best mountain bike helmet for hot weather

8 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Hot Weather

best mountain bike helmet for hot weather

These are my results for the best mountain bike helmets for hot weather. We have made sure that all these helmets have a large amount of vents to keep your head cool. Not only that we made sure these helmets are durable and safe so that they can withstand a head first crash. Plus they should be comfortable, good looking, and for a reasonable price. Take a look below.

1. Giro Savant Adult Mountain Biking Helmet [Best Overall for Hot Weather]

The Giro Savant helmet has what you need when you are riding in hot weather. This helmet has 25 wind tunnel vents which are strategically placed in order to maximize airflow. Its internal channels push cool fresh air around and over your head, and at the same time suck heat and stale air away.

This helmet is also very light at 1.36 pounds. You will hardly notice that it is on your head. Its light weight will add to the cooling effect of your head. You might be thinking this helmet is light and has a lot of vents for cooling but will it protect my head. I thought the same thing.

The first rider I found using this helmet explained that he was in an accident while going 20mph. His front tire got caught on a hidden crack and he flying.

He crashed on his head on the left side, plus the left side of his body. The result was 3 broken ribs, up and down his left side was road rash. Thankfully his head was not hurt and no concussion. The Giro Savant was dented in many places on the left side. So light weight helmets can protect you.

The next rider found this helmet to be very comfortable and light at 262 grams. The medium size fit him well with his head being 58cm. He has long hair which he was able to tie in a low ponytail and the helmet still fit. After a 20 mile ride the ventilation worked well for him, his hair was still completely dry. This is pretty good because his hair was long.

This helmet was designed using an in-mould construction. This strengthen the area near the vents and ribs. It creates a one-piece exoskeleton. This exoskeleton enables the helmet to be light, have better durability, and increased cooling than more traditional designs.

For the perfect fit the Savant has the Roc Loc 5 system. This system lets you adjust the fit tension and then vertical position with only one hand. Also it is 40% lighter than its prior helmet that had the Roc Loc 4.

2. TeamObsidian Airflow Mountain Bike Helmet

The TeamObsidian Airflow helmet for mountain biking is another helmet capable of keeping you cool in hot weather. It is designed with 22 large vents for superior airflow across your head and it has a low profile. It is made using a skeleton design which in case of an impact holds the helmet together.

With this type of construction the TeamObsidian is able to have 22 big vents. This would not be possible using a foam design. The result is increased airflow from front to back of the helmet.

This first rider avoided a person as he was riding fast. Unfortunately he lost control of his mountain bike. He hit a tree and then flew over the handlebars. He landed pretty hard on to the side of the trail. After, there were cuts and bruises on his elbow, right shoulder, and jaw. The helmet handled the majority of the impact.

He was unconscious for a couple of minutes if he remembers correctly. Then after resting he was able to ride back home. He is afraid to think of what might of resulted if he didn’t wear this helmet.

The next rider explained that the matte surface of this helmet is very smooth. The seams between the inner foam and outer shell are seamless. He likes the ventilation, it keeps his head cool. The inner pads of the helmet don’t compress very much when riding giving a stable secure feeling.

It also handles heat heat well without tightening or shrinking. He found the chin strap comfortable especially because of the velcro pad which goes over the straps. The straps have adjusters so he was able to find the perfect fit fast.

The TeamObsidian helmet has a 2 year warranty to guarantee successful use for mountain bike racing, work commutes, or joy rides. There is a detachable visor which will protect you from the Sun, wind, and rain. The inner pads are removable for easy washing. The chin strap is cushioned for more comfort. This helmet is very light at 0.6 pounds even though its construction is sturdy.

3. Retrospec CM-3 Helmet

The Retrospec CM-3 has 24 precision placed vents in order to keep your head cool during hot weather. These vents are located in a lightweight 250gm liner. This ensures maximum ventilation and comfort. These 24 vents placed all around the helmet increase airflow while at the same time push out hot air. This helmet uses lightweight materials and has an aerodynamic design which reduces weight and air friction allowing you to bike faster.

The first rider using this helmet said that it fits his head well. Plus he did not feel any pressure points on his head from the helmet. It feels light on his head. What he likes a lot are the many vent openings which keep his head cool.

The Retrospec CM-3 is comfortable for him and it is easy to fit once he puts it on. He is glad there is an LED light at the back of the helmet. The only negative is that it is powered with a CR battery which is not rechargeable. Overall he thinks this helmet for $20 is better than most $40 helmets.

The next rider bought one for himself and one for his wife. He thought the helmet looks good and fits nice on his head, but he thought it would be more comfortable. His wife likes that it is lightweight. It is easy to adjust to the right fit. They like the rear light on the helmet.

