best mountain bike helmets for big head

9 Best Mountain Bike Helmets For Big Head

best mountain bike helmets for big head

If you have a large noggin then these are the best mountain bike helmets for big head riders. Having the right sized helmet for your head circumference is crucial for you to have a good riding experience. You can’t ride at your best if you are uncomfortable. The helmets below are organized from largest to not as large. Take a look below and find the best helmet for your big head.

1. Bontrager Starvos Mountain Bike Helmet Big Head (60-66cm)

The Bontrager Starvos is the largest fitting helmet for a big head that I have come across ranging from 60 to 66 cm. If you have a very large head and other helmets have not fit then try this one.

What is special about this helmet is its WaveCel technology. WaveCel improves comfort and performance for all riders that require safety. The more comfortable you are the better you will be able to focus on your riding. WaveCel is a structure that goes inside your helmet. It is a collapsible cellular design. It is a crumble zone which absorbs the force of an impact before it reaches your head.

The first rider using this helmet explained that he can feel the safety and security created around his head with this equipment. It is light and comfortable. The Starvos is made very well. He uses a yellow helmet which can be easily seen by other riders and cars. He found that this WaveCel helmet is only a little heavier than his older helmet which he used for a long time. Plus he feels much safer with this new one.

The next rider said that he never owned a helmet that he felt comfortable in until he started using this Bontrager. Probably because the other helmets never really fit his large head. According to him this helmet is super comfortable.

The 3rd rider used the sizing chart to find the right size and the helmet fit well. He uses it everyday at the mountain bike park. It is comfortable to wear and has a nice secure feeling knowing his head is protected.

The Bontrager Starvos is lightweight at 385 grams and it has a Virginia Tech 5 star rating. It is easy to adjust to the right fit using its Headmaster Fit System. This system enables you to use one hand to adjust for circumference and height making this helmet great for all head sizes even oblong and oval.

You can easily modify the straps for comfort and accurate fitting. Once adjusted, the straps lock down to stay in your position. Inside the helmet are very comfortable pads that wick moisture on hot days to keep you cool.

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2. Giro Fixture MIPS Mountain Biking Helmet (58-65cm)

The Giro Fixture is the best for riders with a big head who need to keep cool. Not only does this helmet fit bikers with a head ranging from 58 to 65cm but it also has 18 ventilation vents. These vents are strategically located on the helmet so as to maximize air flow and reduce wind resistance. This helps to keep your head cool and increase your speed on the trails.

A father bought his son this helmet because he had hydrocephalus which is a build up of fluid in the brain. After many surgeries this left his head larger than usual. The Giro Fixture fits the son very well and it does not create any pressure points on his head. The father just hopes that the straps could be a little longer so he could fit it even better. Don’t misunderstand, they love the helmet.

The next rider explained that he has a big head and most helmets don’t fit him. Even when he does find one that fits it does not look good. It usually makes him look like a mushroom head. The Fixture though fits good, plus it looks good on him.

It has a longer profile so he does not look like a mushroom head. He says the helmet is sturdy and the adjustment knob works well. The chin strap is simple to adjust and fits around his big face.

The third rider has a 59.7cm head or 23.5 inches. Plus he likes riding in winter so he uses a skull cap or a balaclava. This helmet fits correctly on his head as well as when he also wears the cold weather protection. He says this helmet fits over his head and not just on top of his head.

Giro Fixture helmets are equipped with 18 vents in order to keep your head cool. These vents are located at specific positions in order to maximize air flow and decrease wind resistance.

It is made using in-mold construction which integrates a strong polycarbonate outer shell with an impact absorbing foam liner. This combination makes these helmets lighter, cooler, and stronger than standard helmets.

3. Giro Chronicle Adult Mtb Helmet (61-65cm)

The Giro Chronicle is the best for those riders with a big head as well as with an oblong or oval large head. This is because not only can you adjust this helmet to the circumference of your head but you can also change the vertical position and tension of the helmet.

