9 Best Mountain Bike Backpacks (Mtb Hydration Bags)

From my research the best mountain bike backpacks are Mubasel mtb hydration bags. Other packs I found are best for women, kids, most fashionable, military, hunting, on a budget, more water per sip, keeps water cool the longest. All of these backpacks have 4 stars and higher, plus hundreds of positive reviews. Check them out below.

Best Mountain Bike Backpacks Reviewed

1. Mubasel Mountain Biking Backpack (Best Overall)

best mountain bike backpack is Mubasel

The Mubasel is our best mtb hydration pack overall for men, women, and kids. It weighs only 1.06 pounds and can hold 70 ounces or 2 liters of water. The hydration bladder is BPA free which means the plastic material does not contain any harmful contaminants.

The hydration bladder has thermal insulation. Your drink will be kept cool for up to 4 hours because of its insulated bladder area.

Along with your fully loaded bladder there are 3 storage compartments you can use to carry your clothes, keys, purses, and phones. Kids can fit a lunch box, fruits, and snacks. There is a front zipper compartment which is big enough to hold your sneakers and clothes.

The Mubasel is comfortable to wear because it has a ventilated ergonomic mesh back to keep you cool. To get the perfect fit there are adjustable shoulder and chest straps. These straps adjust from 14.9 to 29.5 inches so it fits riders of all sizes. Plus it is bounce free when you are biking on the trails.

Mubasel offers a very good guarantee of 60 days and 100% satisfaction for the pack and free replacement of the bladder.

The first rider I found using the backpack explained that he used to have a framed mounted water bottle. But now uses this Mubasel which allows him to mountain bike further without running out of water.

He found this backpack to be sturdy and strong, especially the water bladder. He flew over the handlebars going downhill. The water bladder was okay and nothing broke or popped. While he landed on his back.

The next rider found this pack to be comfortable and fit well. He says the pack has a sturdy feel and the stitches are done well. He likes that this pack offers more water storage than the other packs he looked at. There is a lot of storage for his keys, phone, sneakers, and clothes.

The last rider uses the pack only for mountain biking. He likes what you get for the price. The water pouch pocket is perfect for him for his snacks. He says with all bladders you get a bad taste at first but after you use it for 2 times then it is gone.

Lastly the Mubasel has a simple leak proof design. Just pull out to unlock and push back to lock. There is a high flow bite valve making water flow easily and freely. See our full Mubasel gear insulated hydration backpack review.

2. Camelbak L.U.X.E. (Best Mountain Bike Bags for Women)

The Camelbak L.U.X.E. is our pick for the best pack for women. This pack gives you a full day of water and storage when you are on the trails.
The total storage amount you get is 10 liters. You can store 3 liters of water easily using its 3 liter crux reservoir with quicklink.

You can easily refill it using its ergonomic handle. There is an on/off lever which makes it more difficult for leaks to happen. The crux goes through comprehensive stress tests so that it will not fail you while mountain biking.

You can feel good about protecting the environment because this pack is partially made with post consumer recycled materials.
In order to increase comfort and keep you cool this pack is equipped with an air director back panel which channels air flow to reducing sweating.

It is important to be comfortable while mountain biking. This Camelbak has a few items for this purpose. There is a removable stability belt for balance and a more accurate fit. There harness is ventilated which makes it lightweight and breathable. This will prevent you from sweating in those areas.

For an even more custom fit and improved stability there is an adjustable sternum strap. It provides a range of adjustments.

The first person I found was a husband who ordered this pack for his wife. She found that it has more water storage space than her older one. She loves that it has lots of pockets for her snacks and mountain bike necessities. She is able to bike for many hours and still and still have enough water.

The next rider loves this pack. She loves that it can carry 3 liters of water. She explains that it is easy to take on day bike rides on the trails, because it offers great storage in a smaller pack. This makes it feel less bulky.

The third female rider likes this Camelbak because it is not too big but also not too small. She can fit a lot in the pack. She has stuffed the backpack to the max. Riding with the pack it is very light and comfortable. The new crux is easy to fill and very secure. A friend of hers has an Osprey but she loves the crux hydration of the Camelbak better because it is easier to fill and it has a secure screw cap. See our full Camelbak luxe womens hydration backpack review.

3. Camelbak Mini (Best Mtb Hydration Pack for Kids)

The Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E. is perfect for kids because it has a few features which benefit children specifically. This pack has reflective accents on it so that kids will be more visible in low light situations.