It has 3 light settings which are flashing, slow flash, or always on. What they don’t like is after the helmet is removed you have to readjust the straps the next time you put it on. The other thing is it does not have a chin guard so the clip may cut into the skin sometimes.

The Retrospec CM-3 is safety certified and has both certifications for the US and Europe. This helmet is made using fully-formed ABS. It is an outer shell material which provides superior protection from impacts. On the inside there is EPS foam. This foam absorbs shocks to your head if you were to crash.

In addition to the vents keeping you cool there is a DewCollector. This interior padding technology keeps you dry and frees you of any ventilation. It does this by stopping perspiration and preventing any bacteria or odor from building up.

4. Moon Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

The Moon Adult mountain bike helmet can handle the hottest weather conditions. It has 22 ventilation honeycomb-style vents. These vents enable air to go through the biking helmet in order to keep your head at a cool temperature.

It has an aerodynamic design which increases airflow and decreases wind resistance so you can bike faster. This helmet is also lightweight which also keeps your head cool. Its weight is 270g so it reduces weight on your neck.

The first rider found this helmet to be quite comfortable. He was able to adjust it many ways so he could get the perfect fit. He liked the dial on the back of the helmet which enabled him to modify it to the circumference of his head. The inner pads of the helmet are fitted using velcro so he could adjust them for better comfort.

Because they were velcroed he was happy he could remove them for washing after an all day ride. He appreciated that the padding has netting between the air vents on the front. This is to keep the bugs out of your hair. There is also a sun visor which is removable and keeps the Sun out of your eyes.

The next rider thought this helmet looks cool and is easy to wear. He liked that it has lots of vents, which is great for summer he said. The helmet extends a bit lower in the back which will give you more protection for your head in a crash.

One thing he loves to do is to tilt his head forward sometimes. This causes a flow of cool air to wash over his head. They only negative is it took him some time to adjust the straps before he got enough tension to feel secure.

The Moon helmet is certified by CPSC. It uses one-piece technology to provide unibody safety. Its PC external shell material is many times the price of a general PVC shell and has increased hardness and toughness.

This helmet is also equipped with high density EPS foam. EPS foam absorbs shocks and increases protection of your head from severe impacts. This helmet fit both medium and large heads. Medium from 55 to 58cm and large from 58 to 61cm.

5. Lixada Mountain Biking Helmet

The Lixada mountain bike helmet has a whopping 25 vents for cooling your head during hot weather. These vents are designed in such a way that they bring in cool air and flush out hot air.

They are positioned on the helmet to maximize airflow. This helmet is light weight at 238g, so it will not heat up your head at all because of weight. The reason why it is light weight is because of its molded EPS design which is integrated into the helmet.

The first rider thought that this helmet is the lightest he has ever worn. He said it was even lighter than his racing helmet. There is a lot of vents which makes him happy because it keeps his head cool during the hot summer heat. He noticed that this heat uses a different styrofoam compared to other helmets he has used. This is what makes it light, plus the wall is a little thinner than the other helmets.

This rider explained that the Lixada probably saved his life. He was riding and lost control which caused him to go into a friend of his who was on his mountain bike. They both fell at a fast speed. The result was he flipped back and hit the back of his head on the hard dirt trail. He says without this helmet he would have needed to be rushed to the ER.

The third rider explained that this helmet as he wears it cuts through the air and he can feel himself go faster the harder he pushes. He feels a good cooling effect as the holes cool down his head. This helmet fits him well even though as he says he has a melon head and 1 foot long hair. He likes that the chin strap is padded well and off center. This prevents the chin strap from grinding into his chin and neck.

The Lixada is made of EPS material which is sturdy and durable. It will decrease the impact of severe forces on your head due to a crash. The helmet comes in many colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and white. The head circumference ranges from 22 inches to 24.4 inches. Inside the helmet it is lined with a soft foam pad. There is a visor which you can take on or off. It protects you from the Sun.

6. Zacro Adult Mtb Helmet

If you like riding in summer during hot weather then consider the Zacro helmet. Its able to keep your head cool because it has 18 honeycomb designed vents. These vents are placed on the helmet strategically in order to increase airflow and push out hot air away from your head.

The Zacro is also light because it is constructed with lightweight material. The pads inside the helmet are very breathable which further cools your head. Keeping your head cool is important because it allows you to stay comfortable which makes you focus better on mountain biking.

