best cheap mountain bike pedals

9 Best Cheap Mountain Bike Pedals


Here are our results for the best cheap mountain bike pedals you can use confidently. We struggled to make sure that these pedals are inexpensive but yet durable and have a good grip. So if you are on a budget and really need cheap pedals then this selection below is perfect for you.

1. Toplimit 3 Bearing Universal 9/16” Bicycle Pedal [Best Overall]

Who says pedals for your mountain bike have to be expensive to be good? Certainly not Toplimit, with this affordable option.

They aren’t exactly just for mountain bikes, though. The standard 9/16-inch spindle you find here can be installed on just about any kind of bike. You can put these on hybrids, folding bikes, or even a unicycle.

You also have 5 color options to choose from, so you can maintain a nice color scheme for your bike. The overall design looks sharp and cool.

Of course, there’s more to this pedal than just its looks. One rider replaced his old pedals with this one, and he was amazed at the stability of the platform. His feet maintained a proper grip on the pedals even when on rough patches, while going through rocks and tree roots. The bearings were very smooth as well.

Another rider confessed to picking these pedals simply because of the color scheme, which matched the colors of his bike. She didn’t expect much in terms of performance, given the extremely low price.

But she was pleasantly surprised at how her feet stuck to the pedals during her bike rides. She says they didn’t slip even a single millimeter.

The key to this stupendous grip is the use of 12 aluminum anti-skid nails on the sides of the pedal. They keep your feet from sliding off the side of the pedal even when your shoes or the pedals are wet. It offers a large platform that suits all foot sizes, plus the pedal is lightweight at just 0.44 pounds each.

The aluminum here is quite tough, with an anodized surface that nicely resists scratches while also preventing oxidation. The spindles are sealed from water and dust, to prevent problems even when it’s raining. The hollow design on the surface also keeps the weight down, even as it reduces wind resistance.

2. GPMTER 9/16-Inch Screw Tread Bike Pedals

Here is another set of pedals that can work with mountain bikes and many other types of bicycles. However, GPMTER points out that this may not work with some BMX bikes that use the ½-inch spindle. They are wide pedals that measure 3.5 inches on each side, with a thickness of 0.78 inches. They ought to fit a wide range of shoe sizes.

Just about everyone who buys this set of pedals raves about them, and they appreciate more than its affordable price tag. In fact, many of them say that with GPMTER bike pedals, you get the same quality that you’d expect from pedals that cost twice or even three times as much. They are not very heavy at all, and the large pad offers a very good grip.

One guy confirmed that these pedals are easy enough to install, and it only took a few minutes for everything to get ready so he can start biking. The large pedal platform offers very secure footing, with the anti-skid studs keeping his feet in place.

They are made with tough but lightweight aluminum, which is a lot more durable than the cheap plastic you normally get with cheap mountain bike pedals.

They are dual-sided pedals, so you won’t have to check twice to see that you’re using the proper side. The ball bearings work nicely, offering a very smooth slide. Your pedal spindle is also completely sealed, to prevent dust and water from coming in.

GPMTER is a no-nonsense set of bike pedals. It’s affordable, easy to install, comes in a nice size, offers terrific grip, and lasts a long time. You really get your money’s worth.

While they can work with bikes other than a mountain bike, just be careful you don’t buy this for a BMX bike which needs ½-inch spindles.

3. The Best Cheap Mongoose Mountain Bike Pedal

So far, we’ve offered mountain bike pedals with 9/16-inch spindles. It can be annoying when you buy a set of these pedals and then you discover too late that your bike actually needs a ½-inch spindle.

The good news is that these mountain bike pedals from Mongoose come with both 9/16-inch and ½-inch adapters. You’re good to go no matter what spindle size you need.

One cyclist who opted for this set of pedals loved the quality and durability of the set. He didn’t have much of a budget for pedals, which is why he had cheap plastic ones originally. He went with this Mongoose set afterwards, since he was able to get sturdier bike pedals without having to spend a hundred bucks.

He also liked having the 9/16-inch and ½-inch adapters, since he wasn’t sure at first as to which screws will fit his bike. He did say that some bit of WD40 works well to make sure the pedals screw in perfectly.

Another buyer also approved of the larger width for the bike pedal. Since he has more of his feet touching the pedal, he feels more secure on them. This set of pedals also features 12 studs on each side of the pedals, so he can use any side without looking and he is always sure his feet will stay put.

As this is made of high-quality aluminum, it’s both lightweight and durable. It’s great for the trail, but you can use it for riding on the streets as well. In fact, it even has reflective strips on the bike so you’re more visible to car drivers on the road.

If you have a collection of bikes to use, then you can always get this pair of Mongoose pedals for each one. At least you know they’ll fit, and that they’ll work great. With the low price, you won’t have to spend that much and you still get high quality pedals for all your bikes.