The sternum strap has a built in safety whistle. This is beneficial to have if the child gets lost or hurt when mountain biking. Or if he or she encounters a dangerous person or animal.

The crux has an on/off lever in order to prevent leaks. There is an ergonomic handle which makes refills fast and easy. Your child will get 20% more water with this particular crux on hot days.

The back panel of the pack is made of a breathable air mesh for increased comfort and to keep you cooler.
The Camelbak mini can carry 1.5 liters of water. There is a bike tool organizer pocket. Plus zippered compartments so your kid can carry house keys, phone, cash, and snacks.

I found a mother who bought this pack for her daughter to use on a cross country trip. The temperature was around 100 so the daughter drank a lot of water and never ran out. They went biking in the desert in July and by the afternoon she drank even more water and still had some left.

At around dinner time the mom drained the daughters pack and was surprised that the water was still cold. The mother explained that compared to the other family members packs which were a Mubasel and Tetron the camelbak bag and bladder were a better quality.

The next person a father bought this pack for his 8 year old daughter. They found it difficult to detach and reattach the water bladder using the string. You need to loop the string around the hooks.

After the daughter used the pack the mouthpiece became damaged. Where the water tube and mouthpiece connect, that was torn. Other than these 2 issues they thought the quality was good. The packs were not too heavy when the bladder was full of water.

Finally, this pack was used by a 7 year old. The parent explained it holds enough water for their child while still having space for snacks, a magnifying glass and other things when they go out on the trails. The boy finds the pack comfortable and not too heavy. It is easy to take on and off when he needs to. See our full Camelbak mini mule hydration pack review.

4. Reinos (Best Mountain Bike Backpacks for Fashion)

The Reinos hydration backpack is perfect for fashion lovers. If you want to add some fashion and creativity to your mountain biking then checkout the 20 different designs this pack has.

These designs are: blue, camouflage, constellation, deep sea, diamond leopard, elephant, fantasy brown, flamingo, flower, glitter purple, holographic green, metalic blue, metalic purple, purple, purple galaxy, sailboat, stars, tiger, usa flag, and pineapple.

Not only is this pack cool looking to wear it is also comfortable. It is equipped with shoulder and chest straps which are fully adjustable. They fit chest sizes from 26 to 52 inches which helps to guarantee an accurate fit. This will prevent the pack from bouncing around while you are riding over rough terrain.

For increased comfort there is a padded back section with a unique which allows airflow to go between your back and the pack. The pack is designed with 2 compartments which are good for carrying snacks, towels, iphones, and other stuff.

You can carry 2 liters of water and the bladder is BPA free. The bite valve is made of silicone, plus there is a dust cover and fast release leak proof bladder connector. You also get an extra insulated bladder compartment.

The Reinos is pretty light at around 13 ounces. This will help you to stay cooler and you’ll be less tired. The material of the pack is waterproof so your things won’t get ruined. You have a full 90 days to try out the pack.

The first rider I find using this pack is from Texas. She thought the design was gorgeous and vibrant. She thought the usefulness of the pack was beyond what she expected. She likes that it holds 2 liters of water easily and that it is thermal insulated. The main pocket and side pocket are spacious and waterproof.

The next rider bought this pack for 90 degree riding. He likes that the bladder is separate and insulated. It was able to keep his water cold with only a little ice for more than 4 hours. There was no leaking and the zippers are strong. The pockets can hold a lot even when the bladder is full.

The last rider was able to fit lots of stuff in the main pocket. These include a camping blanket, inflatable pillow, flag poi, and a running jacket. He got compliments on the holographic green design. He thought the chest strap could of been better, but it was secure. When you take a drink the water is warm at first because the hose heats up in the Sun, but then it gets cooler. See our full Reinos hydration pack review.

5. Marchway (Best Mountain Bike Bags for Military)

The Marchway Tactical Molle is a military daypack for riding the trails, hunting, climbing, or hiking. It is made of heavy duty 1000 denier water repellent nylon with maximum wear resistance.

There is a plastic buckle which is durable and resistant to impacts. The webbing is strong and is made of military grade material.
This pack holds 3 liters of water with both a large or small opening to choose from. There are 2 spacious front pockets for carrying your wallet, gadgets, towel, phone, keys, and cash.

Maximum comfort is ensured because it is ergonomically fit for your shoulders, chest, and waist. All 3 straps are adjustable so bouncing is reduced when you ride over rocks, roots, and bumps.