This is achieved using the Roc Loc 5 fit system. It is a design that is patented which suspends the helmet a little off the top of the skull. This allows cool air to flow over the top of your head keeping it cooler.

The first rider explained that this helmet fits much better than his old helmet. What he especially likes is the Chronicle grabs on to his head. So if he were upside down without the straps the helmet would not fall off. The Chronicle holds itself in place comfortably as compared to his old helmet which felt as if it was just sitting on his head.

Another rider crashed with this helmet on and survived to tell about it. He was going down a trail at around 20mph. The trail turns so he has to ride on the outer edge now. There is a large root sticking up 5 inches which he hit. After hitting the root he flies over the handlebars and lands on his left side head first.

Then for 7 feet he plows through rocks and dirt. He hit his head on an angle and he says he thinks he felt the MIPS actually working. After the crash he finished his ride and had no serious injuries.

The Chronicle MIPS is designed to be used with goggles. In order to do this the Chronicle has a P.O.V. Plus visor. It enables you to lift the visor and put your goggles on the front of the helmet.

To keep your large head cool there are 14 wind tunnel vents which interconnect with each other. This increases air flow and reduces wind resistance. You’ll be able to ride with a cooler head and less sweat. Plus inside the helmet is Coolmax padding which has wicking capabilities to absorb sweat and give you extra comfort.

4. Bontrager XXX Mountain Bike Helmet (58-63cm)

The Bontrager XXX is best for riders with a large head up to 63 centimetres. It is equipped with a BOA Fit System. This system allows you to use just one hand so you can secure and adjust the helmet fit easily. Then for an even more fine-tuned fit you can use its strap dividers which are easy to use and adjustable. The right fit and comfort allows you to focus more and have increased energy for riding your mountain bike.

This first rider got a black helmet. He was quite happy it fit his head so well. It fits to the shape of your head. It does not feel as though it is too high on your head. The inside of the helmet is simple to snap out and clean. The XXX provides an extra interior with a built-in sweatband. This frees you from maybe needing your own sweatband or skull cap.

The next rider specifically bought this helmet to protect his brain because he rides aggressively. He did get into an accident while wearing this helmet. He had 3 fractures to his pelvis. Fortunately there was no head injury. He had a CT scan done and an MRI. In the end there was no harm done to his brain or head.

He used Trek’s crash warranty which is, if you get into a crash within the first year of use, send the helmet back to Trek, and they will give you a new one. He likes the helmet most for its protection, looks, and comfort.

The third rider explained right away that this helmet is good for cool and cold temperatures. But it is too warm to use in the summer. Once the temperature gets above 80 degrees you will feel too hot. Other than that he likes the fit and the style. He will use the helmet but not on very warm days.

The Bontrager XXX has an aerodynamic shape which increases air flow and reduces wind resistance so you can ride faster. It is equipped with a silicone channel and NoSweat pad. This keeps the sweat out of your eyes for clear vision.

The XXX uses WaveCel technology inside the helmet. This creates a crash zone which absorbs the force of an impact before it gets to your head. It weighs only 390 grams.

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5. Schwinn Thrasher Mountain Bike Helmet (62.23cm or 24.5 inches)

The Schwinn Thrasher is a good helmet to try if you have a big head which is up to 62.23cm or 22.88 to 24.5 inches in circumference. A head which is large needs to keep cool. This helmet has 20 top ventilation vents.

The top of the head is where most heat is released. These vents have been placed in such a way as to maximize air flow and reduce wind resistance. This combination keeps your head cooler while also uses aerodynamics to increase your speed.

The first rider explained that he has a bigger head. At first he couldn’t fit the helmet on his head. But then he noticed the small adjustment wheel at the rear of the helmet. He turned the dial half way around and the helmet fit great. He thought the helmet was lightweight and looked good. When he started biking with the helmet he noticed he could hear very well.

The Thrasher did not make any extra noise which some other helmets seem to make. This helped to improve his spatial awareness while riding. As he was riding with the Thrasher someone cut him off on the dirt trail. He had to stop short which caused him to go head first off the side of the trail. He landed on the right side of his head with all of his body weight.

