best downhill mountain bike pedals

9 Best Downhill Mountain Bike Pedals

best downhill mountain bike pedals

These are our results for the best downhill mountain bike pedals. If you are going to be racing downhill then you need flat pedals with amazing grip. They also need to be durable to handle any impacts. My team has found such pedals and more. Take a look below and discover the best downhill pedals you need.

1. FOOKER Downhill Nylon Fiber Mtb Pedals [Best Overall]

The Fooker is a bestselling set of pedals, probably for a combination of reasons. It doesn’t hurt that it’s very affordable, and it also offers a lot of color options for those who like their pedals to match the color schemes of their bikes.

But the most likely reason for its popularity is probably because it’s a blatant copy of the RaceFace Chester pedals. Who wouldn’t want to buy this instead, since this one is a lot more reasonably priced?

One “negative” reviewer actually complained about this, saying that this set of pedals is basically stolen property. That may be true, but then that’s also because this particular set of pedals is actually terrific.

Even this reviewer admits this. It’s not just about Fooker copying the look and colors of the original. They basically came up with the same level of performance.

Other owners mention the same things. The bearings are just as hardy and smooth, you have quality nylon that is reinforced with fiber, and the high-strength Cr-Mo spindle can withstand a lot of hits.

The grip is terrific for downhill racers, since each side of the pedal has 8 jutting anti-skid nails to help keep the shoes in place. It also offers a sizable pedal platform, measuring 4.3 inches by 3.94 inches. It’s designed to let you pedal more efficiently for greater speed, without losing control.

The axle here is also tough, so you won’t mind switching from downhill racing to more technical terrain. Even with lots of roots and rocks (and jumps), this pedal can take the abuse.

With this set of pedals, you can gain a lot of confidence with your biking, as you’re certain that it won’t fail you. Your feet won’t slip from the pedals, ever.

Even if it rains or your pedals get covered in mud, the anti-skid nails keep a firm grip on your shoes. You’ll get the control you need with the pedals, so that you won’t have to lose confidence when going downhill fast.

2. Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Nylon Fiber

Puroma pedals come with several nice colors, including orange and yellow-green which give off a very fun vibe. It’s also easy to install, with the standard 9/16-inch screw thread and each pedal bearing either the L or R designation for left and right.

It’s affordable, too, since it’s made of nylon fiber. But just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean the quality isn’t up to par, either.

One old-timer confirmed this, even though he admitted that he wasn’t expecting much when he first got the pedals. He has been a bike mechanic as well as a cyclist for about a quarter of a century, and he has enough experience to realize that when it came to pedals, you get what you pay for. Except this time, the old adage didn’t apply.

He liked how lightweight these pedals are, and he found them quite durable after testing them out for many hundreds of miles. The bearings worked perfectly for him as well.

Another reviewer liked these pedals because they really latch to his shoes when he goes fast downhill on his bike. During that time, he really needs the control over the pedals, and the 12 hexagonal-head pins really take a grip on his shoes. His feet always stay planted on these pedals.

It also helped that the pedal platform is huge, measuring 4.8 inches by 4.1 inches. You have a large contact area for your shoes to let you transfer power to the pedals more efficiently.

Durability isn’t an issue either. The nylon fiber may be lightweight, but it’s tough and corrosion-resistant besides. You still get the robust chromoly steel on the axle, and the fully sealed bearing keeps out the water and dust.

If you have several bikes, then you can use them for all of them. It works for cruisers, BMX bikes, and even folding bikes. These pedals are affordable enough, after all. The hex-head pins are also replaceable, so if they ever break you won’t have to replace the entire set of pedals.

3. MZYRH 3-Bearing Nylon Fiber Platform Pedals

MZYRH is made of nylon fiber for the platform, and that’s not just to lower the price. It also cuts down on the weight. But you still get the wide area you want for the pedal here, since these pedals are 4.4 inches wide. The design is ergonomic, and it’s lightweight at 0.8 pounds.

These pedals also feature 9 anti-skid nails on each side of the pedal. That’s 18 nails on each pedal, and 36 nails in total. These nails stick to your shoes like they’ve been nailed to them, so you won’t ever lose your grip on the pedals.

That’s crucial when you’re climbing a hill or going fast downhill. You really don’t want your feet to slip from the pedals at these times.

One user specifically cites this feature to explain why he loves this MZYRH set of pedals. He has always stuck with stock plastic pedals before. He constantly had to keep adjusting his feet placement on the pedals, since his sneakers kept on slipping forward.

He tolerated this (thinking it was normal), until he bought this set of pedals and finally experienced pedaling without slipping. Now he wants this pedal for every bike he owns.

Another reviewer calls it a faithful RaceFace Chester copy, but had no qualms about it. After all, he was able to enjoy the terrific grip offered by these pedals, without having to pay a higher price.

He has tried these pedals for a long time now, and it has lasted nicely. In fact, his purchase comes with extra nails for the pedals, but he hasn’t needed them yet.

