best mountain bike helmets under 50

9 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under 50 Dollars

best mountain bike helmets under 50

If you are on a budget here are the best mountain bike helmets under 50 bucks. My research has resulted in these helmets. They all have high ratings, a detailed description of the features and benefits, plus accounts of what customers who use them think about them. You can get anyone of them for less than fifty dollars. Take a look below.

1. Schwinn Thrasher Mountain Biking Helmets (Under $50)

The Schwinn Thrasher is the best overall helmet for mountain biking for under 50 dollars. There are models for adults, youth, and children. This particular model is for adults 14 years and up. It adjusts to head sizes from 22.88 to 24.5 inches. Adjustments are made easily using the Schwinn 360 degree adjustable fit system at the rear of the helmet.

A ten year old boy rode his mountain bike using this helmet and crashed. His father explained his son was going down a hill which was too steep for him. He lost control at 25mph and hit the pavement with the side of his head. Luckily thanks to this Thrasher helmet he was okay even though he was knocked out for a few seconds. The father already bought the same helmet as a replacement.

The next rider is a female who explained that this could be the best women’s helmet ever. She really likes the adjuster dial at the back to tighten or loosen the fit. She can wear her hair in a braid, pony tail, or all down and it still fits and is comfortable. She likes that the visor can be put up or worn down. It is comfortable and visibility is very clear.

The third rider said the vents of the Thrasher work well and keeps him surprisingly cool plus the helmet is lightweight which also helps eliminate heat buildup. Customizing the fit is easy, just turn the dial to tighten or loosen the band. Inside the helmet it is well padded for comfort and protection. He appreciates that they are removable so he can easily wash them.

This helmet is CPSC certified. It is made with a three piece microshell which increases durability while keeping the helmet lightweight.
There are 21 air flow vents to keep you cool. They are strategically placed in order to increase air flow which also helps you to ride faster.

A detachable visor helps to decrease glare and shade your eyes from the Sun. You can tune tune and improve your comfort using the adjustable side straps. If you have a pony tail you can pull it through the back in between the adjustment straps and the helmet.

2. Victgoal Mountain Bike Helmet

The Victgoal is the best helmet for mountain bikers that wear glasses. Riders can wear myopia glasses at the same time as they use the visor. The visor won’t touch your glasses. Using prescription glasses are just fine to wear while using the visor. They will not make contact with each other.

You can also wear your glasses with the goggles on. It is better to put your glasses on first, then the helmet, and then put the goggles on.

The first rider thought the Victgoal is very comfortable and easy to adjust. He liked that it was lightweight at only 9.3 ounces. He could hardly feel it on his head. But what he liked most was he could wear his eyes glasses. The visor and shield glasses don’t make contact. There is a lot of room.

The next rider likes the visor, it does a good job of keeping the Sun off his face. He loves the magnetic detachable because it is so easy and cool to take on and off. He says that on sunny days it even improves his range of vision. He does not need to worry about blind spots from regular sunglasses.

The adjustable knob at the back works well for accurate sizing. You don’t feel any pressure points because the helmet fits snugly around your entire head.

This helmet fits most male and female heads. The head size range is from 22 to 24 inches or 57 to 61 cm. There are 21 ventilation vents to keep your head cool. Each one has a special aerodynamic design. The vents reduce air resistance allowing for better air flow. This also helps to reduce sweating. Plus the helmet is lightweight at 0.68 pounds or 310 grams.

For safety there is a bright safety LED back light. This light has 3 different modes. The light can be set at steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing. This helps you to be seen more easily by cars, and other riders when biking at night, dawn, and dusk.

Inside the helmet is a removable liner which can be easily washed. Plus there is a built-in insect net which stops insects from getting stuck in your hair and head when riding.

3. Mokfire Helmet For Mountain Biking (Under 50)

The Mokfire mountain biking helmet is best for those riders who want a precise fit on their head. What is special about this helmet is it allows you to adjust the helmet up and down as well as around your head. This enables you to wear it just below the occipital bone. This is the most correct way to wear a helmet, perfectly cradles your head for a feeling of secure comfort and protection.

The first rider using the helmet found it to be very comfortable. He likes the light on the back because it is extremely bright. You can set it to blink slowly, or a quick strobe, and finally as a solid red. He appreciates the two interior linings. One has a net which stops bugs from getting into your hair. The other has no net for extra ventilation to reduce sweating.

The next rider liked the design a lot, it is sporty and cool looking. He is glad it is made of a durable shield with soft foam inside because this makes the helmet super light. He is from California so he appreciates that there are many vents to keep cool. He is able to adjust the size easily and quickly using the special wheel in 5 seconds. The LED light he says is nice because there are 3 modes.

The last rider really likes the looks of the Mokfire. The angles, shape and style is great. He especially likes the blue model with its 3 tone look which is black, pale blue gray, and blue. The red LED lights are very bright making them more than sufficient at night. He thought his head might be too large for the helmet but realized later the headlock opens up much more than he thought.

This helmet is equipped with moisture wicking chin pads. They are soft and comfortable. These pads protect your chin from discomfort, plus they are washable.

