best mountain bike shoes under 100

8 Best Mountain Bike Shoes Under 100

best mountain bike shoes under 100

These are the results of our research into the best mountain bike shoes under 100 dollars. All shoes have a 4.0 star rating or higher along with many reviews. We looked for shoes that are affordable but also are high quality, comfortable, and have a good grip. Take a look below to get started.

1. Five Ten Adidas Sleuth Mountain Bike Shoe [Best Overall Under $100]

The Adidas Five Ten Sleuth Men’s mountain bike shoe is a great everyday shoe for men who want the best everyday shoes for their needs. These shoes offer daily comfort with its casual vibes. But because of its bike-friendly tread, you won’t have to change shoes when you suddenly decide to enjoy the day on your mountain bike all for under 100 dollars.

It will be a great fit for you as long as you get the right size. The available sizes range from size 8 to size 12, with half-size increments in between. Plenty of people might comment if you wear this and then go riding on your mountain bike without changing shoes.

That’s because they look “too” nice, and using them for your bike pedaling might ruin them. But that’s exactly what they’re for—they’re regular casual shoes that can deal with mountain bike riding.

One rider who wears these shoes noted that they’re comfortable to wear, because it flexes normally like you’d expect from any other low top pair of sneakers. But the heel portion of the shoes is stiff, so it deals better with pedals with large metal pins.

Another rider noted that the performance for bike riding is terrific. They offer ample grip on the pedals so your feet don’t slide around. But you can jump off the bike when you have to, and this rider even noticed that when he got on the ground, the rubber platform stuck to the ground nicely.

The upper on these shoes is made from suede and canvas. The upper goes nicely with the Stealth S1 rubber outsole, which provide the grip without leaving marks on the floor. With the lace enclosure, you get a classy daily pair of shoes that you can rely on to make you look good. That’s true even when you’re mountain biking.

2. Diamondback Men’s Overdrive Clipless Mountain Cycling Shoe

If you’re looking for mountain biking shoes that are also comfortable to wear for under $100, then you’ve found them. That only applies, however, if your shoe size is within the size 6 to size 11½ range. This pair of shoes accommodates your bike clips nicely, and they should thread well. Quite a few users have noted this.

One user did mention that the clips set deeply into the soles of the shoes, so you can walk on wooden floors and not cause damage to the floor. That same user thought that these shoes looked good, while the Velcro straps proved easy to use.

What plenty of users say is that these shoes are truly comfortable to wear. That’s not really true of many biking shoes, but you won’t have any discomfort to endure with this pair. These fit well enough, and if they may seem snug at first the shoes tend to become more comfortable as time goes on.

Another user emphasized that having shoes that really fit well can somehow improve your feel with the bike. You’re basically a better rider because of them, and you’ll notice the difference the first time you use these shoes.

It’s understandable that lots of users said that these shoes are comfy, because the upper has considerable areas with breathable mesh. It also uses PU leather that gradually conforms to the precise shape of your feet for a better fit. The soft spandex lining along with the perforated EVA insole also enhances the comfort level of your feet.

The outsole is made with a nylon and fiberglass composite, which has been designed to specifically match with mountain bike pedals. This composite is quite durable, while the material also boosts your pedaling efficiency.

The reinforced toe cap along with the heel cup are also quite tough, and these shoes can deal with any challenges the bike trails may offer.
Just one note of caution—these are still mountain bike shoes.

That means they’re not designed for long, comfortable walks. You can walk on these shoes for short distances (such as when you cross the street with your bike), but you’re in trouble if you think you can walk a full mile wearing these shoes.

3. Santic Mountain Cycling Shoes Men’s

If you want mountain bike shoes that improve your cycling performance, without making you look stupid, you may want to take a look at this one. These feel comfortable enough, provided you get the right size. The available sizes range from size 7 to size 9.5.

One reviewer bought these to replace a well-beloved pair of mountain bike shoes, and noted that this pair met his requirements. He wanted shoes that can accommodate 2 bolt cleats, while the shoes must also fit. The Santic mountain cycling shoes met both requirements. This same user liked how he was able to put in his cleats with no trouble in the 4-hole Calta design, and they’re great for riding.

Another user approved of the price, and that even though these were more affordable, this pair of shoes offered a high level of performance. At the same, it was comfortable for him as well.