You can also match the color of the pedals with the colors of your bike, even if your bike comes in a “cute” color scheme. They are even available in yellow, and also in several different hues of red and green.

You can use them for any bike as long as the bike can accommodate a standard 9/16-inch spindle.

4. The Best GPMTER Downhill Bike Pedals 9/16

GPMTER is another popular and highly regarded set of pedals that are tough enough for mountain climbing, though you can of course use it for other types of riding. The strong grip is also great for downhill racing, with 8 antiskid pins on each side of the pedal to make sure your shoes don’t slip off when you’re furiously pedaling.

One buyer got this set after the stock plastic pedals on his son’s bike practically disintegrated after just a short while of mtb riding. He discovered this affordable pedal and was astounded that it’s made with aluminum alloy.

He actually wants this set of pedals to be the stock pedals for bikes, since they’re very affordable. He found it easy enough to install, and his son found it a pleasure to use. Those spikes on the pedals really do their job in keeping the shoes planted.

Another guy found the platform area is large enough for his feet, even though the size (3.5 inches per side) may seem modest. It’s only 0.78 inches thick, and the overall dimensions keep the weight from getting too heavy. He says the ball bearings work well, offering a smooth slide and nice pedal strokes.

He did find the price rather low, since he thought the overall quality of the pedals matched what he would get with pedals that are twice or even three times as expensive.

It’s true that the value for money you get with this GPMTER pedal set is quite high. They’re very comfortable even for long rides, and those spikes really hold on tight to your feet.

You may even decide to fit these pedals for your entire collection, but just check that your bikes work with the 9/16-inch thread and not the half-inch thread. This can work with BMX bikes as well if they use the 9/16-inch spindle.

5. MDEAN Ansjs 3 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals Platform

The MDEAN is a lightweight set of high-strength aluminum pedals that only weigh 347 grams (less than 0.77 pounds) for the entire set. That’s amazing, considering that you get a huge platform here that measures 4.76 inches by 4.3 inches.

However, the light weight is due to the minimal thickness of just 0.7 inches, plus it uses a unique hollow design to reduce the resistance. That’s especially useful for downhill racing.

To make sure you don’t loss your step on the pedal, each pedal platform features 6 anti-skid nails. These are made of aluminum as well, and you even get 3 extra pins should you need replacements. These nails keep your feet planted even when your shoes and the pedals get wet.

One reviewer bought this mainly because of the low price, so he wasn’t expecting much. He got a lot more than expected. He likes the super-strong grip, and the bearing system spun smoothly. He even likes the looks of the pedals. All in all, he thought it was much more expensive than what the price indicated.

A teenage cyclist also uses them for his mtb activities, and says that it has held well through various types of rides. He has tried it for downhill racing and for technical terrain and it has held up well.

The grip is terrific for him, and he has bashed the pedals without damaging them at all. He liked the extremely low weight that came with the sturdy design, and he thought the rotation was super-smooth.

The lubricated ball bearing system is completely sealed, to keep the pedals spinning smoothly without making any noise. The chrome-moly steel spindle offers better load-baring capacity than ordinary steel, which keeps the pedals going despite bashing the pedals through technical terrain.

It’s easy to install as well, with a CR-L mark for the left pedal and a CR-R mark for the right. Just check that your bike takes in 9/16-inch pedals.

6. The Best Kansing Aluminum Bike Pedals

These pedals is the newest pedal model from Kansing, and it’s a beauty. It comes with the latest features that you don’t usually find on other pedals.

This set of pedals uses a lighter aluminum alloy to cut the weight, plus it also uses a hollow design to cut the weight down even further. All these features reduce the weight down to 380 grams, which is less than 0.84 pounds for the 2 pedals.

It also uses 4 sealed-in bearings for greater flexibility. Most of the other pedals only use 3 bearings. The Chrome-molybdenum Steel in the spindle has also undergone an anodizing process for greater wear resistance. It also gives you a nice gloss.

One cyclist confirmed the strength of these pedals, as he uses them for mostly rough off-road trails. With its tough structural design and robust materials, it can deal with a lot of shock impacts along the way with no trouble. It’s resistant to corrosion as well.

The huge pedal platform and efficient bearing system also leads to terrific power transfer. It’s exhilarating for racers, with the pedals offering a platform that measures 5.3 inches by 4.1 inches. The downhill racers always get a good grip as well, with 8 anti-skid steel studs on each pedal face for the shoes to plant themselves to.

One racer confirmed that he never lost his grip on the pedals, even when it was raining and the pedals and shoes were all muddy. The mud never got into the spindle at all, as it’s completely sealed to keep water and dust from entering.

Installing isn’t an issue, though you’ll need a 6, Allen key to get it done properly. Just put in the L-marked pedal on the left, and the R-marked pedal on the right. Once you’ve got this secured in, you won’t really have to worry about it at all.