To increase your comfort and keep you cool the back of the pack has a soft air mesh that speeds up air flow. Plus there are foam padded shoulder straps to protect your skin from any rubbing.

The hydration bladder is made of 100% BPA free tasteless TPU, which is a type of polyurathane. You can refill water easily without connecting to the hose because there is a quick release valve.

There is a big opening you can use to add ice and it is easy to clean. For easy drinking use the 360 degree rotatable mouthpiece. In order to make it easier to put the water bladder into the pack there is a middle baffle which keeps the bladder flat.

The first rider using this pack uses it specifically for mountain biking. He thinks the pack is wonderful. He likes the many zippers and the mesh pouch stretches in order to carry many things.

Very beneficial for him is the exterior buckle which allows you to attach a jacket, extra clothing, and whatever else easily. He said while riding, the pack rests high enough on his back so it is not on his butt.

The next rider likes the top chest strap because it keeps the pack secure when he is going fast through the woods and hitting jumps. When he is on long rides the water bladder does a good job of keeping him cool.

One negative is the nozzle, he says he has to suck out the water. Maybe he is doing this wrong he says. One time the mouthpiece and cover fell off and the seller replaced them free of charge.

The third rider is a serious mountain biker. He has used this pack every day for 2 years. No problems. He says it is comfortable, lightweight, and stores 3 liters of water. He even added a molle pouch two-way radio holder to the pack. He explains it is worth every penny. See our Marchway hydration pack review.

6. Sharkmouth (Best for Hunters)

The Sharkmouth backpack is great for mountain bikers who like to go hunting with their mtb. This pack is a tactical molle design and can keep liquids cool for up to 4 hours.

The water bladder is leak proof and can hold 2 liters of water. Plus it is BPA free, taste free, and does not smell. You will remain hydrated throughout your time hunting. You can easily refill, clean and dry it due to its big opening.

It is important to be comfortable just before you take the shot. The Sharkmouth only weighs 26 ounces. The shoulder straps, waist straps, and chest straps are all adjustable so you can have the perfect fit.

Your back is made more comfortable due to its ergonomic design. Plus your back will remain cool and dry because there is a soft breathable mesh on the back.

Whatever kind of liquid you want to carry it will stay cool for up to 4 hours because the backpack has an insulated layer of thich aluminum foil material. To make sure the bladder does not bounce while your riding there are two tapes on the top of it.

The primary compartment of the pack is big enough to carry the water bladder, an ipad, and a lunch box. You can put your wallet, phone, keys, first aid kit, sunscreen, gloves, and multi-tools in the 2 front pockets. You can attach other gear to the pack using the molle system.

The first rider using this pack really likes the inside liner because it helps keep his liquid cold. He uses an ice pack in it to make it extra cold. This makes it last at least 4 to 6 hours. He thinks the backpack is a little big for runners, but perfect for hunters and mountain bikers. His only problem was the connection at the tubing and bladder, it leaked a little. He used teflon tape to fix it.

The next rider is 5 foot 11 inches and weighs 170 pounds. He explained that the straps are easily adjustable and fit him perfect. The pack stayed in position and did not need further adjustment. He had lots of room for snacks, tools, and other items. The bladder and mouthpiece did not leak. The water stayed cold because the hose is insulated and so is the inner pocket that holds the bladder. See our Sharkmouth hydration pack review.

7. Rupumpack (Best Mountain Bike Bags for Budget)

The Rupumpack can be used by men, women, and kids because it is comfortable and reliable. The shoulder straps, waist straps, and back area have ventilated mesh padding to ensure overall comfort of the pack. This also keeps you cooler because of the mesh ventilation.

This pack has kid safety in mind because it has safety reflectors on the shoulder straps and front of the pack. Kids and adults will be seen by others from farther away preventing accidents.

The nylon material that it is made of is high density and water resistant. There are adjustable straps to get the perfect fit and more comfort. Plus for security of your stuff there are heavy duty hidden teeth zippers. None of your things will fall out.

This pack is not heavy at 1.4 pounds when it is unfilled. EVA material has been used to make the bladder. It is BPA free and there is no taste. Cleaning is made easier because of its large 3.4 inch opening. Plus you can use this large opening to add ice so the water will be colder.

More practical mountain bikers will appreciate its unique compartment design. There are 2 extra pockets on the waist straps so you can carry your phone and other items. You can even store a quick dry sweat towel, umbrella, or hat, because there is an open compartment you can use.

