best mountain bike helmets under 100

9 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under 100

best mountain bike helmets under 100

Here are the results after doing research for the best mountain bike helmets under 100 dollars. If you are on a budget then these will work great for you. They all have high ratings and are for men, women, and children. Save yourself some time and look below.

1. Giro Verce MIPS Women’s Mountain Biking Helmets (Under 100)

The Giro Verce is great for women who like to ride aggressively without fear. This helmet is equipped with MIPS technology. What this means is during an impact the rotational force going to the brain is reduced. This enables you to ride more aggressively and feel safer at the same time.

One own explained that she fell off her seat backwards on a steep incline because she lost speed. She hit the back of her head on the ground. Luckily she got back up without any injury thanks to this helmet.

Another rider said the Giro Verce fit her head perfectly even though her head is not so big. She found this mountain bike helmet to be lightweight so she did not experience any neck soreness. She can turn her head to the left, right, and then center quickly when needed. Overall the helmet is comfortable. Her only complaint was the choice of colors available. She wanted more colors for women.

The 3rd rider liked the method used to adjust the size. You can dial in the size very accurately. She used the helmet to go down some steep hills. There were rocks and bumps on the way down but the helmet stayed in place. It did not bounce around.


You can easily adjust the size of this helmet to match your head. There won’t be any extra space to allow for bouncing around. The Roc Loc Sport Fit System lets you set the size with just one hand. There is a 7 centimetre range with which to work with. With each adjustment you will hear a click.


There are 18 vents to keep your head nice and cool while mountain biking. Sweat will not build up as you ride and you won’t have any hair dents on your head.

2. ILM Adult Off-Road Mtb Helmets

If you have the need for speed then you have found the right helmet. The ILM Adult mountain biking helmet is made with a cool aeodynamic shape. This design is perfect for speed. As you ride fast the air will flow easily over your helmet enhancing your speed. Air speed will also go through your helmet because there are front and back vents for superior ventilation all for under 100 dollars.

One rider using this helmet said that he was a size large and it fit his head true to size. If not he would hate to have extra room between his head and the helmet. He found the helmet a little tight around the ears, but it fit perfectly after adjusting the chin strap. Since his experience with this helmet he recommends it to his mountain biker friends.

The next rider has a large head so he uses an extra large. He found the fit to be comfortable and the helmet is sturdy. It is sturdy and steady enough that he mounts an action camera on it. He videos all his great rides and shows and shares them with family and friends. He even shares some of the blooper rides. On these bloop rides he appreciated that the helmet is well padded.

The last rider explained that this helmet is a lot better than others at this price level. It looks sleek and cool because of its matte black color. Ventilation is very good and it is easy to breathe. The chin strap works well and it is easy to adjust and undo.

The ILM off-road helmet is DOT certified so it is very safe to wear and use. It meets or surpasses FMUSS-218 and DOT safety regulations. This ensures it has been put to the test and can handle mountain biking impacts.

This helmet is made from ABS which stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. ABS makes the helmet lightweight and durable. Plus it won’t crack under cold temperatures and it will not burn or melt at high temperatures. This means you can ride in any weather conditions and you are well protected.

3. Giro Fixture Adult Recreational Mtb Helmets

The Giro Fixture helmet is great for riders with unusual sized and shaped heads. The size for this helmet is known as a Universal Adult. It fits head sizes from 54 to 61cm. A lot of questions riders have are about whether a helmet can fit their small, large, oblong, or round head. With this Universal Adult size this is less of a concern.

The first rider using this helmet crashed while wearing it. He was mountain biking fast and hit a tree head first going 25mph. There was a big crack in the Styrofoam material due to the accident. He was thankful for the helmet and bought the same one again.

Another owner of this Giro Fixture likes it as a good beginner helmet for under $100. For him it is very lightweight. He finds the price is very cost effective and loves the bright green color. There are strong straps to use and once they are adjusted it fits his head perfectly. In hat size he is usually an extra large. So it fits his big head.

The third rider found this helmet to have good ventilation. It keeps him very cool compared to his bmx helmet. The helmet feels very secure, but at the same time he does not feel like he is being strangled. He finds it very comfortable to wear especially the suede-like liner and soft chin straps. At the back of the straps he rotates the dial and adjusts the size easily to fit his large head.

The Giro Fixture is rugged and can handle rough terrain. It is equipped with in-mold construction. The outer shell is bonded to foam. The helmet is made stronger by putting foam and shell in the mold together. It uses all available space which allows for larger vents.

This helmet is equipped with MIPS for extra protection against head impacts. There are 18 vents to keep your head cool.
Men and women can use the helmet because it is designed with the Roc Loc adjustment system. The brim of the helmet is removable Just snap off the lock pins on either side of the helmet. This gives you are larger viewing area.

