8 Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Here are my results of the best full face mountain bike helmets so you don’t have to spend lots of time searching yourself. All these helmets have more than 4.5 stars and dozens of reviews. We have researched them so you will know which is best overall, for MIPS, if you are on a budget, for downhill, and for racing.

1. IXS Unisex Trigger Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet [Best Overall]

The IXS Unisex Trigger is the best overall full face mountain bike helmet. As a full face helmet you want one because it offer superior protection. The material components of this helmet are durable. It is 20% polycarbonate, 45% EPS foam which is shock absorbing, 0.5% aluminum, 20% nylon, and 5% polyester for maximum strength, weight, and ventilation.

The first person I spoke to about this helmet loved that there is lots of ventilation with its 25 vents. It is very lightweight at just 1.31 pounds. He explained he can hardly feel the helmet on his head. He was glad it does not make his neck tired. He has the medium/large size because his head is a bit big.

The next rider emphasized that he would buy this helmet again and again. This is because he flew over the handlebars and landed head first into a rock garden. This helmet saved his life and the left side of his face.

Your head is well protected due to the IXS Unisex Trigger’s design. Complete protection of your head is certain because of its inmould technology. The helmet shell makes direct contact with the absorbing EPS material. This causes an increase in the structural strength of the helmet while maintaining low weight and volume.

No matter what size head you have you will be comfortable. The IXS uses their trademarked ErgoFit Ultra system. This system allows your head to fit accurately vertically and horizontally.

There is also a 2-level visor adjustment system which enables you to rest your goggles and modify your visor to your perfect position. This is easily done due to its magnetic closure system.

This helmet comes in small/medium which fits head sizes between 54 to 58cm. Medium/large which fits heads 58 to 62cm. Your head will remain cool due to its external and internal vents. They are strategically placed to allow for maximum flow and cooling.

2. Troy Lee Designs Stage Full Face Mtb Helmet [Best MIPS Overall]

The Troy Lee Designs Stage is the best full face mountain bike with MIPS. MIPS helps to protect your brain from serious injury and may save your life. During a mountain biking crash because you are moving forward the crash and your body will have increased rotational motion.

This type of motion especially can cause brain injuries. With the MIPS system a low-friction layer glides 10 to 15mm in all directions. During impact the rotational motion is reduced which decreases impact on the head and brain.

The first rider explained to me that he was very happy that this helmet is very lightweight and incredibly durable. This rider has not been in any crashes with this helmet but feels like this one offers more protection compared to the other helmets he has worn. The helmet is quite breathable as he wears it and very light.

The next rider rides singletrack in Arizona year round. He described the air flow and cooling of his head as amazing. When he has the helmet on it feels like very light. He uses the extra large size because of his head size. The only negative is he still needs to get used to the clasp.

The third mountain biker goes riding on weekends. Each ride is at least 20 miles. He says other riders think a full face helmet is too much but this Troy Lee Design helmet feels like it is not on his head. He rides in Nevada which has 90 degree heat. He sweats less in the Stage than the Giro. The ventilation and airflow is exceptional.

Troy Lee Designs has a 3 year warranty and weighs only 690 grams. Its very durable due to its polylite shell construction which is reinforced with fiber. The chinbar is injected with polyacylite for more strength and it has an Exoskeleton.

In order to reduce sweat and bad odors the liner is designed with silver X-Static fibers. They stop the growth of odor microbes in the fabric. There is moisture wicking for fast drying which prolongs your comfort.

3. Demon Podium FF Mountain Bike Helmet [Best For Budget]

The best full face helmet for mountain bikes on a budget is the Demon Podium. Demon Team riders wear this helmet when they ride plus they also designed it. They designed it in such a way as to make it more affordable at under $90. So you get more for your money, also included when you buy this helmet are the new Demon Viper mountain bike goggles.

The first rider explained that this helmet is very good for the price. This is why I chose the Demon Podium as the best budget. Many other riders said the same thing. He usually wears a size medium but this size felt tight with this helmet so he exchanged it for a large. But then the large felt loose. So he fixed that by adding replacement cheek pads. Now it fits perfectly. He finds that the included goggles are breathable and very clear.

The next rider found this helmet to be comfortable. He did get into a crash, but fortunately he was wearing this helmet and it gave him good protection. He came away from the crash just fine other than scratches on the helmet. The only negative is the helmet scratches easily and sometimes it can get hot.