4. Zonkie Resin Mountain Bicycle Pedals (9/16-Inch)

The Zonkie brand has been around for a while now in the bike accessories industry, and they’ve earned a reputation for reliable products. It does help that they use actual athletes to test their products, so that they’re sure that each one works well and lasts a long time.

These pedals are made with resin instead of a metal alloy, which works for some people. One buyer specifically wanted them because he really didn’t want a metal pedal. He has had too many accidents with pedals hitting his legs, and at least with the resin it didn’t hurt him as much. The pedals are lightweight as well.

In addition, he likes the longer teeth on the pedals which grip his shoes more securely. His feet never slip off the bike pedals as a result. He also likes the build quality, as everything works well and they have lasted him a long time now.

Another guy likes the price, and he also likes the performance so much that he already bought a spare set in advance. He greatly appreciates how lightweight these pedals are, compared to the aluminum and steel pedals he used before.

In fact, he felt that they are lighter than his magnesium alloy clip-in pedals. He also says that it feels much better on his knees.

This set of pedals should last a long while, with its wear-resistant ball bearings designed to keep from breaking too quickly. The resin material is tough as well, as it is resistant to wear and corrosion. Since it’s not metal, it’s also nicely lightweight.

The ergonomic design does feel great, and it feels noticeably better when you’re climbing. You can use these pedals on the streets as well, as it has reflective strips to let drivers know where you are. They’re very easy to install as well, with “L” and “R” markings for the left and right-side pedals.

5. The Best BV Universal Bike Pedals For Cheap

BV Universal is another set of pedals which can suit a wide range of bike types. Just make sure that they’re for adult bikes, since the pedals offer a very sizable platform. Each one measures 4.8 inches long (including the part you screw in to the bike) and 3.11 inches wide. They are also an inch thick.

One owner likes them a lot, starting with how easy it was to install them on the bike. There are little “L” and “R” marks on the pedals so he knows which are the left and right pedals.

He also appreciates the rigidity of the pedals, as it’s made with a 1-piece resin body. But the axle and spindle on the pedal are made with boron steel alloy, which is quite durable.

Another biker also prefers this resin material over the metal pedals, since the resin isn’t as heavy. In addition, he also appreciates how the pedals don’t sink into his shin when he accidentally kicks the pedals every now and then. He also likes the reflectors, since he sometimes rides on the streets at night.

Instead of studs, you have plenty of “nodes” here to keep your feet glued to the pedal. You have 10 bigger nodes on the edges, with 6 smaller nodes in the middle to plant your feet securely. The premium ball-bearing system also offers a better pedal feel with a more efficient power transfer. It’s also very durable and can last a very long time.

With the bigger pedal platform, you have a larger space for your feet to step on comfortably. The larger contact area also makes pedaling a lot more efficient. The anti-skid nodes keep your feet in place, and the boron allows the spindles to keep working even when you place your full weight onto the pedals.

BV Universal is another resin pedal that you may want to consider over aluminum pedals, especially if you’re not that heavy. They are naturally resistant to corrosion, so you won’t have to worry too much about biking in bad weather.

6. ZUKA Mountain Bike Pedals

Zuka pedals may seem a lot more fragile, since it offers a very thin frame. But it is actually made of tough aluminum alloy. They also use a double DU design instead of regular ball bearings, which offers great strength along with a lot of lubrication for smooth pedaling.

The double DU design is known to offer greater wear resistance than regular ball bearings. If you’re using the bike a lot on muddy and wet terrain, this design will deal with the conditions much better.

One cyclist opted for this set of pedals after using several pedals that used ball bearings. Those bearings kept failing, and he got tired of the inconvenience. Now he confirmed that these pedals still spin smoothly even after more than 1,500 miles.

He has used many different types of shoes on these pedals as well, including running shoes and even hiking boots. Regardless of the shoe he used, his feet never slipped off the pedals as each pedal platform has 6 studs to keep his feet in place. Those 6 studs were enough.

Another cyclist confirmed that these pedals are really easy to install, though he cautions that cyclists should read the installation directions first. He warned that the “L” (left) pedal has to be tightened with a hexagonal tool by turning it counterclockwise. With the “R” (right) pedal, it has to be turned clockwise.

The high quality of the aluminum alloy is quite evident. It doesn’t weigh much at 0.69 pounds. But it’s very tough, with a strong load-carrying capacity and with great resistance to wear and corrosion. It’s both waterproof and dust-proof.

With the wide platform surface, you’re able to pedal efficiently while you also enjoy a comfortable ride on long trips. Despite the seeming fragility of the pedal, it’s a lot tougher than you’d think.

A lot of people use them every day, and they always notice that each ride is comfortable. Even longer rides are easier on the legs, while riding even in bad weather is still safe due to the effectiveness of the studs.

