Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Review

Mubasel insulated hydration backpack gear is best used for mountain biking, hiking, jogging, and day trips. From our research this is our review so you can determine if this backpack is right for you.

This Mubasel backpack is very comfortable because it has padded shoulder straps and chest straps. The chest and shoulder straps are both adjustable. This allows you to customize the backpack so it fits very snug to your body.

Due to the snug fit this makes the pack bounce free while mountain biking, jogging, of hiking. The chest strap is also detachable which makes this pack great for men, women, teenagers, and kids. It weighs only 1.06 pounds.

The hydration bladder can hold 70 ounces of water or 2 liters. It is BPA free so it does not contain the harmful chemical bisphenol. When you own this backpack you will be sent a test report to your email.

No matter which drink you are carrying it will be kept cool for at least 4 hours. This is because the bladder is fully insulated. Thermal insulation keeps the cool air in.

This pack has been designed to be leak proof. There is a large opening which allows you to easily drain out the water. This enables the bladder to dry out itself.

When you refill the bladder you close it using its click in connection instead of the traditional screw one. This ensures it never gets loose, preventing leakage.

There is a lot of space for you to carry things other than water. You can use 3 storage compartments which hold your clothes, keys, purse, and phone. There is also a front stretch mesh pocket for even more room.

Mubasel gear gives you 100% satisfaction guarantee of the pack plus free replacement of the bladder for 60 days. This pack has been included on our list of best mountain bike backpacks.

Mubasel Backpack Gear Must Know Exclusive Info

1. Inside the pack there are protected pockets which will keep whatever you put in there dry. However the outside of the pack can get wet, but what is inside those pockets will remain dry.

2. If you have a dog you can use the hose to pour some water into a portable dog bowl. Just start the flow like normal when you are drinking from it. Open the valve and lower the hose below the reservoir, then water will pour out because of gravity.

3. Some times the pack will have condensation soaking and seeping through the bottom. This is because you are carrying cool liquids. Some options are to wrap the bottom of the reservoir or lining with tin foil.

You could also try foil bubble wrap. This pack is insulated front and back but the sides are nylon with no insulation. Condensation only happens rarely on very hot days.

4. There are a few ways riders prevent the bladder from building up mold and bacteria. You can buy bladder specific hangars. They have a collapsible body that goes inside the bladder. Once inside it pops open and keeps the bladder from collapsing allowing it to dry fast.

You can wash the bladder with soap and water before you use it. Then rinse it out and set it aside on a table to dry.

Another way is to empty the liquid out of the bladder. Clean it with dishwashing detergent and rinse. Then refill it and keep it in the refrigerator until you use it next time.

5. The storage capacity of the Mubasel gear bladder is 2 liters. But also in the backpack where the bladder is there is more room. You can fit 2 or 3 bottles of water at around 16oz each. If you take the bladder out you will have 9 to 10 liters of room. This is enough room for a change of clothes during summer and spring.

6. When using the backpack for mountain biking, hiking, or jogging the shoulder and chest straps can get sweaty. For this you would need to wash the entire pack because the arm straps are not removable. You can put water and detergent in a sink and swoosh the straps around while holding the pack above water.

7. When you are outside all day and you want a sip the water in the tube will be warm. To avoid a warm first sip just blow into the mouth piece so the water in the tube goes back into the bladder. Or you can spit out the first few sips until the water is cool.

8. The best way to get water from the hydration pack is to take off the cover from the mouth piece. Just pull down on the mouth piece. Then you will see the colored portion move. Now you can suck on the mouth piece and get water. When finished push the clear portion back up and put the cover back on.

9. To clean the hose of the hydration bladder just carefully pull the hose off. Then use the long brush to clean it which is included.

10. This backpack has a few zippers you can use. The big pocket the water bladder goes in uses a zipper. In front of that is a good size pocket with a zipper. Then inside of that pocket is a small wallet size pocket with a zipper.

The strap that wraps at the waist on each side there is a pocket with a zipper for your phone. There are 5 zippers altogether.

11. Some of you may want to make the hydration bladder stay cool longer. The bladder is small enough to put in the freezer. You can also fill the bladder with water and add ice. The ice and insulation will keep the water cool longer.

12. If the mouth piece ever breaks you can easily order one online. They should be replaced every year for sanitary reasons.

13. This Mubasel backpack is waterproof. We used it while it was raining. The outside shell kept the water out even the zipper was secure. Just don’t put the pack underwater.

14. It is very easy to fill up the water bladder. It has a 3 and a half inch opening. Plus there is a small handle you can use to make it more vertical so adding water is easier. You can use a pitcher to pour water into it. Plus you can make the bladder stand in a sink to fill it up faster.

15. Some items which you can bring in this backpack depending on how you fit it in are a dslr camera. This will fit as long as the lens from the body is detached when you put it in when the bladder is full.