This looks great, as quite a few people have noted. A lot of it has to do with the design, along with the Nano high mirror PU. It has anti-slip lining inside, while the heel cup has become thicker for greater protection. There’s a clasp to secure the shoes on your feet, along with the handy “magic bandage” (Velcro).

Because of the efficient ventilation, your feet should feel comfortable enough inside the shoes. The ergonomic design feels great, with the Velcro straps offering a nice, secure fit.

These shoes also look great, especially with the iridescent colors. You may even walk on them for a while. But it’s the high level of biking performance you get which will really impress you.

All in all, you get a lot of value for your money for under 100 dollars. Plenty of experienced bikers regard this as one of the best pair of shoes for the price.

4. Giro Rumble VR Men’s Mountain Cycling Shoes

Whether you’re into wearing cleats or not, the Gino Rumble VR should help make sure you do your best. But these aren’t just strictly biking shoes, since you may even use this for walking while on the biking trails.

Plenty of people say that it’s great for casual rides. One rider notes that they’re very comfortable on his feet, and it’s nice that they’re lightweight as well. At the same time, his old cleats fit right in nicely. There are 4 cleat holes per shoe, and the removable cover hides them.

Another rider even used this pair to pedal 135 miles over the span of 2 days. He had some bit of trouble with his foot instep cramping, and that was because he was wearing too-flexible tennis shoes. But when he switched to the Gino Rumble VR, the stiffness of this pair solved the problem.

This same rider also emphasized that while the shoe was built to accommodate clips, they’re not really needed. For no-clip flat pedals, the Gino Rumble VR performs well for less than 100. It’s even easy to walk on these shoes, compared to when walking with other biking shoes.

What makes this shoe comfortable is that the upper is made with breathable synthetic suede with mesh. It’s obviously breathable, while it offers a supportive yet supple platform.

You get good power transfer with the injected nylon plate, along with the stainless-steel hardware. You also enjoy the stability and grip you need with the molded Vibram Ecostep rubber on the outsole.

With the die-cut EVA footbed found on these shoes, you get medium arch support. It’s compatible with lots of 2-bolt cleat systems, including Time ATAC and Shimano SPD. All in all, it works for biking on the mountain trails, and it works for hiking too.

5. Tommaso Vertice Men’s All Mountain Vibram Sole Mountain Biking Shoes

The Tommaso Store calls this pair their most capable mountain shoes, and you get to enjoy a nice combo of performance and comfort. Biking shoes, as a rule, aren’t comfortable at all. But these Vertice shoes break that rule.

One cyclist who tried this the first time was quite impressed with its performance. The fit was great, and he felt no problem after riding 10 miles on different types of terrain. There were no blisters, pain, or any sort of discomfort.

Another casual cyclist liked how these shoes can be both supportive and comfortable. The sole treads were deep enough to hide the cleats he put in, but they’re not too aggressive for casual walks on the trail.

The Velcro straps work nicely, as they offer a more perfectly adjusted fit compared to just using laces. There’s even the wide reflective strip found on the heel, which adds another safety layer if you’re biking on roads.

This mtb shoe comes with a Vibram sole that’s both grippy and super-rugged. The hardened toe box is reinforced, so your feet are protected from whatever you encounter on the trails.

At the same time, you enjoy extravagant comfort because of the ample amounts of padding that hugs your feet completely. It combines comfort with biking performance that makes sure you enjoy having these shoes on your feet.

Just keep in mind that the Vertice comes in 2 versions—the 100 and the 200. The 100 comes with 3 Velcro straps, while the 200 offers 2 Velcro straps and a ratcheting buckle in lieu of another Velcro strap.

They’re both 2-bolt cleat compatible and you get to walk more easily due to the recessed cleat area. All in all, these should meet your needs, with a great experience for your feet and a terrific performance on the pedals.

6. Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes (Clipless)

This is another mountain bike shoe from the Five Ten brand, and this is what you get if you want to be sure that your shoes will match with the type of SPD pedal on your bike. The wider cleat interface here is compatible with all SPD types, and you also enjoy the Stealth C4 outsole.

