best mountain bike shoes for wide feet

10 Best Mountain Bike Shoes for Wide Feet

best mountain bike shoes for wide feet

These are my results for the best mountain bike shoes for wide feet. Making sure you are comfortable when mountain biking is crucial especially when you have wider feet. All the shoes we researched below are categorically labeled for wider feet, so you know you have found the right shoes. Take a look below and you will find the best shoe for you.

1. Five Ten Freerider Pro Mountain Biking Shoe – Men’s [Best Overall for Wide Feet]

The Five Ten brand started out in the world of climbing, but it didn’t take long for geniuses at the top to figure out that the sticky rubber sole that enabled climbers to have the best traction for climbing also gave cyclists advantages with the pedal and when they have to walk the trails.

It’s also true that the folks at Five Ten insist that you should go with your street shoe size when buying their shoes. That’s what one rider found out when he bought this shoe a half size bigger than usual. He figured that he needed a larger size for his slightly wide feet. As it turned out, that shoe was too large, and so he had to go back to his original shoe size for his Freerider Pro.

Plenty of riders will tell you that these shoes are terrific. You’ll get plenty of comments on how the sticky rubber on the outsole is the absolute best in the industry. One rider confirmed that the shoe stays in place when you’re using flat pedals with pins, and that your feet won’t slide sideways. But you can lift up your shoe to release whenever you have too, unlike when you’re on clipless pedals.

He also notes that the shoe is comfortable to wear, with proper protection especially with the extra foam on the toe box. You won’t break a toe when you get into some sort of misadventure on the trail.

This is specifically meant for flat pedals, and the stealth rubber on the outsole will grip your pedal to give you the confidence you need on the trail. The reinforced toe guard offers protection, while the Ortholite liner offers both support and cushioning. You still get the feedback you want from the medium-flex sole, while even off-bike you’re able to walk.

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2. Five Ten Impact Pro Mountain Cycling Shoe – Men’s

Adidas bought the Five Ten brand back in 2011, and the sticky rubber that’s terrific for climbing has proven itself awesome for mountain bike pedals over the years. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from size 6 all the way to size 13. You can get half-sizes too, and they fit very well even with wide feet.

That’s the report of a rider who does have wide feet, and who bemoans how he’s unable to enjoy a good fit with most of the shoes in the cycling industry. But for the Impact Pro, as the fit is truly on point. He noted that his toes have plenty of room in the toe box.

He also emphasized how good this is for mtb riding, with similar protection levels and that same superb grip that he got with the original Five Ten Impact shoe. It’s just that with the Pro, the shoe is lighter and somehow more modernized. It gives the same superior connection to the pedal, while his toe remains uninjured even after hitting rocks along the trail.

This shoe is made for flat pedals, as the Stealth S1 rubber sole can be found in the outsole. It’s fantastically grippy, even when the sole and the pedal get wet. You have the Poron XRD foam on the toe cap for impact against rocks, while the compression-molded PU on the midsole offers shock absorption when you’re into heavy landings. The upper has been reinforced with synthetic abrasion-resistant fabric, to make sure your shoe lasts a long time.

With its sturdy and stout design, you’ll enjoy your aggressive mtb adventures more. It won’t matter if you have wide feet, if you have the Five Ten Impact Pro.

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3. LAKE MX238 Mountain Bike Shoe – Men’s

The Lake brand has long been known for its superior fit, so don’t worry if you have wide feet. With the MX238, you also get to enjoy the tough exterior designed to deal with rugged biking terrain. Also, the Boa closure system is here.

One rider who tried this shoe even mentioned that the shoe may be predisposed towards riders with wide feet. He was afraid that his regular-width shoe may not feel all that snug. But there was nothing to be afraid of, since the dual boa system gave him a snug fit without any feeling of squeezing. With the quick release, the dual boa was easy to use.

Overall, the MX2338 felt comfortable for him, and he thought the quality construction will endure. He even thought that the black and camo color scheme was awesome.

Another rider commented that the MX238 was versatile. He knew this for a fact since he wears the shoe for both mtb and road cycling. The shoe feels comfy for him, but it still offers the requisite stiffness that cyclists want for power transfer efficiency. The shoes aren’t slippery at all, and he can walk with it. He also liked the great fit offered by the boa system.

You’ll get a good fit with the boa (even with wide feet) because it allows for easy micro-adjustments to the fit. The full-grain leather in the upper also molds to your feet so you get a snug fit eventually. The panels on the upper is resistant to abrasion, enhancing the protection and durability. Your socks stick to the hook Lycra on the inside heel, so your feet don’t slip around.

There’s just no slipping around, period. With the Carbon Competition sole, you get pedaling efficiency combined with lightweight comfort. The rubber outsole is also compatible with toe spikes.