On the back of the pack is a large pocket for a wallet, snack bars, and keys. You can also run headphones from the back of the pack through an opening there.

The front zipper waist can fit can fit an iphone 11 because this pocket is wide. The side pockets are able to hold a Samsung Galaxy 7 with some room to spare. The side pockets can also fit a Google Pixel but any extra large smart phones would be a tight fit.

Reviews of Customer Experiences with the Mubasel Hydration Backpack

Related to Mountain Biking

1. The first rider using the Mubasel backpack said this pack replaced his frame mounted water bottle. It has allowed him to mountain bike further without running out of water. He likes that the pack is sturdy. Proof of this is when he was riding downhill he went over the handlebars and landed on his back. The pack stayed secure, nothing broke or popped open.

2. The next rider loves the pack and thinks the price is great. He explains that it holds the bladder well along snacks, compass, flashlight, and matches. He uses it for day trips for going mountain biking. The waist strap pockets are able to hold his phone and go-pro easily. He finds the waist and chest straps balance the weight very well.

3. The third rider bought the pack as an add-on to his existing mountain bike gear. He found it thinner than his other pack and forgets it is on his back because it is light. There is a foil type material which insulates the main pouch. He likes this because he can add a freezer gel pack to keep the water very cold. He just wishes there was a separator between the water bladder and the main compartment.

4. The final rider found that this pack offers more water storage than others that she looked at. She is happy that it is comfortable and durable. She uses it for mountain biking and says she can store her snacks as well as keys, tools, and phone.

Related to the Pack Being Lightweight

1. The first person uses this pack to go visiting National Parks. She likes that it is lightweight and comfortable. It has a lot of storage and keeps the water cool. By adding ice to the bladder she is able to keep the water cool until the end of the day. She is able to fit snacks, a camera, jacket, first aid kit, maps, and brochures easily.

2. The next person forgets to drink enough water so he got this Mubasel pack instead of carrying water bottles. He likes that this backpack is small and lightweight. He uses it for riding the trails, hiking, and camping. He had a Camelback before which did not give him enough room to store snacks and supplies. This pack has solved this problem.

3. The last person got this pack for hiking and taking day trips. He is happy that it is lightweight and it has enough room to carry what he needs. He was able to pack 2 double hammocks, a sandwich, book, full bladder, plus strap a blanket to the outside with elastic cords. He likes the insulated pockets which keep water cold for many hours. The only negative was he found the bite for the bladder awkward. He had to work a little longer to get water out compared with the Camelback.

Related to Hiking and the Mouth Piece

1. The first hiker bought Mubasel backpack gear for her kids. They used them for vacation hikes. Most of the backpacks she looked at were not insulated, which was surprising. Mubasel is insulated which she is very happy about. They previously used water bottles and slings to carry them when climbing rocks. But they get in the way. Climbing makes you very hot so she really appreciates that the water bladder holds 2 liters of water.

She loves that the mouth piece has a cap on the end. It gets very dusty hiking. Compared to other backpacks, if their mouth piece does not have a cap on the end then you have to have a friend wash off your mouth piece before drinking.

2. The next hiker is a female 5 foot 3 inches and used it for a trip to the desert. She loves it, as it holds a lot of water and all the gear she needs for a day hike. She also bought one for her 6 foot 2 boyfriend. The backpack was able to fit him as well, as the straps are adjustable. They use them for hiking and running. What they like most is the cap covering the mouth piece. This is because if you drop your gear you won’t get dust in it, so you won’t drink dirty water.

3. The last hiker has taken the backpack on a 10 mile test ride and a 7k hike. He was very happy with it and had plenty of room for snacks, a headlamp, keys, phone, and weather gear. He had a little trouble with the mouth piece because it operates as on and off. He didn’t know that at first. Eventually he got it, pull it out is on, and pushing it in stops the water from coming out when you put the cap on.

Poor Mubasel Backpack Customer Experiences Reviewed

No matter how good the rating is for a backpack there are always a handful of negative experiences some customers have had. It is good to be aware of them even though they don’t happen very often.

1. The first person said when they filled up their bladder a 2nd time it started to leak. He contacted customer support by email but no one replied. So with no reply he returned the Mubasel backpack.

2. The next person explained that he had been using the backpack a little for 2 months. After that he couldn’t use it anymore because when he plugs in the tubing the bladder leaks and makes the entire inside of the pack wet. One of the pockets on the inside ripped open even though he did not put anything heavy or sharp in the pocket.

3. The third person said the water bladder lasted only 8 uses. During a timed race it busted at the seam and soaked him. The insulation worked for only 1 hour to keep the water cold. It was also difficult to get water through the straw.

Keep in mind these negative experiences happen very rarely. But in the name of full transparency I researched them and included them in the review for you. Overall the Mubasel hydration backpack is very good which is why we included it on our list of best backpacks for mountain biking.