As he landed he heard a crack. He checked his head, then checked his helmet, there was nothing. His head was fine and so was his helmet. After a few days his neck was not even sore.

The next rider is a woman who said she has a large head at 24 inches. For her the Thrasher fit just right. The chin strap fits well and as she says it does not make you look like a nerd. The helmet is cute and the visor blocks the sun very well. She likes that there are many vents and that it is light weight.

The Schwinn Thrasher is constructed using three piece microshell. This increases the durability while keeping the helmet light.
There is a Dial-Fit strip on the back which allows you to adjust the helmet 360 degrees around your head for the right custom fit. There are moisture wicking pads inside the helmet which absorb sweat and evaporate it quickly.

6. Troy Lee Designs A1 Classic Mtb Helmet (60-62cm or 24.5 inches)

The Troy Lee Designs mountain biking helmet is the best for big heads from 60 to 62cm. It is constructed using a reinforced polycarbonate in-mold shell which is integrated with an EPS liner. This extends down the rear and sides of the helmet for maximum protection and durability.

Most of the accidents and crashes on mountain bikes result in the rider landing on the left or the right side of the head. So extending the shell and liner down the sides is especially important.

The first rider likes that the helmet is very light and comfortable. He didn’t think it would be as comfortable as his old helmet because this one provides more protection of his head. He can easily adjust the visor and or have it removed. It blocks the Sun well and gives a clear view.

He thinks the visor looks cool as well. His head was in between sizes so he went with the larger size and that worked out well. The adjustability of the helmet is precise.

The next rider thought that the back of the helmet drops down a little far. He was not used to that but appreciates the extra coverage. For him the helmet is comfortable. The strap system is nice and tight for a snug fit. He likes to wear layers sometimes like a skull cap or cloth. The adjustable wheel makes this easy to manage. The visor works well and does not get in the way.

The third rider has a large oblong head. He likes to wear a bandana during the summer and a beanie in the winter. The Troy Lee Designs is very comfortable even with the added garments on his big head. Plus the straps are long which is perfect for his longer head and face.

This helmet is equipped with 8 pressurized intake channels. They draw in cool air for maximum ventilation and cooling. At the back of the helmet are rear vacuum vortex outlets. They exhaust and remove heat from your heat.

For a precise customized fit you can easily use its multipurpose cam-lock adjustable stabilizer. The adjustable visor is full spectrum giving you maximum protection from ultraviolet rays. To reduce brain injuries from rotational impact this helmet uses MIPS. Its low friction layer will slide 10 to 15mm in all directions during an impact. This reduces impact to the brain during a crash.

7. Smith Venture Mountain Biking Helmet (24.4 inches or 61.9cm)

The Smith Venture is among the best helmets for riders with a large head up to 24.4 inches. Having a helmet which does not fit you properly can ruin your mountain biking experience. You will lose focus and you won’t be able to perform at your best. Wearing this helmet allows you to adjust the fit to your specific circumference. You’ll be able to experience its VaporFit adjustable fit system which customizes the size and fit.

The first rider likes the sleek look and black color of the helmet. He feels very safe and secure when wearing it. Compared to his old helmet the Giro Phase, the Smith Venture is lightweight. The visor does a good job blocking the Sun and it is comfortable overall. His glasses never fog up and the helmet keeps him cool on hot days.

The next rider explained that the Smith Venture looks great and it is very comfortable. The fit works well for his slightly large head size. He uses the helmet to ride the trails which are usually technical. Other times he crosses rivers, goes over drop offs, and jumps. Recently he was going downhill at around 15mph when a tree branch caught his shoulder.

It knocked him off his bike and he landed head first on to the right side of his head. He had some scrapes and then took off the helmet. The helmet looked fine, no pieces were broken and no cracks. There was only compressed foam under the plastic shell. His head was just fine. He will certainly buy the exact same one.