4. Demon United Podium Full Face

The Demon United Podium is a good helmet for riders who want a full face helmet that is lightweight yet safe in case of a crash. You get all this for less than 100 dollars. Weighing in at only 2 pounds and 2 ounces, your neck will have no trouble keeping your head up and straight.

This helmet is CPSC certified. When it is certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission it means the helmet has passed these tests.

– Does not block riders vision.
– Does not come off when the rider falls.
– Straps don’t stretch so much that helmet falls off.
– Helmet decreases impact to riders head upon impact.

One owner of this helmet explained that he got the Demon United Podium as a Christmas gift. In January he had a bad fall on the road. He was going 40mph down a hill. The right side of his head and right shoulder hit the pavement. The right side of his body was scraped up, but his head and face were okay. Without this helmet it would of been much more serious.

The next rider likes how the Demon looks, especially the lines and the color of the helmet. He found it to be very comfortable and thought it was great to use on gravity trails and parks. When riding all day long the inside of the helmet was comfortable, plus the chin strap has padded leather so it does not rub on your chin.

The Demon United Podium is designed with an EPS foam liner. EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene. This liner gives you the best fit for you by conforming to your head. It is crushable foam and has a lifetime of 15 to 30 years.

This model is a low profile full face helmet which is designed to be durable and lightweight. It has 13 scientifically placed vents to keep you cool and the air flowing even in summer.

The Podium comes in 9 different colors to choose from. With this variety you’ll be able to pick the color that best matches your bike and or personality.

5. Basecamp Specialized Mtb Helmets (Best for Night Riding)

The Basecamp Specialized mountain biking helmet is the best for both men and women who like to ride at night. On the back of this helmet is a light, plus it also comes with an extra battery.

You can use the light without taking off your helmet. Just push once to activate the strobe light which moves from top to bottom. Push a 2nd time for a flashing light, and a third time for always on. You can ride at night and be easily seen by others.

The first rider using this helmet explained that compared to his other more expensive helmet this one fit better, was more comfortable, and cooled his head better. After unboxing the helmet it took less than a minute to adjust it to fit his head. He thought it was cool, there is even a bug net to keep insects out of your hair.

A second rider likes the bright colors that this helmet comes in. What he likes most is how simple it is to get the right fit. In the back you just turn the dial to change the tightness around the head. For added comfort there is padding which is attached to the strap and goes under the chin. This helps keep the helmet secure and the padding prevents the buckles and straps from digging into your skin.

The Basecamp Specialized at less than $100 is designed with 22 vents. They are all integrated to increase air flow and keep you cool. Most other helmets only have 18 vents. These extra vents will help to increase your speed. There is an inner sponge lining which can be removed and washed. This lining enhances your comfort and is breathable.

To protect you from the Sun this helmet has a detachable brim visor. It is specially designed to give you shade when biking and it looks stylish. Hot days won’t be a problem, and you can remove it when you want to.

This helmet is impact resistant if you were to fall. It passes CPSC Safety Standards. It is made with sturdy and tough, high-density PVC and PC, EPS foam. During a crash your head is well protected because the impact forces are reduced due to the superior materials being used.

6. Mokfire Adult Mountain Bike Helmets

The Mokfire helmet is best for riders who want something super lightweight. This helmet weighs less than a pound at 0.62 pounds. You will hardly feel this helmet on your head. This is good if you live in a hot climate so you keep cool.

Even though the Mokfire is very light it is equipped with CPSC and CE.EN1078 safety standards. Don’t think this helmet will break easily because it is light. It is constructed with a durable ABS hard shell for protection. Plus there is an EPS foam liner for security and stabilization of your head.

An owner of this helmet found it to be very light and fit his head well. He was pleased there was a lot of adjustability. To him the helmet is easy to clean and he likes the finish which is a matte white plastic. The chin strap holds his head very well. Plus the pad on the chin straps adds to its comfort and holds the strap in place. He was glad that this helmet comes with a handy storage bag.

The next rider explained that he liked the light on the back of the helmet. The light is either solid or you can make it blink. The only negative he said was that you really need to push down at first to turn the light on. He found the helmet comfortable and light on his head. Adjusting the helmet was easy and accurate for his head size.

The last rider thought the vents worked well. They kept his head nice and cool. He finds this helmet to be much better looking than other helmets for under 100 dollars. The only downside was that it was a little difficult to pop the light out to switch the batteries.

When you receive your Mokfire, you will get one helmet, one triangle taillight which comes with a CR2032 battery. Plus you get a helmet portable bag, along with an instruction manual.

The chin pad increases your comfort and there are washable helmet pads. They absorb sweat and keep you cool. In order to keep straps flat and in position there is a side buckle. It is durable and convenient to use.