7. Best Cheap ODIER Mountain Bike Pedals

Odier is another set of pedals that seem fragile at first glance. When you hold it in your hand, you’ll also notice just how light it weighs. It weighs less than 0.75 pounds, and that’s the total weight for the combined pair. But then again, it’s made with lightweight aluminum, so it’s stronger than it seems at first.

One large guy has confirmed this, as he has been riding for many miles a day for several months using this set of pedals. He says he’s a big guy with a rather prodigious weight, and he often puts his full weight on the pedals while out on his bike. Yet he checks the pedals regularly and sees no sign of warping or stress.

One guy did attest to how the bearings on this set of pedals may seem tight at first. That’s actually natural, and he found out that all it needs is some time to break in properly. After a while, the bearings will loosen nicely.

He also appreciates the rounded spikes, which doesn’t damage the sole of his shoes when he goes riding. Yet they still give him a nicely secure platform with no slipping. He enjoys his rides more since he doesn’t have to worry anymore about spikes shredding his ankles.

The pedals offer a large platform, with an overall size of 125 by 100 mm with a thickness of 18 mm. The actual platform area measures 95 mm long. This provides efficient power transfer, while you also still feel comfortable during long rides.

With the aluminum alloy, you’re fairly sure that it can hold up your weight nicely. The axis is also made of steel, so it won’t break down easily as well.

Just make sure you put in the “L” pedal as the left pedal, and you have to turn it clockwise to screw it in. For the right pedal, you have to turn it counterclockwise. Also check that your bike uses the 9/16-inch threading on the spindles.

If you have a BMX, it may use ½-inch spindles instead. If you have lots of bikes with the 9/16-inch spindle requirement, you really should think about using this pedal for them all.

8. PUPOUSE Mountain Bike Pedals

Now this set of pedals look tough and stable, and it’s not because it’s black. It’s actually been designed to solve the usual problems that plague mountain bike enthusiasts: losing power when climbing, a tendency to slide off the pedal, and pedals that easily loosen or get worn down. They even give you a much nicer-looking set of pedals, as plenty of cyclists hate pedals that don’t “look right”.

Pupouse pedals don’t just look right. They work well too. One guy loves how it’s very easy to install, as long as you check that you put the “L” pedal on the left side and the “R” pedal on the right side.

He certainly appreciates the large and wide platform here, which offers a nice area for his feet. With the anti-skid pins, his feet never slip off the pedal even when he’s using sneakers. That’s true even when it’s raining or he’s on muddy terrain.

Another cyclist also loves the durability of the pedals, especially after buying these pedals to replace his broken plastic pedals. They are made of high-quality aluminum CNC alloy, with CR-MO (chromium/molybdenum) steel alloy on the spindle.

He confirms that the pedals are extremely stable, and that they’re resistant to corrosion and abrasion. They’re shockproof as well.

With the 9/16-inch spindle, you can actually use them for other types of bikes. You can put them on urban bikes, hybrids, cruisers, or even folding bikes. Just make sure your bike doesn’t require ½-inch spindles.

The large platform measures 3.5 inches on each side, with a thickness of just 0.78 inches. You have aluminum tubes crisscrossing the area, so that you really have a strong platform to work with. You also have 8 anti-skid pins here, which keeps your feet planted.

Considering that this set of pedals come with a very modest price tag, you’re getting a lot for your money. It even looks great too, since the black color looks good with other bikes regardless of their color scheme.

9. The Best BNVB M28 Mountain Bike Pedal

BNVB M28 pedals may be designed for mountain bikes, but they actually work for many types of bikes. They have been used for city bikes, road bikes, junior bicycles, and even BMX bikes too. The pedals measure 123 mm by 100 mm by 18 mm, with a force area of 95 mm by 100 mm. They should fit you nicely if your shoe size is from size 9 to 13.

One mountain biker bought them because he has a super-lightweight bike, so he wanted a super-lightweight set of pedals as well. This suited him since they weigh only a total of 0.75 pounds (340 grams).

At the same time, he also knew that they are strong enough since it’s made of high-quality aluminum. In addition, they use the double DU lubricating bearing design.

More casual cyclists also love them, since they don’t need special mountain bike shoes to go riding. In fact, BNVB specifically designed the pedal to work with Vans sneakers and other similar types of footwear. But if you’re wearing dedicated cycling shoes, they will work with these pedals as well.

Another guy likes the larger platform, since he also has large feet. He enjoys pedaling with the larger contact area, which increases his power transfer efficiency. He also does not worry about the durability of the pedal, as the aluminum handled the weight and stress nicely.

You do have to keep in mind that this set of pedals needs some time to break in properly. The bearings are tight at first. But after a few days, they’ll loosen up and you can then enjoy a nice comfy ride.

These pedals are 9/16-inch in size, and you’ll need an Allen wrench to install them. Check that you don’t need a ½-inch spindle instead. But if you do have lots of bikes needing a 9/16-inch spindle, then you can outfit them all with this one. They are affordable and strong, and they offer terrific performance.