One rider explained that the Zacro is sturdy and well built. He found it to also be lightweight and easy to wear. It is easy to take on and off. After riding with this helmet for a couple of rides, he said he noticed that the crown, visor, chin strap, and other parts don’t feel weak or cheaply made. It does not feel bulky when wearing it. He appreciates the free, throw-in face mask. It helps keep your face clean of dust and bugs.

The next rider was wearing this helmet when he got into an accident. He was going 25mph when he lost control and landed on his face on a gravel trail. The front of the helmet hit the trail first. He had many injuries to his face, hands, and legs. Above his forehead there was not a scratch. There was no brain trauma. Without the Zacro he says he probably would be in the ER or the morgue.

The third rider described the construction of this helmet as very nice. There is a lot of padding which is well distributed. He likes the excellent support, plus the rear suspension covers a large area of the rear of the head. The front of the helmet comes down slightly on the forehead.

He says the helmet fits him like a glove. The venting is good especially because he rides in Florida. He is able to easily adjust the Y straps even after clipping the helmet on. The dial at the back of the helmet is precise and smooth for making size modifications.

The Zacro fits heads from 54 to 62cm. It is made from high density imported EPS, PC, and PVC materials. The inside lining is removable for washing plus it absorbs sweat keeping you cool.

7. Bell Super 3R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet [Best Full Face for Hot Weather]

If you are going to ride in hot weather and you need a full face helmet then consider the Bell Super 3R helmet. The 3R is equipped with an overbrow ventilation system. There are intake ports on the brow of the helmet which collect cool air and send it through its air network of 23 vents so your entire head becomes cooler.

I did not see any other full-face helmet which has this system or a full-face helmet that has 23 vents. Other full-face helmets don’t have so many vents. So the Bell Super 3R is best for hot weather riding.

This first rider likes to ride downhill and feels the 3R is more secure than his other helmets. He says he can fasten and remove the chin bar while wearing the helmet. But this takes practice especially when wearing long finger gloves. He finds this helmet comfortable to wear and it is easy to store the chin bar in his backpack.

The visor is easy to adjust, but in order to hold it in place he did not hear or feel any defined clicks. The only negative was he found it difficult to drink with the chin bar on without tilting the helmet back first.

The next rider explained that the helmet looks cool without the chin guard, but looks even cooler with it. Removing the chin guard is fast and easy. Putting it back on was also quick and simple. He thought the airflow was great. It keeps his head cool even in the hot Sun, which is great for him because he rides in the desert. His head is 58cm so medium was tight, and large fit perfectly.

The Bell Super 3R fits all size heads including small 52-56cm, medium 55-59cm, and large 58-62cm. There are 4 brow port vents and 6 chin bar vents. This helmet is CPSC certified.

This helmet has a goggle guide adjustable visor system. This system allows you to use both goggles and glasses. It works with or without the visor needing to be attached.

There is also an integrated breakaway camera mount system. The seamless camera mount does not require any zip ties or tape. It is designed to breakaway upon impact to decrease any risk of injury.

8. Shinmax Mountain Biking Helmet

The Shinmax mountain bike helmet is our final selection of helmets which are best when riding in hot weather. It has 22 breathable vents which have been placed in such a way as to increase the airflow of cool air to your head.

At the same time this helmet is aerodynamically designed in cooperation with the vents to suck out hot air. This aerodynamic design also allows you to go faster when you pedal harder. The increased airflow and reduced wind resistance makes you go faster.

One rider using this Shinmax explained that this helmet is very light at 260g. It is easy to adjust and very comfortable. The knob on the back of the helmet works well for fast adjustments of the circumference. You can also pull on the straps to adjust how tight it fits your head. This rider said there is a lot of room for adjustments making it very versatile.

He was glad there is padding on the chin strap. This prevents the strap from digging into his chin when speaking. The many air vents kept his head cool. He likes the light on the back of the helmet. You can set it to strobe from top to bottom, have all 6 lights flashing, or all the lights on. Each push on the casing of the light changes the light. You can even do this while wearing the helmet.

The next rider explained some positives and negatives. First he thought the Shinmax looks nice and it fits very comfortably. He found this helmet feels very light and easy to adjust.It just took a few minutes of playing around with the straps but then he got it to fit just right. The knob on the back gave him a good tight fit.

Some negatives of this helmet for this particular rider. Adjusting around the ears was a little frustrating. The directions were not clear, but he eventually got it. When he opened the box the light fell out and popped open. He put it back in and it works fine. But he has to push pretty hard to turn it on.

This same rider has a small head and the helmet changes how his glasses fit him. He has to balance between having the helmet far enough over his forehead while at the same time not change the position of his glasses. This issue is mostly for people with a small head and glasses.


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