The Demon Podium will keep your head cool due to its 13 strategically located vents. They are specifically placed in order to maximize air flow and reduce heat buildup. This helmet is made with a durable polycarbonate shell for increased protection against impact. It meets all CPSC certification safety standards.

Mountain bikers will be happy to know that no matter your head size this helmet will probably fit. This helmet fits a wide range of head sizes from 49cm all the way up to 61cm.

It is lightweight at 2 pounds 2 ounces and includes a removable helmet liner which is washable. So it is easy to clean any dirt or sweat keeping it fresh and cool.

For additional comfort there is an EPS liner that conforms to the shape of your head. The visor is fully adjustable so you get maximum shade from the Sun.

4. Fox Head Rampage Competitive Imperial Helmet [Best For Downhill]

The Fox Head Rampage Competitive Imperial helmet is the best for downhill riding. It is also very good for enduro and freeride mountain biking. You would think a full face downhill helmet would be quite hot but that is not true. This helmet has not only 11 vents but they are large vents. They are designed and strategically located for competitive riders. The helmet weighs 4 pounds which at first may seem heavy, but I keep getting information from riders who say this helmet feels light weight.

The first rider using this helmet wiped out wearing it. He flew over the handlebars and went face first into a rock. He luckily walked away with only a few scratches and a dent on his helmet. This helmet saved him and he is not afraid to continue to bike downhill.

The next rider is an experienced mountain biker. He rides on intense trails daily. He found the Fox Head Rampage to be quite comfortable. He likes the design and metal ventilation grates. Because of those two features he thinks the price is worth it. He is easily able to adjust the fit by snapping the buckle which makes it more secure.

The third rider found that this helmet fits his head perfectly. He likes that there is a lot of ventilation and it feels super light on his head. The padding inside the helmet gives him a snug comfortable fit. The 11 vent placements keep his head cool enough. He is happy that it has a buckle on the chin strap and not a cheap button clip.

This helmet is made of carbon which makes it very light. It also has a race ready fiberglass shell that is light weight as well. It will protect you against very severe impacts from downhill trails.

It does have a large shell as part of its design. So if you are a teenager it might look a little big on you. But that is a small price to pay for good protection that could save your life. If you already have a motorcross helmet then you may want to read our article, can you use a motorcross helmet for mountain biking.

5. Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite [Best For Racing]

Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite is the best mountain bike full face helmet for racing. This helmet has many features for racing which are also found on top of the line D3 Carbon. helmets. What makes the D3 Fiberlite so great for racing is its lightweight fiberglass shell. This shell has a tested and proven aerodynamic design. Plus it is equipped with an effective ventilation system. The helmet weighs 3.31 pounds and is suitable for both men and women.

The first rider explained that this full face is amazing. It fits his head very well and is quite comfortable. While wearing the helmet he does not feel any pressure points on his head. For him the chin bar feels sturdy and it is a good size. Even though there were other lighter weight options he bought the D3 Fiberlite because it can handle multiple impacts. He says thinks makes it more affordable and he appreciates its high safety rating.

The next rider using this helmet says the helmet is light and his head fits right into the helmet perfectly. He likes the cheek pads because they are comfortable plus they are removable so he can wash them easily. He said the helmet saved his head enough times. So I take that to mean he must of crashed a few times but was okay because of this helmet. Lastly he explained the helmet is comfortable and is ventilated very well. The sizing chart on the TLD website is accurate.

The D3 Fiberlite helmet comes in black. The ventilation system is made up of 20 high-flow intake and exhaust ports in order to increase air circulation and reduce heat. This visor is full spectrum and can be easily modified and adjusted.

This helmet is designed with lightweight fiberglass shell construction and weighs only 1225 grams. In order to improve the impact performance of this helmet there is an EPS new head-form shape. If you need to remove the helmet quickly there are fast release cheek pads.

6. POC Coron Air SPIN Mountain Bike Helmet

The POC Coron Air Spin helmet is best for downhill and enduro mountain bike racing. This helmet has been especially designed for competition use and is enduro and downhill certified. The Coron Air Spin provides a balanced combination of performance, protection, ventilation, and comfort all day long. To get these great results this helmet was designed in cooperation with top professionals and POC team athletes. Two of them are Martin Soderstrom a slopestyle legend and from the Ibis Enduro racing team Robin Women’sallner.