7. Shinmax Mountain Bike Helmets

The Shinmax mtb helmet is a good choice for those on a budget and want a helmet for under 100 dollars. It is designed with a detachable visor. This visor has a unique aerodynamic design allowing it to reduce air resistance. At the same time the visor will protect your face from flying sand and block ultraviolet light from the sun.

The first rider wearing this helmet explained that the plastic cover and the hard foam under it blend together very well. It is very smooth, the edges blend into the foam so well you can’t see where one starts and ends.

With some other helmets there is a space and eventually the plastic shell comes off. He likes the rear light because it helps him to be seen in the early morning and at night. The extra battery is appreciated.

The next rider found the Shinmax easy to adjust, very comfortable, and lightweight. The helmet is versatile for different size heads. Quick adjustments can be done using the knob at the back, and by pulling and modifying the straps.

There is padding located under the chin which stops the chin strap from digging into the chin when you speak. The ventilation is good and keeps his head from sweating. He likes the helmets light because it can strobe from top to bottom, or all six of them can continuously flash, or you can have them all on.

This helmet has 22 ventilation vents. These vents are designed strategically to keep you cooler by maximizing air flow and reducing sweating. The vents also decrease air resistance allowing you to go faster with less effort.

The Shinmax is very light at just 260 grams or 0.57 pounds. Your head will barely feel the helmet on you. You will also be able to go through technical trails more easily.

You can adjust the size of this helmet between 21.26 to 24.02 inches or 54 to 61 centimetres. This is made easy by using the knob in the back. You can find the most comfortable fit for you.

8. Mongoose Capture Adult Off-Road Helmets

The Mongoose Capture is best for mountain bikers who want to video their biking adventures. This helmet has a built-in camera mount which can be used with the GoPro Hero (2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, or 6). It enables you to take video hands free, so you can focus on riding at your best.

The mount is built-in to the helmet with a bracket, so you can just clip in your portable camera. It is only compatible with the GoPro Hero, nothing else.

One rider who uses this helmet said the helmet is pretty comfortable and good for the price. The camera video is stable and smooth, there was no choppy video footage. He also used the mount with a headlight so he could go night riding.

A 2nd rider explained that the helmet was built sturdy and is comfortable compared to his other helmets.It is lightweight and safe. He uses an Osmo camera which is odd because it should only be compatible with GoPro. He pointed out it comes with a mount but the mount is not attached to the helmet, you have to attach it.

The last rider liked the helmet a lot, so he bought two of them. He thinks they look great and match his bike. A sporty look and feel is what he wanted and got. The helmet is comfortable. There is an extra rubber band added to the straps in order to maintain your chosen strap adjustment.

The Mongoose Capture for below $100 is made using an ABS Microshell. This shell improves the strength of the helmet if you were to have an accident. This gives you full protection without weighing you down by keeping the helmet lightweight.

There are 15 specifically placed ventilation vents. They all provide maximal airflow to keep your head cool during hot temperatures. Plus because they integrate together for optimal cooling your sweating is reduced.

It does have a visor to protect you from the Sun and provide shade, but you can’t remove it. Inside the helmet there is soft thick padding, but there are no MIPS inside.

9. Lixada Mountain Bike Helmets (Under $100)

The Lixada mountain biking helmet is best for those riders who want a multi-colored helmet. It comes in a wide range of colors such as:

yellow and black
dark green and black
blue and black
red and black

Plus it comes in only black, blue, and yellow, and in combinations of 3 colors. These include, yellow, black, red, and blue, red, white. With so many color combinations you’ll be able to match a helmet with your bike.

The first owner of a Lixada said that he bought the dark green colored helmet just so his helmet would match his new bike. He further explained that it fit well and is pretty comfortable to wear. Adjusting the helmet is easy using the wheel adjuster in the back. The cushions inside the helmet are nice and thick compared to other helmets he has worn.

The next rider pointed out that this helmet has a bit of a round or circular shape. It may not fit everyone’s head shape. He discovered he had to much head space on the sides. He also felt some pressure on the top of his head which made this helmet less comfortable than others he has owned.

On a more promising note this rider likes how the helmet looks. It has very good rear impact protection if you fall. The straps, buckles, and sizing knob are good. This is a good helmet if you have a round head. But the visor could be better. It should give you more shade and protection from branches smacking you in the face and eyes.

This helmet is pretty light with a weight of only 12.8 ounces or 361 grams. Your neck won’t be tired from wearing it if you go on long rides.
It is constructed using an integrated in-mold PC shell which is designed using a multi-dimensional cone shape. This gives it more strength and durability and is made from EPS impact foam.

In order to absorb shocks from impact, inside the helmet is quality padding. These pads are removable so you can wash them because they do absorb sweat to keep you cooler.

There is also a ventilated channel system to keep you cool. Your head will get good airflow from 13 vents when you ride fast.