The 3rd rider feels comfortable wearing the helmet. It seems to be well made, durable, and strong. The only thing is the dial at the rear of the helmet which adjusts the fit has sharp edges. If you have hair you probably won’t notice this. But if you are bald then this is something to be aware of.

The Smith Venture provides back of the head protection with its extra coverage of the occipital area. This is beneficial if you fall backwards. It has an AirEvac Ventilation system which vents warm air away from your sunglasses.

This stops your sunglasses from fogging up. For maximum comfort it is equipped with X-Static pads. They have a cooling lining to keep temperatures low. Plus an ultraviolet single-layer of webbing to keep away insects.

8. POC Tectal Race SPIN Mtb Helmet (24.4 inches or 61.9cm)

The POC Tectal Race helmet is the best choice for bikers who want to go trail riding and enduro racing. It will fit those riders with a bigger head up to 24.4 inches. It is mainly for aggressive riders so this helmet uses an aramid bridge system which gives your cranium stronger protection. The SPIN system is for rotational impact protection. It is designed to decrease the impact of an oblique fall by lowering the amount of force transferred to your head and brain.

A rider using this helmet said he has a big head and the extra extra large fit very well. He likes the fit and adjustability because it also enables him to wear a head sweat band and still fit comfortably. He did get into an accident by going head first into the dirt and some rocks .

The thick brow and top area of the helmet absorbed the impact from the big rock. The visor was pushed in but it did not break. He only suffered a neck sprain, facial cuts and no concussion. In just one week he was back riding.

The next rider has a 22.5 inch head and got the medium to large size. He said it fits perfectly. He went on to say it is the most comfortable helmet he has ever bought. The vents cool his head well and it is simple to adjust. Plus he does not need to pinch in the straps when wearing sunglasses.

The third rider explained that the vents are large and wide which cool his head good. It is comfortable, light, and great for trails and enduro. Just by looking at it the POC gives you more coverage which is better protection. His XXL helmet fits great and the back adjustment makes the helmet secure.

The POC Tectal is equipped with a reinforced liner and durable polycarbonate shell which increases protection against impact and sharp objects.

If you ever go missing this helmet has embedded in it a RECCO reflector which increases radio signals from search and rescue RECCO detectors.

This helmet is light even though it is made with a unibody shell construction. This enhances its durability and strength. For extra comfort precision straps have been molded into the liner.

9. Smith Convoy MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet (59-61cm)

The Smith Convoy is best for large headed riders up to 61cm. Its fitting system is quite sophisticated. It is called the VaporFit system. This system has a maximum 5cm of rotary adjustability. This means you can adjust the helmet up and down, forward and backward at precise attachment points. This allows you to customize your fitting very accurately.

In addition to a great fit is exceptional protection. The Smith Convoy is equipped with MIPS. During an accident brain injuries usually happen due to rotational motion. Using MIPS, there is a low-friction layer which slides 10 to 15mm in all directions. This decreases the rotational motion and force to the brain during impact.

This first rider has been using this helmet for a few months now. He likes the adjustable straps in the rear. It helps the fit feel snug and secure. It is lightweight and has good ventilation keeping his head cool. He does not get hot even when he wears a bandana to absorb sweat. He also points out that even though the Smith Convoy is light it still feels durable, strong, and sturdy.

The next rider said his head is in between sizes and suggests to go with the larger size. Going with the bigger size helped him get the right fit. For an even more custom fit he likes the click adjust system.

The buckles on the straps are simple to adjust. Plus it stays in place without the need to make it very tight. This helmet is very stable. It does not bounce around on your head as you go through rock gardens or over technical terrain.

This helmet has 20 ventilation vents which are strategically placed in order to maximize air flow. Plus it is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind resistance. This combination keeps your head cool and improves your speed when you pedal hard.

You’ll be able to see clearly at all times because of its AirEvac Ventilation system. This system vents away warm moist air from your sunglasses to increase distortion free vision. You won’t miss any bumps, rocks, or roots on the trail.