It also has a striking design, though it only comes in black. The steel studs have gold plating to help you find them, so you’re able to plant your feet properly right away.

7. IPSXP Aluminum Mountain Bike Pedals

The IPSXP is a medium-sized set of pedals with platforms that measure 3.78 inches wide. If your shoe size is size 12 and below, it ought to fit in nicely with your shoes. It’s also incredibly thin with a thickness of just 0.45 inches.

That cuts down the overall weight to 278 grams for the pair of pedals, which means each pedal weighs only 0.3 pounds. That’s amazingly lightweight, considering you have aluminum for the body and chromoly for the spindle.

One cyclist acknowledges that these are somewhat small pedals, but he found the set surprisingly well-built considering just how thin it looked. It can handle rough terrain just fine. The bearings are also sealed to keep out the dust and water.

Another user admitted to having trouble when first installing the pedals, since he didn’t check that the L pedal ought to go on the left (he tried to put it on the right side at first). Once he figured out his mistake the installation was quick and easy.

He also likes to go fast and goes downhill a lot, and the anti-skid nails here offer a lot of grip to keep him from worrying. There are 5 aluminum nails on each side, and that’s enough to get his shoes set firmly on the pedals. The purchase also comes with 3 extra aluminum spikes just in case you need them.

You just need to take a little time to install this properly. That starts with putting a bit of lubricant on the shaft before you install it. You then have to put in the L pedal on the left side, and the R pedal on the right. Use an 8mm hex wrench to tighten the left pedal counterclockwise, and then turn the right pedal clockwise.

This also works nicely with other types of bikes, though you need to check that your bikes use the 9/16-inch version. The size may make it seem like it’s designed for women, but plenty of men like to use these pedals as well.

8. PUPOUSE Lightweight Aluminum Mountain Bike Pedals

The PUPOUSE uses the standard 9/16-inch spindle which lets you use it for just about every type of bike. Because it’s extremely affordable, lots of people just get it for all their bikes. But despite the low price, this set of pedals was actually made to be tough enough for grueling mountain bike riding.

You can also use them for racing bikes, especially if you like to go fast while racing downhill. It offers a nicely sized platform measuring 3.5 inches on each side, while you get a fantastic grip on the pedals with 8 anti-skid nails on each face of each pedal. These nails are nicely rounded, so they don’t ruin your shoes or cause nasty cuts.

One guy confirms that they offer the kind of grip he needs when biking. He likes to bike in the rain, and he sometimes has to deal with a lot of mud on the off-road trails. These anti-skid nails do their job properly even with a lot of rain and mud to deal with. He also found it super easy to install, while the low price was super-easy on his wallet.

They are also quite lightweight since it uses strong and lightweight aluminum, as another cyclist also reported. This material is extremely lightweight, and it also uses a hollow design to really cut down on the weight.

The CR-Mo spindle can deal with a lot of bashing on the trail, and it won’t break easily at all. The sealed bearing system also works, he said, as the pedals didn’t make a lot of noise at all. The noise can result when the seal lets in water and dust, but that never happens here.

This set of pedals was designed for lots of mtb climbing, and it makes sure your feet never slip off the pedals. It hangs tough, and it even looks great. All in all, not bad for one of the cheapest pedals on this list. The quality here is definitely not cheap at all.

9. The Best BURSUN Downhill Mountain Bike Pedals

The BURSUN is actually a versatile set of pedals, even though it’s marketed as a pedal for mountain bikes. You can use them for street bikes and leisurely rides around town. It even has reflectors on the sides to make you more visible to car drivers.

But it’s definitely suited for mountain bikes as well, and that’s because it’s quite tough. It’s made with aluminum alloy with a boron spindle, and it’s great for even tough terrain.

At the same time, it doesn’t weigh much with a total weight of just 0.77 pounds.
Plenty of street bike cyclists love them, because it’s affordable, easy to install, and it even has reflectors.

One lady finds it very comfortable to use on her leisure bike as she goes around town. She likes the size of the platform as well, as it measures 4.1 by 3.8 inches. She finds it easy to pedal smoothly without too much unnecessary effort.

Another guy also likes them for going downhill, as the anti-slip nails plant his shoes firmly on the pedals. When he’s furiously pedaling, his feet never slip off the pedal. The wide pedals also allow for terrific power transfer, even while comfortable when he’s taking it easy.

Other guys also confirm that these pedals maintain their grip even when it rains or they get mud on the shoes and pedals. Each side of each pedal has 6 anti-slip nails that work nicely even with ordinary sneakers. You’re able to pedal continuously without worrying that your shoes will slip off the pedals.

Plenty of reviewers also remark on its durability. The spindles don’t break even with hard impacts, though it probably helps that the seals prevent water and dust from coming in. The aluminum alloy is also quite tough, and will last a long time.

Try to get these pedals on all your bike and you won’t be sorry. The overall toughness and the nails offer great performance for mtb and downhill racing, but with the reflectors it’s also suited for the streets.


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