For a lightweight durable helmet it uses in-molding technology which connects to a thick EPS foam core. Plus it joins with the outer polycarbonate shell to provide better shock absorption. It weighs only 9.9 ounces or 280 grams. You benefit from superior protection without being weighed down.

4. Exclusky Mountain Bike Kids Helmet

The Exclusky helmet is the best one for kids for both boys and girls. Very important is the helmet is US CPSC Standard Certified. So it has passed all the tests and requirements for durability and safety.

These helmets are equipped with a lightweight multi-density EPS foam liner which absorbs shocks and impacts in order to reduce damage to a kids head if there is an accident. For complete protection and coverage of the back side of the head the rear of the helmet is extended.

A father bought his son this helmet who was 8 years old. They found the helmet to be light weight but didn’t feel low quality. The son likes the look of this helmet and the removable visor. The boys head is 21 inches in circumference which is in between most sizes. The helmet fit perfectly using the dial on the back. It is easy to use says the son.

The next rider is a girl who is 11 years old. Her Mom says the Exclusky is easy to adjust, has many vents, is not heavy, and is cute looking. The daughter wears the youth size and loves the white color along with the design. She finds it easy to adjust in the back using the dial. Plus the helmet clip is easy to open but is sturdy and strong when it is closed.

A father explained that this helmet looks good and has many vents in order to keep his son’s head cool. He likes that the helmet has good rear coverage for protection. For fit he noticed that the helmet does not sit as deep on the brow as the adult model. His son had no problem adjusting the helmet, he just did not like the big net which stops bugs.

The Exclusky is lightweight at only 240 grams, which includes the visor. It has 15 air vents to keeps kids cool even during the summer. Its light weight won’t tire your boy or girl out.

It is equipped with a Dial-Fit retention system which makes adjustments easy and accurate. Size adjustments are from 19.68 to 22.44 inches or 50-57 cm. The visor is detachable and this helmet is for kids age 5 and up.

5. JBM Adult Mountain Biking Helmet

The JBM Adult helmet is a good choice for men and women who want to spend under 50 dollars. Even though you can buy this for less than 50 bucks the JBM is sturdy. If you can afford more check out our review of the best mountain bike helmets under 100 dollars. This helmet uses a nutcase design and is specifically designed for the adult rider. It is constructed with durable and tough materials. Its PVC and PC, EPS foam increases the absorption of impacts and protects your head during a crash.

The first rider explained that this helmet is very light. It is so light he can’t feel it on his head and even forgets it is there. The visor works well. It keeps the Sun from getting in your eyes and it does not stop your line of sight.

He took a bad fall on his head when he tried jumping on his mountain bike. The JBM did its job and protected his head. The only negative is there is no flat spot to mount a go pro. He recommends this for anyone on a budget.

This next rider has had a few other helmets and he explained the difference between them and the JBM. One of his other helmets pinched his neck when he snapped the strap. The JBM has a good neck guard to stop this from happening. Another helmet cut his fingers because it had sharp edges on the cut outs of the outer cover. The outer cover of the JMB is smooth and comfortable.

A third helmet almost choked him with the strap as he tried to get it to fit because the automatic adjuster was much too loose. The dial adjuster of the JMB is reliable and fits very well. His 4th helmet was too heavy. The JMB is lightweight at 13.1 ounces.

This helmet has many ventilation vents to keep your head cool. Plus they are strategically placed in order to increase air flow. This can help you to go faster.

There are no lights on this helmet so you don’t need batteries or a charger. The pads on the inside of the helmet are removable so you can wash them. They help to absorb sweat and keep you cool.

Women who like to wear a pony tail, should wear a low pony tail. A higher one won’t fit the helmet properly.

6. Kingbike Helmets For Mountain Biking

The Kingbike is best for riders who want to take advantage of every little chance they can to go faster. These helmets have 24 ventilation vents which are scientifically placed to provide the most air flow.

They are aerodynamic which reduces wind resistance. This allows you to ride faster as more air flows freely through the vents. All of this ventilation keeps you cool which enables your body to conserve energy making it available to you for faster pedaling.

The first rider I found using this helmet likes that the pads are connected to one another using a webbing material. This ensures the pads stay in position. He is happy with the sporty look of the design and it is comfortable. He appreciates the light on the back, says it may save his life one day.

A husband bought his wife the Kingbike because she wanted a girly design. He found one which was pink and had flowers. She loves it. The size fits her and it is very comfortable. She says the helmet feels safe and it comes with a rain cover to protect hair from rain.

The last rider likes the bright color of his helmet because he can be seen more easily. He is happy with the overall look and styling of the Kingbike helmet. He especially likes the integrated tail light in the rear.

Compared to his other helmets like the Giro, Troy, and Lee Designs which are more expensive the inner foam of this helmet is similiar to and as high quality. So he feels he is getting very good value for his money.

These Kingbike helmets are lightweight weighing only 0.49 pounds. It is very comfortable because it is constructed with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner. This helps the helmet to conform to many head sizes.

You can easily adjust the size using the dial. It fits head sizes medium and large from 56-60cm and large to extra large 59-63cm. There is a rear light for safety which you can set to slow flash, fast flash, and always on.