The first rider I found wearing this helmet said the helmet is very comfortable even though he has a large head. The cheek pads though are tight and squished his cheeks too much. He finds that this helmet is not so light but not too heavy either. He has good visibility when the helmet is on. He is able to still hear well when wearing it due to the ear hollows which also increase comfort. As he is riding the airflow, ventilation, and cooling, is good. But the helmet gets hot when you stand still.

The next rider found the POC to be very comfortable. He has a 63cm head and finds it difficult to find a helmet that does not give him a headache. This helmet fits well and it does not tear his ears off when he removes it. The helmet feels light when he wears it and he is impressed with the ventilation.

The third rider explained that his jaw and cheek area felt tight when wearing the helmet but now it feels fine. Guess he just needed to get used to it and wear it in. He and other bikers mentioned to make sure the screw on top is tight or the visor will fly up due to the wind.

The Coron Air SPIN offers superior head and brain protection because it has POC’s patent pending rotational impact protection system. This system is designed to decrease the severity of an oblique fall by decreasing the amount of force transferred to the head and brain. The spin pads enable this helmet to move in relation to the head during a fall. This reduces the impact going to your brain.

7. Bell Super 3R Adult Mtb Helmet

The Bell Super 3R helmet is among the best when it comes to protecting your head and brain. This helmet is equipped with MIPS and has wraparound protection. Multi-directional Impact Protection System is what MIPS stands for. This top slip-plane technology is used inside the helmet. It is engineered so that rotational forces are reduced which can result from severe impacts. Wraparound protection includes a protective chin bar which is removable. It is designed for mountain bike riding adaptability. The chin bar connects using a simple 3-step attachment process. You don’t need any tools for this.

The first rider using the Bell Super 3R explained that this helmet feels light but is still strong at 2.8 pounds. The cheek pads are comfortable. He likes that the pads are adjustable and removable for cleaning them. He thought the helmet fit his head well because there are internal adjustment mechanisms to adjust the size perfectly. Plus the helmet overall does not add a lot of size to your head. He appreciates that this helmet is very breathable. There is a lot of ventilation when he rides in hot weather.

The next rider compared his Bell Super 3R with his Switchblade helmet. He found that the chin guard did not fasten as securely as the Switchblade. Plus the chin guard is more flexible and not as heavy duty. The padding in the 3R is not so thick. On a more positive note he said, the 3R is more comfortable and fits his head better. The MIPS dial does not dig into his spine at any angle which is great because he had this problem with other helmets. The 3R does not heat up as much as the Switchblade. He thinks the 3R is very cool with good air flow.

The Bell Super 3R because it is pretty light keeps you cool but it also has an Overbrow Ventilation system. This system includes intake ports on the brow of the helmet to bring in cool air and push it though its air-channel network for ventilating the entire head.

If you want to video your riding experience there is a seamless camera mount which does not need any zip ties or tape. It is designed to break away upon impact to reduce the risk of injury.

8. Demon United Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

The Demon United Podium is among the best full face mountain bike helmets for riders who will be biking all day. When you bike all day you need to keep cool. The Demon Podium has 13 large vents along the helmet body. This enables cool air to circulate through the helmet and push the warm air out. Each vent is strategically placed to maximize air flow and suck away hot air from your head.

The first rider explained that the fit is perfect and he is happy it is lightweight at 3 pounds. While wearing this helmet his head hit right into a rock after he went over the handlebars. Crashing into a rock was loud and the helmet has a bad dent, but he hardly felt the impact. He found the helmet to be comfortable and provides superior protection. He liked it so much he bought one for his wife.

The next rider explained that because he has a narrow head half shell helmets don’t look good on him. So he prefers a full face and the Demon United looks great on him. When he wears it he has a good wide view and excellent venting. He is glad that he can still hear well while wearing it because the venting is good around the ears. Usually he wears a 7 and a half size in hats, so the large full face fits him well. The helmet is very easy to take on and off because of its buckle.

The Demon United Podium is designed with an EPS foam liner which conforms to the shape of your head. This improves the comfort you will have while wearing it and keep your head secure and stable. There is a liner inside the helmet which is removable so you can wash it properly. The liner will absorb sweat and keep you dry and feeling cool.

There is a visor which is fully adjustable. You can adjust it using the aluminum side visor screws. This helmet is CPSC Certified and it comes with a helmet bag. It is also lightweight because it is constructed using a polycarbonate shell. This shell is made using a tough injection molded thermal alloy resin for strength and lightness.