One rider who tried these out regards these shoes as surprisingly terrific (especially when you consider how affordable they are at under 100). They’re comparable to the shoes that cost 5 times as much. It’s stiff (especially at first), but then that’s actually what you want when pedaling hard. He says the shoes are built well, and they look great too.

But another rider insists that these shoes are still comfortable enough for walking. The leather is quite soft on the upper, and he was able to set his feet in to settle nicely on the wider toe box.

The stealth rubber bottom sticks to the pedals like they’re glued on, so when you’re not clipped it still plants your feet to the pedal. When you’re riding flat, the bottom of these shoes can really dig into the pedal spikes, so even when clipless it feels like you have clips still.

Part of the reason why it’s comfy to wear is that the upper is made from PU-coated polyester mesh. The tiny perforations on the upper make it breathable, but it’s still somewhat weather-resistant. You have the laces here to secure the shoes to your feet, along with the hook-and-loop tops trap to top things off.

The Kestrel Lace has a nylon shank, so it’s somewhat not as stiff as the Kestrel. You enjoy terrific shock absorption with the EVA midsole. It gives you ample protection from the bumps on the trail, without having to suffer pain from too much stiffness.

7. Gavin Elite MTB Cycling Shoe, Mountain Bike Shoe – SPD Cleat Compatible

This isn’t available in too many sizes, which can be a problem. It’s only available in either size 38 EU or size 39 EU. Size 38 EU is roughly the same as size 5½ for men, while size 39 EU is midway between size 6 and 6½.

But if you do get this in your size, you’re in for a treat. That’s because it offers a virtually exact fit due to the buckle, which is micro-adjustable. But that’s not the only thing going for it.

One rider has used this and has raved about. He had no issues with it whatsoever, and he has used it to ride for miles. He has compared this pair of shoes to biking shoes that cost twice as much. The shoe is extremely well made overall, and the ratcheting system is especially smooth.

Another rider noted that with the micro-adjustable buckle, he can set the shoes up so they’re snug on his feet. When he’s riding on his bike, it’s no trouble to get clicked in to secure the shoes on the pedals.

But when he’s off the bike, he can walk with it at least for short distances (and not for cross-country hiking). The clipless pedal cleats won’t hit the ground when he’s walking.

Lots of other people also say that these shoes look great. They may be for mountain bikes, but they’re also fashionable as well as functional. At the same time, many others say that the comfort level the shoes offer is topnotch.

The ratcheting system on the buckle is easy enough to use, starting with inserting the strap. Then you pull up on the larger tab (that’s the ratchet buckle) to gradually adjust and tighten the fit. Just be careful that you don’t pull the tab past the release tab.

When you’re done with your bike ride, push down on the smaller tab, which is the release tab. This will then loosen and free the strap.
Many say this ratcheting system is easy to use, and it offers a very nice fit for a comfortable time on your bike.

8. Giro Gauge Men’s Mountain Cycling Shoes [under $100]

This time, you have a wide range of shoe sizes available. It’s a good bet that you will find one that fits you. The shoe sizes range from size 6½ up to size 15.

With the Gauge, you have shoes that offer features specifically designed for cycling. At the same time, they still work for walking for short distances. Plenty of users attest to how it’s still comfortable to walk while wearing these shoes.

One rider gushed that these shoes are just better than other shoes that may cost 4 times as much. They’re best in terms of performance, fit, comfort, and even in looks. They offer terrific support, while they’re tough and durable as well. The materials used for the shoes are evidently of high quality, all for under 100 dollars.

Another rider also used these shoes with thin cycling socks, and rode 30 miles a day with them. He confirmed that they performed well, and felt good on his feet. He did mention that it may need some bit of breaking in, since the shoes felt better on the 5th day than on the 1st day. Or perhaps his feet got used to the shoes.

These are expressly for mountain biking, since it was designed specifically for clipless pedal compatibility. You get a supportive fit to go with the stout injected nylon inner shank that easily transfers your power to your bike pedals.

The rubber outsole has been aggressively lugged, to give you that reliable grip you want on the pedals. At the same time, you enjoy some comfort from the breathable mesh and supple synthetic fiber on the upper.

Other features include the thermo-bonded armor that’s both lightweight and tough. The reinforced toe and the synthetic heel overlay are both resistant to abrasion. You also get a die-cut EVA footbed.