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4. NORTHWAVE Clan Mountain Biker Shoes – Men’s

With lots of cyclists these days opting for flat pedals, it’s not surprising if you’re partial to those pedals too. You may want to consider going with mtb shoes specifically geared towards those pedals, to make sure you get the performance you want. And if you want shoes that go well with your wide feet, the Clan does the job admirably.

That’s the report of one rider, who said his wide feet didn’t feel all that cramped even when he got the usual shoe size. His feet received the proper support from the supple synthetic upper, with the large mesh sections offering terrific breathability. During the summer, those mesh sections really worked. The EVA midsole also offered good shock absorption on the punishing trails.

Another rider remarked on the admirable grip of the rubber sole, and it proved durable as well. The flat shoes worked very well for hard pedaling, and he can walk comfortably as the flex is just right. He was worried at first about the laces, but they don’t get tangled in the drivetrain since they can just stay in the elasticated keeper.

That rubber sole is grippy since Northwave actually worked with Michelin to come up with the rubber for the sole. That’s the same Michelin brand that makes all those grippy tires for cars. The rubber on the sole, like the Michelin rubber on the tires, last a long while too.

Your feet will also thank you for the welded TPU that reinforces the toe and heel. This offers extra protection from bumps on the trail. Even the tongue offers padding for extra foot protection, but it’s a mesh tongue so you still enjoy breathability. With the adaptive TPU shank, you get enough flex for walking while it’s still stiff for power transfer.

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5. SHIMANO SH-XC9 S-PHYRE Wide Mountain Cycling Shoe – Men’s

The Shimano brand isn’t just known for its bikes and accessories, as they also offer biking shoes too. Don’t worry too much if you have wide feet and you have trouble finding mtb shoes that fit you perfectly. The clue here is on the name of this Shimano shoe model, as this is the SH-XC9 WIDE. This is expressly designed for wider feet.

That’s been confirmed by one rider who admits that he has wide feet too. Because of his wider forefoot, he’s had trouble with foot pain and hot spots when he insisted on squeezing his feet in the right length of shoe. But that all changed with this SH-XC9 WIDE.

For the first time ever since he can remember, now he doesn’t have any pain or hot spots at all. Actually, he’s been using the shoe for at least a year and a half and he hasn’t felt the usual wide-feet troubles since then. The width in the toe box was perfect for him too.

He also likes the interface with the PSD pedal on his bike, as he feels planted on the pedal while stroking. His feet, knees, and hip all feel better as well.

Another fellow with wide feet has tried this shoe, and he says he won’t ever go with another model. The shoe has enough give for him, that the overall design relieves his pressure points.

It also helps that the dual Boa IP1 dials offer superb micro-adjustment for the feet. The perforations on the upper boost your comfort, and the reinforced toe offers extra protection.

The sole is stiff due to the carbon reinforcement, and you get enhanced pedaling efficiency. The dual-density compounds in the rubber outsole comes from Michelin, and you can bet they’re grippy.

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6. FIVE TEN Freerider Cycling Shoe – Men’s

The Freerider model from Five Ten is among the best of all the mtb shoes. It’s practically iconic. The brand’s rock-climbing shoes has proven just as effective in offering great traction on the pedals as they have with the rocks on the mountain side. They’re protective too, while they’re also comfortable to wear.

That’s the general consensus, with quite a few people commenting that the shoes also offered a good fit for their wider feet. In fact, some people with regular width feet commented that the shoe ran a bit large for them.

One rider’s comments basically summed up what others were saying. He said that the grip was excellent, so that his feet never slipped from the pedal. The rubber outsole is also tough and durable, and it doesn’t have any problem with the metal spikes on his pedal. He has no trouble cycling over the mountain trails, and when he has to walk on difficult terrain, he has no issues either.

The Stealth rubber on the outsole was developed for rock climbing, so it was extremely grippy to begin with. Since it has no trouble with slippery rocks, no wonder it’s grippy and durable when confronted with bike pedals.

The bomber sole offers terrific shock absorption, while the reinforced toe box offers extra protection from the rocks and roots on the trail. With the brushed nubuck leather, you can fit in your feet snugly inside, and the upper will just eventually conform to the shape of your feet.
Of course, these shoes look good too. They wouldn’t have been that famous if they were ugly.

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7. LAKE MX238 Wide Mountain Bike Shoe – Men’s

No, there’s no editorial error and we didn’t make a mistake putting in the MX238 here again on this list. That’s because this is a different version when it comes to sizing. If the regular MX238 is still too narrow for your wide feet, then you should just go with the MX238 Wide. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what’s different.

One rider who has wide feet gushed about how the shoe fits him like a glove. He actually said these shoes are the best he’s ever tried. He did say that the sizing ran a bit small, so he recommended that you get a half-size longer and the width will be just right too. There’s even some nice wiggle room in the toe box.

For him, the boa lacing system was very easy to use, and it also helped to get a nice, snug fit without too much effort. He was so impressed with it that he now wants even his regular sneakers to feature this type of closure system.