7. Xinerter Adult Mountain Bike Helmets

The Xinerter helmet is best for mountain bikers who want superior eye protection. These helmets are equipped with magnetic goggles which which can also be used as sunglasses. The strong ultraviolet rays from the Sun will be blocked and prevent your eyes from being damaged.

Your face and eyes will also be protected from wind, sand erosion, and branches. Detachable sunshades are also available which can be used with the magnetic goggles.

One rider liked how this helmet fit him, the helmet overall was comfortable. What he liked the most was the ventilation because he normally rides in 90 degree heat. The vents are great as he describes them. Regarding the fit again, he shaved his head without thinking about his helmet.

Luckily the helmet still felt comfortable on his bald head. The magnetic shield as he puts it is a godsend. He does not have to fuss with sunglasses sliding down his nose, and he is safe when he rides through a bunch of bugs.

The next rider thought the fit of the Xinerter was good even though he has a big head. He preferred that both chin straps were adjustable so that the chin cushion was still centered.

When you adjust the strap to be tighter which makes it smaller then the buckle is placed more towards the center of your chin. The chin cushion is not large enough to fit over the buckles so it ends up protecting only one side of his cheek and jaw instead of it being center chin. Riders with a shorter face should consider this.

Xinerter helmets are made using high-density imported PC+EPS foam which meets CE Standards. The foam structure is integrated to help absorb impacts and during a crash protect the head.

Inside the helmet are moisture wicking thick and soft pads. They help to improve comfort and keep your head cool by absorbing sweat. These pads are removable and therefore washable.

There is also an over brow ventilation system which pulls cool air in through the front of the helmet and pushes it through an air channel matrix to decrease overheating.

8. Sunrimoon Adult Mtb Helmets (Under 50)

Sunrimoon mountain bike helmets are best for those riders who want to be seen by other bikers, cars. and who like to go night riding. This helmet has a built-in USB light in the back. It has 9 modes of lighting.

This will help other writers see you coming. Plus they will be able to see you from behind and know which direction you are going. This light is rechargeable and it is embedded into the helmet. It is stylish and easy to use. It charges fast in just 2 hours.

The first rider explained that the design is very cool. Plus there are more than enough vents because he does not sweat too much with the Sunrimoon compared to his other helmets. He likes the magnetic sunglasses because it gives him a fuller view of his surroundings compared to his traditional sunglasses which were limited.

The back light has many settings and comes with a cable charger in order to save you money on new batteries. The sun shield goggle attachement is very helpful as it blocks the sun’s rays. It also allows you to see through the shield without needing to squint.

Adjusting the size of the helmet is easy by just turning the knob. If you bike an average of 12 hours a week then the battery on the LED will last a month. The LED light is quite bright.

What is cool about it is it saves the blinking pattern you had it set on the last time you used it.
Sunrimoon helmets are made with in-mold EPS foam with a PC shell for superior comfort and protection. The foam is thick but also light weight. It reduces impact from a crash and increases absorption to protect your head.

There is a detachable visor with 3 gear positions. You can adjust it down or up and it provides consistent protection from sun, rain, and snow.
Inside the helmet are inner pads. They are comfortable and soft. They help keep your head snug and they absorb sweat. They are removable so you can wash them easily.

This helmet is light at just 288 grams. It fits head sizes from 20.87 to 24 inches or 53 to 61cm. Setting the size is easy using the dial-fit retention system.

9. Lixada Helmet For Mountain Bikers

These Lixada helmets are good for riders who don’t want to spend anymore than $50 on a lid. This makes it good for beginners who may not be sure if they want to go all in on mountain biking so they don’t want to invest too much right now.

The Lixada has an adjustable visor which has 2 settings you can modify it to. The visor is matte it is not glossy. It comes with a cap which is breathable to keep you cool. It is also fast drying if you sweat and or wash the cap.

This first rider said that the overall appearance and shape is nice looking. The chin clasp, visor, and the back adjust do its job well. But he felt the overall quality of the helmet was cheap feeling. He thought it seemed more like a toy because the plastic is hard and thin. The shape of the helmet for fitting is large and round.

At the back of the head and on the top sides there are shallow gaps. He couldn’t get it to fit properly on his large head. It sits low on the back of his head. He also found the helmet easily gets scratched up.

The next rider thought the Lixada is comparable to higher dollar name brand helmets. He and his friend compared it to a brand name helmet and it seems as though the outer shell and the interior foam were taken from the same mold. The injection marks seem to be identical. The only downside was after a month of use the front pad developed a tough edge which for the forehead was not comfortable.

Lixada helmets are easy to adjust to the right size. Just use the 1-hand fit adjustment rear wheel. It fits head sizes from 22 to 24 inches. You can also use the Y-S fixing strap for additional modification.

Plus for comfort there is a soft chin guard which is breathable and removable.
This helmet is constructed with an in-mold PC shell that is integrated with EPS impact foam. The shape is a multi-dimensional cone. Together it works to absorb impact during a collision protecting your head.

To keep you cool and biking faster there is a ventilated channel system which has 13 vents. These vents maximize air flow when you are pedaling fast.


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