This first rider had a Camelbak which did not have enough room for her. She wanted to fit some small insulated lunch bags while mountain biking with the family. She said she found the Rupumpack and bought it based on the description.

She is very happy that it has multiple pockets, and the bladder pocket is insulated. No water leaked and the water stayed cold for 5 hours. She loves the extra space and when carrying the backpack it is easy on the shoulders and back.

The next rider was happy that this pack can hold 2.5 liters of water and still have space to pack enough clothes to stay overnight. The hose is easy to use and it is simple to take a sip without needing to suck in too much.

The third rider explained that this is the only bag with a hip belt that actually rested on her hip bones. She is 5 foot 4 inches and 115 pounds. She said the hydration pack worked great, she drank 2 liters of water each day mountain biking. The water comes out very easily, plus the mouthpiece cover kept it clean from dust and dirt on the trails.

8. Camelbak M.U.L.E. (Best Mtb Hydrationn Pack for 20% More Water)

The Camelbak M.U.L.E. is perfect for serious mountain bikers that sweat a lot and need water fast. This particular pack is designed around the crux reservoir. The crux reservoir is easier to load and refill with water. Plus with every sip you take you get 20% more water. You can get to the tube easily and securely because there is a magnetic trap that keeps it in place.

This pack is lightweight because it is manufactured to have a narrow-gauge design. When you wear it, it is positioned towards the center of your back making it more maneuverable. While mountain biking this pack won’t get in your way no matter how full you pack it.

The water bladder allows you to hold 3 liters of water. Even with all that water there is still room to carry a full day of snacks and gear. This makes the pack very practical and functional.

Camelbak has designed this M.U.L.E. to be a 100 ounce pack. It has reflective accents so other bikers and cars can see you more easily.
For improved comfort there is a removable stability belt, plus an air director back panel for keeping you cooler. Camelbak offers a lifetime guarantee which covers all reservoirs, backpacks, bottles, and accessories from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.

The first rider I found using the Camelbak was happy with how comfortable it is. When he fills up the bladder so it is full there is still room for maps, rain gear, a small first aid kit, bike tools, and 3 or 4 energy bars.

What he likes most is the air director which is a mesh over some foam pads to create breathable space on your back. He says it works very well to keep him cool. Other things he likes are the zipper is color coded blue for the water bladder. Plus there are reflective strips in the back of the pack.

The next rider explained that the pockets are very good. He can carry his tools, keys, and wallet and they don’t slide around inside. The pockets do a good job of evenly distributing your things. His back is kept cool because of the air ventilator design on the back. There is no sweat build up.

He also explained that he had an older Camelbak years ago. These new bladders have a better design than the older ones. The lid screws on and off more easily and the tube has an easier on/off lever. He says in conclusion that just for the updated bladder, this pack is worth it.

9. Water Buffalo (Best Mountain Bike Backpacks for Keeping Water Cool the Longest)

The Water Buffalo is great for mountain bikers who need cool water for up to 5 hours. This daypack is insulated and can hold 2 liters of water in the hydration bladder which is 70oz. You will be hydrated longer and be able to drink cold water for longer without it getting warmer. The bladder is BPA free and leak free.

When biking on the trails you want on the go access to your water and this is done using the hose. This pack comes with a new design the Oasis hydration bladder. You want to keep water in and contaminants out and this is what the Oasis hydration hose does.

The pack is equipped with a quick connect port and shut off valve which prevents leaks while providing high flow through drinking when you need it. The pull/push mouthpiece which is leak proof is kept within sipping distance using a handy shoulder clip. Plus the dust cover with its new design keeps the bite valve clear of nasty dirt, grit, and bacteria.

For maximum comfort the back and shoulder straps are padded. This will increase airflow in order to keep your back dry while keeping with the contour of your back. There are chest straps which enable the best weight distribution and control allowing you to maintain your agility and balance.

The first rider using the Water Buffalo pack uses it for mountain biking. He was happy with the price and the performance. He liked in particular the detachable drinking tube which unscrews from the water bladder. He says this makes cleaning fast and simple. Also easy to clean is the mouthpiece because it comes apart.

The next rider is a mountain biker and says it is worth the price. The water tasted fine on the first drink. He says it fits him great and looks super too. It holds all the water he needs and some other items.

The third rider has used this backpack a couple dozen times for riding the trails and it works good for him. He explains that it is not too bulky and it fits nice and snug on his back. He likes the hose because it works and it is easy to drink out of. He can store pretty much everything he needs by squeezing in his multi tool and phone.