beautiful and designed great. She loves the colors and accents of the bicycle. The bike is comfortable for her to ride. She found the bike a bit difficult to do tricks with it is a little heavy at 40 pounds. When shifting the front derailleur it is kind of loud when shifting down. Overall she found this bike to be sturdy and durable for the trails.

The frame of the KZ2600 is an aluminum full suspension frame. Aluminum is lightweight and durable. It will absorb the bumps on the trails while remaining sturdy. This type of frame uses a floating beam suspension design which is matted to the suspension fork. This combination enhances the compression and rebounding control while taking on impact from the trail.

Both tires are 26 inches. This size tire is good for short to medium height riders. The rims are double wall alloy rims which enhance the strength of the wheels because 26 inch mountain bikes are normally ridden on rough terrain. Plus each wheel has 36 spokes for preventing the rim from bending and durability.

For going up and down hills there are 21 speeds. The rear derailleur is a Shimano 21 speed rear Tourney Derailleur. The speed shifter for changing gears are Shimano as well.

To stop and slow down this bike uses front disc brakes and rear linear pull brakes. These are capable of allowing you to modulate how fast you stop without skidding out or flying over the handlebars.