Another rider focused on how well this shoe performed on the trail. The carbon fiber soles are both comfortable yet stiff for him, giving the right balance for comfort and performance. The tougher material over the sides of the heel kept the chain stays from scuffing the leather of the upper. The shoes look great, and they feel even much better.

One of the main features here is the higher volume fit, which is specifically designed for riders with wider feet. The dual boa closure offers secure and easy micro-adjustments. The full-grain leather also eventually conforms to your feet.

The upper also has abrasion-resistant panels, while the Hook Lycra on the inside of the heel keeps your socks from slipping. Then you have the Carbon Competition sole, which works nicely with the toe spikes even when you enjoy the lighter weight.

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8. SHIMANO SH-ME7 Mountain Biking Shoes – Men’s

It’s another Shimano, and this time you get the SH-ME7. This model is designed for both enduro and all-mountain riders, with an emphasis on finding the right balance between durability and lightness, along with lots of traction and protection.

But what about suiting riders with wide feet? According to one rider, the speed lacing system here takes care of that problem. It offers a very secure fit regardless of foot shape. It’s also topped off with the top buckle strap to get his feet snug and secure inside the shoe.

He also liked the outsole, with the dual-density rubber that comes from the Michelin brand. It’s no wonder that it offers rubber that last, along with the crazy grip and stability you want.

Another rider also marveled at how comfortable these shoes are. It’s not just because it’s lightweight, but also because he’s always able to keep his feet planted on the pedals even when he’s furiously pedaling uphill. The grippy rubber on the outsole also proves to be a boon for the sections when he had to hike his bike and walk on the challenging terrain.

This is compatible with 2-bolt cleats, while the rubber outsole offers secure stability during the times you have to walk. The sole is stiff for proper power transfer. The reinforced heel stabilizer helps to plant your feet on the pedals.

The shoes are comfy, and it’s not just because of the closure system giving you a snug fit. The synthetic upper has perforations for breathability. The neoprene collar for the ankle also offers extra protection. With the right combo of toughness and lightness, you have a winner here.

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9. RIDE CONCEPTS Livewire Shoe – Men’s

It’s very hard to find a different shoe for every type of activity you like to engage in. It’s expensive, for one. But the main problem is finding a shoe for your wide feet. It’s hard enough to find one shoe for mountain biking, but it’s almost impossible to find perfectly fitting shoes for each activity. That is, it’s almost impossible because you have the versatile Livewire from Ride Concepts.

One rider admitted that he has wide feet, and has confirmed that the Livewire works just fine for him. Even from the outside, the shoes look burly. He found out that the inside also matched, with enough space for his wide feet. The EVA midsole also worked fine for him, as it offered the shock absorption he needed for biking on the trails.

Another rider also liked how the shoe looks like regular sneakers, but they sure didn’t perform like regular sneakers when he was riding his bike. It gave him a super-tacky outsole that planted his wide feet securely to the pedals. He liked that his feet felt comfortable, and he appreciated the protective features.

That tacky rubber on the outsole is the DST 6.0 rubber, which is known for its stickiness. The shock-absorbing EVA midsole joins with the D30 High Impact Zone insole to absorb drops.

The synthetic leather on the upper is quite durable, and it stands up well to the debris you regularly encounter on the trails. The molded toe and heel offer another layer of protection, especially when you hit rocks along the way. Even the gusseted tongue is functional, as it keeps the dirt out of your shoe.

These are tough as the proverbial nails, and they sure look cool. But more importantly, you get the performance, protection, and comfort you want for your feet (even if they’re wide).

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10. SHIMANO SH-XC7 Wide Mountain Cycling Shoe – Men’s

This is the last Shimano on the list (obviously), and it cements the Shimano brand reputation for making superior bike shoes. It should also be obvious why we included this particular model on our list, since its name is SH-XC7 Wide.

One rider tried this shoe out, and was suitably impressed. Like other riders with wide feet, he didn’t always find it easy to get shoes that accommodated the increased width of his feet. But according to him, the SH-XC7 Wide did. That made the shoe super comfortable to wear. It didn’t hurt that the double boa laces offered the chance to make very tiny adjustments to get a really snug fit.

Another rider commented on how this works very well on and off the bike. It’s stiff enough that he was able to pedal efficiently with great power transfer. But it’s not too stiff either, since he was able to walk with it at parts of the trail when he had to go hike-a-bike.

Take note that this has reinforced toe spike mounts, which offers greater protection from rocks when you’re on the trail. The sole has been reinforced with carbon to boost the stiffness. The toe-spring and heel section have also been lowered to give you the best pedaling angle on the upstroke. This is the Dynalast construction that shortens the dead time spot and increases pedaling efficiency.

The rubber outsole is grippy, which is also not surprising when you find out that it’s from Michelin. With the XC7, you get a shoe that’s ready for racing. It may not be as good as the XC9, but at its lower price point it’s hard to argue that you get a great bang for your buck. That’s especially true if you have wide feet.

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